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How to Earn in Dollars in Nigeria: 10 Ways

The bast way to make money currently in Nigeria is online. When you make money online you can make in dollars.



Earn in Dollars in Nigeria

With the consistent rise in the prices of goods and services, so many Nigerians are now looking for not just how they can increase their income but how they can earn in dollars in Nigeria. And this is simple arithmetic. Since about 80% of the products Nigerians consume are imported into Nigeria and the exchange rate of the dollar is increasing daily while the naira weakens it makes no sense to continue to make money in naira.

To live an easy life – the ability to afford the current inflation rates in Nigeria, save, and invest, it is best advised to earn, save and invest in dollars. So today, I will be teaching us different ways we can actually make money in dollars using your mobile phone in Nigeria and data subscription or without a phone and internet. 

Among these different methods there are business ideas there are some that need basic ICT skills before you can start them professionally and there are some just demand your ability to buy and sell.

Top Ways to Earn in Dollars in Nigeria

How to earn in dollars online using your phone or laptop in Nigeria.

1. Create a Professional Blog

This is one of the best ways you can make money in dollars in Nigeria. Although it takes lots of time to start a professional blog and grow its traffic, it is certain to earn your income in dollars when your traffic increases subsequently. You can make money in dollars from blogging by using ads programs like Google AdSense.

Google AdSense pays website owners in dollars. However, to make sure you are not paid in naira you must connect your domiciliary account with your Google AdSense. If you use your naira account for your Google Adsense you will be paid in naira directly to your naira account and the bank will pay you naira according to the current CBN exchange rate. This is not profitable.

Asides from making dollars from Google AdSense as a blog owner in Nigeria, you can also make money in dollars when individuals and international organizations or businesses post a sponsored post on your blog. You can make a minimum of $100 monthly from Google AdSense. Like I said earlier, there are other popular ad programs.

However, Google AdSense is the most popular ad program used by Nigerian bloggers. Read should read our article on how to become a content writer in Nigeria to be able to write SEO content that will attract traffic to your blog.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

Another way you can earn dollars from Nigeria is to start a YouTube channel. To make money on YouTube first, you need to post videos regularly, have 1000+ subscribers, and have 4000 watch hours. After doing this, and your YouTube channel has been approved for monetization, you can use the Google ads program that is linked to your domiciliary account to earn dollars from your videos.

How much you earn from Google AdSense whether from blogging or vlogging on YouTube depends on so many factors. But you should earn a minimum of $100. It can be more if you have many views on your videos. There is no limit to how much you can earn in dollars from Google AdSense. I have seen Nigerian YouTubers make as much as $5000 from their YouTube channel.

You should read our article to learn how you can make money as a YouTuber in Nigeria even when you have small subscribers.

3. Start Trading Forex

Forex trading is one of the biggest ways so many Nigerians are making dollars now. Forex simply means foreign exchange. The forex trading market is a global market where foreign currencies are traded. It includes the buying, selling, and exchange of currencies. You can start forex trading today by buying and selling currencies using local or international forex trading apps.

If you are not good with mobile apps or you are not the techy type you can simply just buy and sell currencies on the streets of Nigeria just like the ways the abokis do. Or simply buy dollars at bank rates and sell them when they have appreciated to an extent. A friend of mine just sold the dollars he bought last year and he made big profit from it.

4. Sell Stuffs on Amazon

Do you have an ebook, clothes, or something you can sell on Amazon? If so you can sell these stuffs to earn dollars. To start selling goods on Amazon you need to sign up as a seller. This is possible by using the Amazon seller app. The app helps you to sign up easily if you are not in the U.S.

Although it is not easy to sell goods on Amazon especially because Nigeria is not one of the African countries listed that can sell on Amazon, you can simply look for relatives in any of the accepted countries to register for you. This accepted country could be any African country or the United States itself.

This relative or friend will help you register using his or her address or you can register yourself using VPN. Other requirements to sell on Amazon are:

– A physical address from the Amazon Support Country.

– Your full name

– A Payoneer prepaid card to receive money in dollars.

– A shipping partner

Here are different ways you can make money on Amazon in Nigeria. You need to click through and read it.

5. Start Online Tutoring

Can you teach? Do you have the ability to pass knowledge? You can become a tutor teaching online. There are local online teaching apps like Tuteria and Ulesson where children can learn and improve on their subjects and there are international online teaching apps where you can teach different subjects and earn dollars.

When you register on these online teaching apps you can even teach local subjects like Yoruba, Igbo, or any other Nigerian language or even music to international pupils and make money. There are many online teaching apps that pay in dollars. You just need to take your time to carefully do your findings and choose the best for you.

6. Start Affiliate Marketing

You make earn in dollars using your phone by becoming an affiliate marketer in Nigeria. As an affiliate marketer, there are different goods you can promote to make money. By becoming an affiliate marketer to big e-commerce companies like Amazon you can promote goods by sharing their links in your blog or YouTube videos or even on social media.

When traffic clicks these links to buy these goods you will be paid a commission in dollars. This commission depends on the kind of product. However, when the money you earn reaches a particular threshold you will be paid. The method of payment depends on what you choose.

Asides from Amazon there are other e-commerce stores you can also join their affiliate programs to earn in dollars but Amazon is the most popular one.

7. Do Paid Online Surveys

We have local online surveys website or apps that pay in naira and we have online survey apps that pays in dollars. Just in case you have not heard about the online surveys or you do not know what it means. This simply means when you answer survey questions online and get paid for it.

After answering the survey questions and your earnings reach a threshold you can cash out in dollars using a Paypal account. I currently have a survey website where I answer questions once in a while. On these survey websites, I earn at least one dollar a day. However, I can only cash out by converting my money to Bitcoin.

So to make sure you earn in dollars you need to make sure the survey website you are choosing rewards you in dollars.

8. Freelance on Upwork

Do have a skill that you believe you can use to make money online? You can use skills to make money in dollars in Nigeria because upwork pays in dollars. After you sign up, you will start getting paid for the services (GIGS) you render. When you reach the threshold you can then start withdrawing your dollars into your local domiciliary account.

There are different ways you can make money on Upwork. In fact, the options available are limitless. However, the easiest way you can make money in dollars without doing anything is to join their affiliate program.

9. Work on Fiverr

Another way you can earn dollars online in Nigeria is to work on Fiverr. Fiverr is another unique place for skilled youth with digital or ICT skills. Whether you are a digital marketer, video editor, or any other person you can make money in dollars on Fiverr. Do only thing you have to do is to sign up.

After signing up and fulfilling all requirements, you can proceed to start rendering your services and get paid. You can also earn dollars on Fiverr if you join their affiliate program.

10. Speech Translation

Are you good at interpreting languages whether on video or in print? You can use this skill to earn dollars by signing up on different translation websites as a translator and offering your services. Translation sites pay averagely $100 – $500 for every 1000 words you translate for them.

There are many websites online that pay very very well for translation and you can make a living solely off this skill.


Making money in dollars whether online or offline is not easy. It takes serious effort and dedication. So if you really want to make dollars you need to follow any of the ways I listed above and be consistent with it. Remember, how much you make depends on the effort you put into it.


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Ralph Bamigboye is an Accountant. He is the owner of TheInfoWorth.com, NetWorthVerse.com and Finance Naija YouTube Channel. He has helped many individuals to start their businesses and make money online. How can he help you?

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