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Top 10 Profitable Side Hustles in Nigeria

What is a side hustle, here are the most profitable side hustle businesses in Nigeria and how to start




Best side hustle in Nigeria you can start now to make more money. Are you living in Nigeria? Do you have a job you do or do you have a business you run and you want to make more money? You are thinking of starting a side hustle idea that you can go into whether as a student, youth, a lady or man, or stay-at-home mum?

Read this article to the end. In this article, I am going to be sharing with you the top side hustles in Nigeria today that you can go into as a teacher, nurse, doctor, accountant or businesswoman, or man. Some of these side hustles are legitimate online business ideas in Nigeria.

And some of them are lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that can be run from anywhere as long as you have some capital set aside. Are you ready? Here are the best sides hustles in Nigeria you should start now.

What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is any type of employment undertaken in addition to a full-time job. A side hustle can also be known as work you do on the side of your regular job to make additional income. Many people start side hustles because they are underpaid and they want to increase their income or diversify their incomes.

In Nigeria, side hustles range from online businesses to businesses with physical locations. However, many prefer online businesses because it is flexible and relatively cheap.

Top Profitable Side Hustles in Nigeria

What are the most profitable side hustles in Nigeria? Here they are:

1. Professional Blogging 

If you are looking for a side hustle in Nigeria that does not need much of your time or stress, professional blogging is the best business idea for you. Another benefit of this kind of business is that you do not need to leave anywhere you are either at home or the office to run the business because it is an online business.

All you need to start a professional blog is to learn how to write rich SEO articles and post them on your blog to make money as the traffic increases. In fact, even if you do not have the time to be writing these articles you can hire writers to write for your blog. Professional blogging is one of the side hustles in Nigeria that requires mental but less labor and it can make you rich depending on the effort you put into it.

To own a blog you need to get a domain name registered using WordPress or Blogger and voila you can start blogging. Professional blogging cannot be run without an adequate power supply so you need to have a constant supply of electricity. Read our guide on how to start lifestyle blog in Nigeria and make money

2. Poultry Farming Business

Are you an entrepreneur in Nigeria? If so this is the best side hustle you can do especially if you have a space in your compound. You can set up small-scale poultry. About three years ago, I started a small-scale poultry farm in my compound as a businessman and I have never looked back since then.

I first started with cockerels and as time when by, I introduced turkey farming and layer birds. Today, I make money selling not only eggs. I also make money selling my turkeys and chickens. So you too can start a small-scale poultry business anywhere you leave and start making money.

To start a poultry farm in Nigeria whether small-scale or large-scale you will need at least a capital of ₦150,000. This capital will be used to build cages for your birds, buy the birds, and also buy the feed the birds will be eating till you are ready to sell them. Read our guide on how to start poultry farming in Nigeria and make money for more tips.

3. Home Tutoring Business

If you are a teacher living in Nigeria or you can teach this side hustle. This is also a side hustle for ladies in Nigeria. With home tutoring, all you have to do is go visit children in their homes and prepare them for promotional exams or entrance exams. You do not need capital to start a home tutoring business in Nigeria.

All you need is the skill and the passion for the job. Depending on the children you teach you can make ₦30,000 – ₦100,000 monthly teaching one child. If you cannot visit the children at home to teach them, you can teach them online instead of using apps such as Google Meet, Zoom, or WhatsApp. We have an article on how to start a home lesson business in Nigeria.

You should read it for a more detailed guide.

4. Vegetable Farming

Do you have a land and are you thinking of a side hustle idea that is about farming? Fruit or vegetable farming might be for you. There are fast or slow crops you can harvest within a month, three months, six months, or one year. Depending on the kind of land you have and how fast you want to be harvesting your fruits or vegetables you can choose either fast harvesting or slow harvesting fruits and vegetables.

To start a side hustle idea like vegetable farming or any kind of fruit farming you need capital. This capital will be used to buy seeds and some other farming tools you need to start farming. The risk in fruit or vegetable farming is high. I will not advise you to go into it especially if you do not have any experience in farming.

5. Start a YouTube Channel

Are you good with information marketing? Do you know how to give information using a camera? You can start a YouTube channel as a side hustle in Nigeria. To start a YouTube channel you need to choose a profitable niche. Asides from this, you need a camera and you need to create a YouTube channel.

After you spent some time uploading videos and you are getting thousands of views plus a thousand plus subscribers. You can get your YouTube channel monetized and you can start making money. Depending on the YouTube niche and views you can make as much as $100 – $1000 monthly using Google AdSense and other types of ads. Read how to become a youtuber in Nigeria for more guidance.

6. Video Editing

If you do not want to start a YouTube channel but you like editing videos, video editing is another top hustle idea in Nigeria for you. To make money from video editing in Nigeria you need to learn how to edit video first. There are different apps out there that you can use to edit videos on your phone or laptop professionally.

Start by learning how to use all these apps and go for the video editing app you prefer the most. As a videographer in Nigeria, you can make money editing videos for Nigerian YouTubers and if you are really good you can edit videos for foreign customers too using websites like Fiverr.

Video editing is one of the best side hustle ideas in Nigeria if you want to make money online or you want to make money using your phone or computer. We have a guide on How to become a video editor in Nigeria for more tips.

7. e-Hailing Business

Do you have a car or do you have a bus and do you live in Nigeria? You can make money by starting an e-hailing business. Just in case you look confused, the e-hailing business is also the same as the logistics business. And logistics business simply means the act of transporting goods and services from one place to another for money in return. 

As an Uber driver in Nigeria do you know you can make up a minimum ₦30,000 daily? I bet you did not know this. I discovered this when I was discussing this with an Uber friend of mine. If you have a car with the right specifications you can use your car as a side hustle anywhere in Nigeria to make money.

You can work either Monday to Friday after work or work during the weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Check out our article on how to start a transport business in Nigeria.

8. Ebook Business

If you can write an ebook business is another side hustle idea you should try. The best thing about writing ebooks to sell is that you do not need capital to start. All you need is your writing skills and the ability to promote the ebooks. To write ebooks that can make you millions of Naira you need to write your ebooks topics on money.

For example, topics like secret tips to make money online, how to make millions from information marketing in Nigeria and other ebook topics like this will sell more than any other average ebook title. The ebooks business is one of the side hustle ideas business ideas in Nigeria that will continue to make money for you even when you stop working.

All you need is to write it once and keep revising it. You can promote and sell your ebooks on Amazon, Kindle, Jiji, Blogs, and others. Read our article on how to make money selling ebooks in Nigeria.

9. Online Clothing Business

Clothing business is another best side hustle idea you should try if you like the act of buying in bulk and selling in small quantities. With a capital of ₦100,000, you can start an online clothing business in Nigeria. To start a clothing business you need to first buy your clothes wholesale package them very well and start advertising.

Selling them on your social media accounts and e-commerce stores. Read our article on how to start a clothing business in Nigeria.

10. Social Media Manager

If you are a student in Nigeria and you are looking for a side hustle idea in Nigeria that can yield steady income alongside your schooling you should consider becoming a social media manager. By becoming a social media manager you can make money managing the social media profiles of celebrities and companies both in Nigeria and abroad.

The best advantage of this side hustle is that it does not involve hard labor. All that is required of you is to upload content on these social media accounts regularly and respond to comments or complaints. Here is our guide on how to become a social media manager in Nigeria.


Having a side hustle business is very important in a country like Nigeria especially due to the current unemployment and underemployment in the state. With these side hustle ideas, you can start making money or you can start a business alongside whatever you do. Choose well and choose wisely.


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