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How to Make Money with PayPal in Nigeria

What is paypal, types of paypal accounts, requirements, and how to open a paypal account.



Make Money with Paypal in Nigeria

Do you live in Nigeria? Do you want to start making money with PayPal? Read this article to the end. In this article, I am going to be guiding you on different ways in which you can earn money with PayPal from Nigeria. It is no longer news that you can now open a Paypal account in Nigeria. However, despite this, many Nigerians still find it hard to get money or make payments with it.

This could be whether because they do not fully understand how PayPal really works. For this reason, so many online businesses and individuals in Nigeria need professionals who understand how PayPal works so that they can receive money or send money for them.

So with this, they will not need to go through hustle and stress sending money or receiving money from abroad and there will be ease of doing business especially online. Making money with PayPal is just like the POS business where POS operators help Nigerians that do not know how to use their debit cards (ATM cards) to withdraw money, send money or check their account balance.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment system that makes paying for products and services online and sending and receiving money safe and secure. PayPal is also an online financial service that enables you to pay for products or services using a secure internet account.

Types of PayPal Accounts

So how do you make money with PayPal in Nigeria? Well, the first step you need to take is to open a PayPal account. There are two types of PayPal accounts. We have:

1. Personal account

2. Business account

The personal account limits you to only payment – sending money while with the business account, you can send and receive money with no limits. To make money from PayPal you need to open a business account. The business account is like a premium account.

Requirements to Open a PayPal Account

There are requirements to open a PayPal account in Nigeria. This requirement is the same anywhere you are in the world. These are: 

A. Full name

B. Registered business name

C. Other business information (address, types of business)

D. Government-issued identity card

E. Valid email address

F. Phone number

If you have all the information at your disposal you can successfully open a Paypal business account.

How to Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria

Below are the steps to open a Paypal account from Nigeria.

A. Be sure of the kind of PayPal account you want to open. 

B. Visit PayPal Website then go to the business account creation page.

C. Fill in all fields required.

D. Confirm your email address

E. Manage your business account

When you get to this stage your PayPal account is now active and you can now start receiving and sending money from your PayPal business account from Nigeria. 

How to Make Money with PayPal in Nigeria

Below are the steps to make money with PayPal as a Nigerian.

1. Make Money Receiving Payment

The first way you can make money from Paypal is to help people or customers receive payment. I remember a few months ago when a customer wanted to post a sponsored post on the blog. Because I did not have a Paypal account a friend of mine was willing to help me receive this money with his PayPal account as a token.

He had a charge of 10% for every amount of money he receives from people. I was able to bargain with him to take a certain amount which he also agreed but luckily the sponsored post deal did not later go through. As an owner of a Paypal account, you can receive money from anybody and pay them in naira or dollars.

So many businesses and Nigerians will be very happy with this as many of them are not really techy or have PayPal accounts.

2. Make Money Sending Dollars

Another way you can make money from Paypal is to help businesses and individuals send money. There are so many people that want to send money to their relatives or they want to pay school fees – one thing or the other you can help these people send money at a fee. Depending on how much you want to charge for every amount of money you send you can earn dollars in hundreds and thousands.

You can either charge a percentage for every amount of money you send or you can charge a certain amount for any money you send. As a Paypal account owner, you make more money receiving dollars for Nigerians than sending dollars for them. 

3. Pay for Goods and Services

As a Paypal account owner, another way you can make money from PayPal is to help individuals and businesses pay for goods and services. My friend that owns a Paypal account helps my blogger friends to renew their domain names when it expires. He also helps them to renew their hosting packages.

He does this at a token and this has become a regular income for him as we continue to introduce him and what he does to everyone who needs his services. Few things to note when it comes to making money online with these three methods I mentioned above. 

A. It is important that you do not just accept any offer to help people send, receive or pay for any goods. Make sure the people or businesses you are dealing with are genuine and legit. You do not want your PayPal business account to be flagged with any fraud or malicious intent.

B. Make sure you document every transaction you do. This is to make sure all transactions on PayPal and off PayPal can be tracked. You do not want customers swindling you of your money or you making errors in your transactions.

C. Make sure you report any suspicious users or you avoid doing transactions with them.

4. Affiliate Marketing

You can also make money on PayPal in Nigeria with affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate marketing programs that you can register with and when you promote their link you will be paid. When this earning reaches a threshold of either $20, $50, $100, or more you will be able to transfer your dollars to your PayPal account and withdraw.

Affiliate marketing is not for everyone. It is for bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers that have traffic and a huge following.

5. Work on Fiverr

Working on Fiverr is another way to make money with your PayPal in Nigeria. As a graphic artist, web developer, writer, or editor you can make money on Fiverr by offering your services. When you get paid regularly and your payment reaches the threshold you can transfer your money to your PayPal to withdraw.


There are no limits to how much you can make from PayPal especially if you own a Paypal business account. And asides from sending, receiving, or paying for goods for customers there are other ways you can earn money with PayPal. Do you know these other ways or methods you can share in the comments section below?


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