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How to Become a Content Writer in Nigeria



Become a Content writer in Nigeria
Become a Content Writer in Nigeria
Become a Content Writer in Nigeria

In our recent articles on making money online in Nigeria, we have explained how becoming a content writer can make money for you whether in dollars or in naira. In today’s article, I will be explaining in detail how you can become a professional content writer in Nigeria, how much Nigerian content writers earn, how you can get online content writing jobs in Nigeria, and more.

Who is a Content Writer?

 A content writer also known as a website content writer is a person that creates content for blogs and websites in a writing form – making money in return from this service. A content writer knows how to combine SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with his or her writing skills making the websites or blogs fully optimized.

How much do Nigerian Content Writers Earn?

How much Nigerian content writers earn or make depends on so many factors. It depends on the experience these writers have, their bargaining power, the foreign or local websites they write for, and more. Content writers who are beginners in the job usually make small money because they do not have what it takes to become an experienced content writer yet. 

Consistency is key if you are really looking forward to becoming a professional content writer in Nigeria because as years go by you will understand the jobs easily.

How to Become a Content Writer in Nigeria

Here are steps on how to become a writer in Nigeria.

1. Learn How to Write

This is the first step to becoming a writer in Nigeria. You need to learn written grammar or writing ethics. As to whether you need to study English in school, it is not necessary to be an English major student before you can become a professional content writer in Nigeria. You just need to learn how to write articles.

You can learn how to write articles by reading articles on blogs about content writing and SEO. You can also watch YouTube videos to learn how to make compelling articles that are also search engine optimized. Textbooks about writing will also go a long way in your content writing career.

2. Develop your Writing Skills

Practice is very important as a content writer. You cannot just learn, you need to practice what you have learned. To start with you need to start writing on any subject, topic, theme, or phrase. You need to be able to write any article so you need to expand your horizon every day by choosing random topics and writing on them.

Your writing might not be perfect, not interesting, or even not understandable but you need to continue writing. After writing each article, you can edit the article to see your spelling errors. When you write these articles you can also share them with your family and friends on social media to read for more corrections and motivation.

3. Use Proofreading and Editing Apps

I remember a few years ago when I started content writing as a beginner in Nigeria it was very hard to find corrections, proofreading, or editing apps. Nowadays, there are apps that make writing easy by spotting spelling errors and bad phrases or sentences. You can download these apps to make your content writing job easy.

However, I will strongly advise that you do not get used to these apps as they can someday disappoint you. After writing each article, use a proofreading app to proofread your article and edit again your article for the last time. I personally use Grammarly to edit my posts.

4. Submit Articles to Blogs

When you are becoming good as a writer in Nigeria the next step for you should not be to rush online looking for content writing jobs you can do from home or anywhere. The next step should be to send your content to blogs for free exposure.

Since these blogs are accepting your articles without any condition tied to them and your articles are SEO rich when people come in contact with them through Google and read them they will be able to start recognizing you as a professional writer.

The more exposure you have the more people will notice your work and the more you are going to be able to set your price when content writing jobs start coming for you.

5. Search for Writing Jobs Online

Online writing jobs are everywhere in Nigeria and this is one of the best parts about becoming a content writer. As a writer, you can make money online writing whether as a student, stay-at-home mum, or working father. You can also get ghostwriting jobs online.

Ghostwriting means when you make money writing for an individual or blog without any ownership claiming you are the writer. There are many Nigerian content writers that are paid to be ghostwriters for local and international blogs. You earn more when you are ghostwriting for blogs or websites.

6. Charges for Content Writing

Bargaining is very important in the content writing business. You need to be able to bargain successfully with blog owners on how much you will like to be paid per article. You need to also be able to ask for some benefits you feel you are entitled to as a content writer writing for them.

If you cannot do this you will not be able to make good money even if you are good at what you do. The first step to getting paid highly as a content writer is to know how much you are worth as a writer. How much you are worth is based on whether you are a beginner, experienced, or professional.

It also depends on other services you can run as a content writer. For example, you can also be an editor even though you write as well.

Making Money from Content Writing in Nigeria

There are numerous ways you can make money locally and internationally as a content writer living in Nigeria. For easier understanding, I am going to be listing these different ways.

1. You can make money as a content writer by starting a blog. With the blog, you can write freely whatever interests you and make money from it

2. You can also make money by writing an ebook. If you are good at writing long articles you can simply convert these long rich articles to ebooks and sell them online.

3. You can work as an editor editing blog posts or articles for blogs. This can be an extra income for you as a content writer.

4. You can write for blogs inside and outside Nigeria to make money in different currencies, especially in dollars. To do this successfully you will need to open a domiciliary account to receive money in dollars.


Content writing in Nigeria is a lucrative business however, plagiarism is a major problem. Many writers of today have become lazy. They cannot write creatively because they have gotten used to stealing and editing professional writers’ content as their own. But you cannot allow this to discourage you. Sooner or later karma will catch up with them. Just keep on doing your best in standing out.


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