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Top 10 Ecommerce Websites in Nigeria




When it comes to starting a business online (selling and buying) or online trading e-commerce is the way to go. Today, there are many top e-commerce websites in Nigeria where you can sell your goods and also make money as an affiliate marketer. These online shopping websites in Nigeria range from the most popular to the not-so-popular.

It also ranges from the most expensive to the cheapest in terms of the prices of items sold. So today, I will be explaining why ecommerce is profitable in Nigeria despite the underdevelopment, the best online ecommerce platforms in Nigeria, and how you can make money selling products on these websites either as a seller or affiliate marketer.

Yes, many people think e-commerce platforms in Nigeria are just for selling goods like fashion, electronics, and more but this is not true.  You can also make money on these ecommerce platforms in Nigeria by joining their affiliate programs. So whether you have something to sell or not you can still benefit from these eCommerce websites.

Is E-commerce Profitable in Nigeria?

There are so many doubts as to whether ecommerce is profitable in Nigeria especially due to the fact that the country is underdeveloped. For example, not every Nigerian is using a phone not to talk of the population of Nigerians using smartphones (android and iOS).

Asides from this, the cost of internet subscriptions has not reduced drastically. And these two tools are the major lifelines of eCommerce in Nigeria. However, I will like to let you know the business is profitable for many other reasons we all know. The number one reason why e-commerce is lucrative is due to the traffic situation in cities in Nigeria.

Due to the back-to-back traffic, every day even during the weekends Nigerians are now shopping online to ease the stress on themselves. The number two reason online shopping is lucrative in a country like Nigeria is convenience. Due to the busy life of Nigerians, many Nigerians prefer to shop online and get their goods delivered to their doorsteps rather than going to malls or provision stores.

To avoid the stress of looking for a particular item or product Nigerians also prefer to shop online for easy and fast shopping.

Top E-commerce Websites in Nigeria

Here is the list of the ten e-commerce websites or platforms in Nigeria you can shop and make money today.

1. Jumia

This is one of the top ecommerce websites in Nigeria. Jumia was established in Nigeria in May 2012. It is one of the most popular online shopping malls. In fact, it was rated by Amazon’s Alexa as the most popular e-commerce website in Nigeria. Jumia’s items are relatively cheap.

This is why many Nigerians love patronizing the online store. As a seller, you can sell almost anything on JUMIA including books. Asides from making money as a seller selling products on Jumia, you can also make money as an affiliate marketer through marketing, advertising, and convincing people to buy items on Jumia. 

When people click your link to buy these goods you get paid a token. The money you make per item purchased might not be big for now. But it’s worth something at the end of the year or at the end of every 6 months.

Read our article on how to make money selling on Jumia if you are seriously considering making money on the platform. Also, read how to shop online safely in Nigeria.

2. Konga

Some Nigerians believe that when it comes to getting quality items Konga is the best online shopping website to go. Konga items are relatively expensive so you cannot regard them as a cheap online store. To make sure items are delivered on time Konga has warehouses with goods located strategically in major cities in Nigeria.

If you have a small business where you sell products and you want to increase sales fast Konga is the way to go. You can also become an affiliate marketer for Konga by joining their affiliate programs. Konga has the same process as Jumia when it comes to its affiliate marketing programs. Read our article on how to make money selling on Konga.

3. Vconnect Nigeria

If you know vconnect very well you will know that it was formerly Nigeria’s business listing website until recently when the website became an open marketplace. This open market space allows businesses to display their goods and services to Nigerians.

Vconnect provides other services as logistics just like any other e-commerce website in Nigeria. Today, vconnect is mostly used by aged Nigerians, unlike Konga and Jumia that is used by youths.

4. Ajebo Market

Just like the name ajebo means rich people. The ajebo market is a market where rich men can shop online and buy quality men’s wear. Online fashion websites are known by celebrities and politicians. They prefer to shop there instead of going to an actual store. Ajebo Market is one of Nigeria’s top fashion e-commerce sites.


If you are a car owner or you are an aspiring car owner you have probably heard about Cheki. Cheki is one of the best online shopping stores where you can shop for cars. They also deal in the sales of other vehicles like bikes, trucks, buses, and more. Checki is a trusted and reliable e-commerce website when it comes to shopping for cars.

Cheki does not offer affiliate programs so you cannot make money as an affiliate marketer with them.


Jiji is another popular e-commerce platform in Nigeria. It is just like Jumia and Konga. It was established in 2014. The only difference is that you can find any product or items ranging from new to fairly used. I have friends that have bought items from Jiji there are legit – good products while some are fake.

The reason for this is that Jiji is not controlled or monitored like Konga or Jumia. If you want to shop on Jiji I will advise you to tread with caution and meet the buyer first to confirm the quality and durability of their product first before purchasing.

7. 3D Cart

You might not have heard 3D Cart especially if you are not a techy person.  3D Cart is another top e-commerce website in Nigeria that helps many entrepreneurs that want to sell items online to able to create their own platform.

8. Kara

Another e-commerce platform similar to Konga and Jumia is Kara in fact, due to branding Kara could be sometimes mistaken for Konga, especially with its similar colors to Konga. On you can buy almost anything from fashion items to toiletries, electronics, and more.

It is a one-stop shop for many Nigerian youths that are lazy about shopping. As a seller, you can sell your products on Kara.

9. Printivo

Printivo is an online platform that allows printers and graphic designers to make money online by selling their designs and prints. Printivo gives free templates to its customers. These templates are created by Nigerian designers.

10. Obiwezy

Obiwezy was launched in January 2014. It is a marketplace for pre-owned gadgets. On Obiwezy you can sell anything techy ranging from phones, power banks, chargers, and more. If you want to buy quality gadgets online without any issues you should consider buying from Obiwezy.

Just like others because Obiwezy gives warranty and repair for all their gadgets.


When it comes to shopping online in Nigeria and making money as an affiliate marketer there’s is no perfect or one-size-fits-all e-commerce website for all items. Asides from this, all these e-commerce websites are unique in their own way. You just have to pick any of them based on what you want to buy and how familiar they are.


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