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How to Send Money from USA to Nigeria



Send Money from USA to Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian living in the USA and you are looking for ways you can send money to Nigeria possibly to a Nigerian bank account (naira or dollar account)? Read this article to the end. In this article, we will be explaining different apps you can use to send money from the USA to a Nigerian account and picking the best way to send money in dollars.

There are many major ways you can send money from the USA to Nigeria. In this major way, it is sure your family and friends will be able to receive dollars in Nigeria without any trouble whether in cash or into their Nigerian account. However, to be able to successfully send money to Nigeria there are a few things you need.

You need a phone. This phone can be an Android phone or iPhone it does not matter. You will also need the phone to be internet enabled. You cannot connect to free WIFIs as you will expose your passwords and transaction history online.

Best Way to Send Money to Nigeria

There is no best way to send money to Nigeria. It depends on people’s preferences and what they are exposed to. While some people prefer western union due to its popularity, and ability to pay in cash, others prefer apps that can simply wire dollars electronically.

Is it Illegal to Send Money to Nigeria?

No, it is not illegal to send dollars in Nigeria as long as the money can be traced to its source – the money has a transaction history. Money sent through transfers can be received. However, CBN has regulations on the maximum money that can be received in 24 hours.

You can meet your Nigerian banks to know more about this. Asides from this, some of these apps have thresholds for the money you can also send in 24 hours.

Apps to Use to Send Money to Nigeria

There are apps that can send money from anywhere you are in the USA to Nigeria. The majority of these apps are:

1. Wise (formerly transfer-wise)

2. Payooner – mostly used by Nigerian youths

3. Western Union – mostly used by middle-aged Nigerians, businessmen, and women.

4. Worldremit

5. Paystack

6. Flutterwave

7. TransferGo

8. Azimo

9. Deel

10. Bitcoin

You will need to sign up on many of these apps using a government-issued identity card before you can use these platforms to send money. Out of all these apps that are used to send money the most common are Payooner, Western Union, WorldRemit, Paystack, and Flutterwave. Paystack and flutterwave are Nigerian fintechs worth billions of dollars.

How to Send Money from the USA to Nigeria

Here are the steps to send money from the USA to Nigeria.

1. Sign Up on a Preferred App

This is the first step to sending money from the USA to any Nigerian Bank Account. As I wrote earlier, there are many apps that can be used to send money from the USA to Nigeria. You cannot use all these apps at the same time. The maximum thing you can do is to use two of these money-sending apps.

So you will need to choose the app of your choice, sign up, and get verified. The process of signing up usually takes a long (within 24 hours max) if you meet up with every requirement and process. But after this, you will be able to transfer or send money from your account to another account in Nigeria.

Depending on the app specifications some apps will not allow you to send money to other apps. While some will allow you to transfer to other apps. If the app you are using will not allow you to transfer to other apps, your receiver might need to download and sign up on the same app to receive money.

Some apps can also send money from a USA dollar account to a Nigerian naira account. It depends on their specifications or regulations.

2. Send Money Using Applications

Sending money to these money apps is not difficult but their process differs. Just follow the step-by-step guide or better still watch YouTube videos on guides on how to send money with the application. When you are able to receive money on the app, you can now start sending money with it.

Do not forget that when you just sign up you will have $0 on the account you are given bonus money. So you need to watch out for all these.

3. Send Money via App to Nigeria

If you have learned how to receive money with the app, sending money with the app should not be difficult. The best part about sending money with apps is that they are fast and instant. So immediately you send the money the receiver should get the money within 10 minutes max except if there is a server or network issue which is extremely rare.

4. Payment or Withdrawal Threshold

Every money payment app or money-sending app has a payment or withdrawal threshold. It is important you know this. While some apps remove the limit to how much you can send the more you use the app, some apps will impose a threshold if they detect fraudulent actions on your account.

For example, PayPal does not have a withdrawal limit as long as your PayPal account has been verified. However, they can impose a withdrawal limit if they detect fraudulent actions on your account. This is why I explained earlier that there is no preferred money-sending app among these apps as they have different advantages and disadvantages. They also serve different functions or purposes to their users. 


Sending money from the USA to Nigeria is not difficult today, especially with the new Fintech apps and the advantages or benefits they offer. It is also important to know that there are charges for using these apps as this is how they maintain and manage them.

These apps also keep vital information about you, especially your transaction history and other valid information.


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