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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria: 10 Fast Ways



Make Money Online in Nigeria

In this article, I will be explaining to you how you can make money online in Nigeria. Whether as a lady or as a man you will be able to make money with your smartphones or laptops using some apps that pay daily, monthly or by commission, or many other ways.

So read this article to the end so that you can learn these ways and how many Nigerian youths make money from them without spending anything. Before I start sharing these tips and ways on how you can make money online in Nigeria, it is important for you to know that these tips take hard work and consistency to continue to make money from them both long-term and short-term.

The advantage of running online businesses or working online in Nigeria is that your work time is flexible. You can work at any time and you can work anywhere you are aside from this, it takes serious dedication and hard work.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Here are different ways on how you can make money online in Nigeria today.

1. Start a YouTube Channel

This is one of the best ways on how to make money online in Nigeria, especially long-term. If you are looking for an online business in Nigeria or anywhere in the world that can make you up to $1,000 monthly. YouTube is the way to go. However, unlike so many online businesses YouTube takes time before you can monetize your channel or start making money.

This is why I call it a long-term investment. It might not make money for you immediately but once you start making money you can make up to $12,000 and upward on it yearly. To become a YouTuber you need skills. These skills range from teaching skills (the ability to explain complex things into simple things) to video editing skills.

Many Nigerians think the only way you can make money on YouTube is through Google AdSense but this is not true. You do not need to get monetized through AdSense before you can start making money on your YouTube channel. You can make money in Nigeria through other forms like affiliate marketing programs, merchandise selling, sponsored videos, and more.

You do not need a camera or laptop to start a YouTube channel in Nigeria. You can use your phone to shoot and edit your videos till you can afford to buy a camera. Read our guide on the best ways Nigerian YouTubers earn and make money. Also, check out other ways on how you can make money on Google in Nigeria.

2. Professional Blogging

Starting a professional blog in Nigeria is another way on how to make money online in Nigeria. As a blogger in Nigeria, you can make up to $100 – $300 monthly through Google AdSense. If you are a student, a boy, or a girl and you are looking for the best way to make easy money online in Nigeria through writing this option might be the right one for you.

To become a professional blogger in Nigeria you need to have writing, editing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills. These ICT/digital skills can be learned online by reading and watching some articles on blogging. After learning this skill to a level you can register your domain and host and start blogging.

When your blog starts driving traffic as it grows you can get your blog monetized for Google AdSense or any other advertising program. I have seen some bloggers get their blogs monetized with 3 weeks of continuous writing and posting. However, if your way to monetization is not fast it does not mean that there is something wrong with your blog.

It just means your time for monetization has not yet come. There are many other ways you can make money online through blogging in Nigeria. You can get paid by allowing sponsored posts on your blog, doing affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and more. I wrote a post on how we bloggers make money in Nigeria.

You can read the post below for a deeper understanding. Check out the top 10 ways Nigerian bloggers make money and how you can.

3. Online Survey Platforms

The online survey platform is another way many Nigerians make money online in Nigeria without paying anything. This is because they do not need money or capital to start making money via this means. All you need to make money on this platform is a phone and internet.

Just in case you have not heard about online survey platforms or apps these are platforms you make money from by doing some tasks. These tasks could be testing a new game, website, or app. All you have to do is complete the tests and you will get paid.

The best-paying online survey websites are Swagbucks, Mobrog, Toluna, Ysense, and PaidViewPoint. How much you make on these survey platforms might not be much. It cannot run into thousands of dollars (if you are paid in dollars) but it can definitely use the money to take care of your monthly dues.

Read our article on 15 best-paid survey websites in Nigeria to make money for more guides.

4. Sell Ebooks on Amazon Kindle

The writing and publishing of ebooks to sell online cannot be overlooked too. You can actually make money online in Nigeria by selling ebooks too. The platform you promote and sell your ebook determines whether you will be paid in dollars or naira. However, when you put your ebook on Amazon’s Kindle you will make money in dollars.

There are many other ways you can make money online selling ebooks. You can sell your ebooks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by advertising the ebook. Writing and selling ebooks is a way you can make money online without paying anything because you can actually write the ebook yourself, edit, design, promote, and sell it yourself.

Read our guide on how to write and sell ebooks online in Nigeria for more tips on ebook business.

5. Digital Marketing

If you are looking for another way on how to make money online in Nigeria digital marketing is another way to go. With digital marketing, you can market products or goods online for people and get paid for them. The reason why digital marketing is a profitable business in a country like Nigeria is because Nigeria is underdeveloped.

Many Nigerians do not know how to promote or advertise the goods online. They do not know how to attract customers online. They do not know how to run paid ads using social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can help people promote their products and get paid. How much you make as a Nigerian digital marketer depends on so many factors.

It depends on your level of professionalism, how much you can bargain for each work, and how well you can attract customers. Read our post on top ways Nigerian digital marketers make money to learn the different ways you can make money from digital marketing.

6. Affiliate Marketing

If you have not heard about affiliate marketing by now I will say ‘Where have you been and what have you been doing online?’ Affiliate marketing is one of the cool ways you on how to make money online in Nigeria. Affiliate marketing is another way you can make money online in Nigeria without paying anything.

This is because all you need to start this business is a laptop and the internet. To start making money from affiliate marketing you need to register with different affiliate marketing programs. The most common affiliate marketing programs many Nigerians do is join Amazon, Konga, and Jumia. When you are done registering you will choose a product you want to promote.

This can be phones, electronics, clothing, etc. When you are done you will get a link that you can use to promote these products. You will then go ahead to promote these links and when customers click these links or maybe even buy the products you will be paid a commission. The money in affiliate marketing is not really much.

However, with good effort, you can make your first $1,000 or more before the end of the year. Read our guide on how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

7. Start Dropshipping

If you are passionate about the buying and selling of goods and you do not have the capital to start, dropshipping business might be the best way on how to make money online in Nigeria. With dropshipping you can save money with stress right from your room daily. Just in case you have not heard about dropshipping or you do not know the meaning. 

Dropshipping is simply the act of selling goods online without having these goods in stock. When a buyer orders any other products you promote, you can simply buy these products from the seller and get them delivered to your customer’s doorstep. With dropshipping you can sell anything online without having them in store as long as you know people who sell them.

Read our article on how to start a profitable dropshipping business in Nigeria.

8. Sell your Products or Services

Do you have products or goods you already sell? Do people in your area know this is what you are into? Do even your family and friends know that you sell it? You can sell these products online by sharing them on social media and attracting customers to order. The best thing about this kind of business is that you can get your products delivered anywhere with logistics companies now.

So you are free to sell to anybody whether they are in the country or not. If you are looking for products to sell, you should check out how to start a profitable clothing business in Nigeria.

9. Invest in Investment Platforms

This method of making money online is only for Nigerians that have spare money that they can use to invest. If you have some money in the bank and the money is not yielding good interest over time you can invest this money on different online investment platforms to make more money.

If it is naira you have there are investment platforms you can invest the money in and if it is dollars you have there are also platforms you can invest your money. For starters, the most common investment platforms most Nigerians use are Branch, Piggyvest, I-invest, and VBank.

For those who have dollars and want to invest in dollars, you can use the Bamboo app to buy shares and invest in US stocks. Read our guide on the best online investment platforms in Nigeria for smart youths.

10. Buy and Sell Bitcoin

With the buying and selling of Bitcoin, you can make money online in Nigeria with your phone. All you need to do is to buy Bitcoin, which could be Ethereum, Dogecoin, or any other kind of coin through P2P, wait till its value increases, and sell. It is simple but it requires patience and strict monitoring. The problem I see many Nigerians having is zero patience.

They want to make money now but they do not know it takes time. Investing in Bitcoin is like investing in real estate. You cannot buy land for #1,000,000 now and expect to sell it for #10,000,000 in the same year. It takes time. Not that Bitcoin takes that much time. Read our article on how to start investing in Bitcoin in Nigeria.


These are the best ways on how you can make money online in Nigeria. Do you know any other ways many smart Nigerians make money? Methods that are far easier from this? You can list or mention them in the comment section below. Currently, if you ask me which of these is the best I will choose blogging or starting a youtube channel.

Although it takes a long, especially the monetization of youtube channels, it is worth it in the long run.


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