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How to Start Fruit Salad Business in Nigeria



Fruit Salad Business in Nigeria

Are you thinking of starting your own fruit salad business in Nigeria? Do you know about fruit or want to know about fruits and perhaps want to change people’s lives with a fruit diet? You just landed on the article that will give you a free guide on how to start a fruit salad business from scratch.

We all know fruit is important and cannot be overlooked. It contains vitamins and minerals which we eat or drink to continue to keep our bodies in good shape. But the majority of Nigerians do not know how to take them in the right proportions or select them in a way that will furthermore cure diseases and prolong their lives.

Many Nigerians today are either not eating enough fruits or are not eating the right fruits that will help their body thus the birth fruit salad business in Nigeria. In the fruit salad business or smoothie/juice business, you help Nigerians by giving them the right fruits that will help their bodies whether they are battling obesity or they are underweight or fighting cancer.

When it comes to the fruit salad business in Nigeria the truth is not everyone will be able to afford your fruit salad and this is because fruits are naturally expensive in Nigeria especially the fruits used in making fruit salad. So your business is usually for the middle class and the high-income earners in Nigeria.

These sets of people are the people that appreciate what it is to have a healthy body and they can afford the prices of your fruit salad.

Is Fruit Salad Business Profitable?

Yes, the fruit salad business is a profitable business in Nigeria if you have a fruit salad business plan first before going into the business. The fruit salad business plan will let you know how much you need to start the business, the equipment you will need, the ingredients need, and how you will make profits from the business.

The business plan lets you see the future of the business. It makes sure you do not run at a loss anytime in the business whether now or in the future. This is why I usually advise people who want to go into the business and any other business to always write a business plan first before venturing.

This is to make sure the business doesn’t fail no matter what. Another reason why the fruit salad business is profitable in Nigeria is because salad is for middle-income and high-income earners. These people can afford your fruit salad at any price and will proudly buy from you especially if you know what you are doing and are able to fulfill their needs. Here is what I mean.

For example; not everyone that eats fruit salad has the same problem. While there are some people that are eating it to lose weight, there are some folks that are eating it to add weight, and there are some that are eating it to fight diseases. You must be able to make fruit salads for these different sets of Nigerians and not just make your fruit salads randomly.

When you do this it shows you know what you are doing in your business and you understand your customer’s needs and because of this, they will patronize you more.

Capital Needed to Start Fruit Salad Business

To start a successful fruit salad business in Nigeria you will need capital within #600,000 – #1,000,000. This capital will be used to rent a shop, buy equipment for making your fruit salad, and finally used to buy fruits. These 3 things are important except if you want to start your fruit salad business from home.

If you are starting from home the capital you will need to start the business will be lesser because you are no longer renting a shop.

Equipment Needed to Start Fruit Salad Business

Below are the equipment needed to start a fruit salad business in Nigeria.

1. Knives

2. Trays

3. Cutting board

4. Food Chopper

5. Salad spinner

6. Oval Salad bowl

7. Salad Tongs

8. Salad servers

9. Manual citrus press juicer

10. Garlic Press

11. Salad Dressing shaker

12. Refrigerator

13. Fan

14. Generator and more.

You can buy these equipment tokunbo or new. It all depends on how much you can afford.

How to Start Fruit Salad Business in Nigeria

Steps on how to start a fruit salad business in Nigeria.

1. Learn How to Keep Fruits

Yes, you need to learn about fruits first. Earlier, I talked about having different fruit salads for different sets of customers. You cannot do this successfully without learning about fruits and their nutritional values. The fruit salad business is one of the businesses you cannot go into Nigeria ignorantly because of its demands; some sort of professionalism is needed from you.

Customers may have questions or complaints about the kind of fruit salad you offer them. You need to be able to answer their questions and clear their doubts. It is when you are able to do this well they will be able to trust you. So you need to learn first and by learning I mean reading all that needs to be read as regards fruits and what they have to offer.

You can buy books on fruits, read articles online, and also watch some YouTube videos. Doing this will take you a step higher in the fruit salad business.

2. Get the Required Capital

After learning about fruits and their nutrition the next step is to get the capital you will need to start your fruit salad business. This capital should not be random. It must be properly thought of as it is the capital the business plan will be written on and it is the capital the business will be started with. So you really need to decide on a capital that is achievable and usable.

3. Buy Equipment for Business

After getting the capital needed to start your fruit salad business the next step is to buy all the necessary equipment you will need to run the fruit salad business. These equipment are important as it helps the cutting of your fruits easily and it makes the production of your fruit salad packaging easy.

4. Rent a Shop at a Perfect Location

When it is time to rent a shop for your fruit salad business make sure you are renting on a budget. The shop you are renting should not take more than 30% of your capital. This is to make sure you do not overspend your capital – making you able to buy all that you need to buy for the kick-starting of the business.

If you have written a business plan for the business this will guide you on how can go about it perfectly. This is why I said earlier that you should write a business plan for your fruit salad business or at least get a professional from us to write it for you.

5. Factors to Consider Renting a Shop

These are the factors to be considered when renting a shop for your fruit salad business.

A. Perfect Location

Yes, location is very important in this business. Your shop needs to be located in a place where thousands of Nigerians daily. This can be at a popular bus stop, junction, or roundabout. Doing this will make your sales increase rapidly which will, in turn, increase your profits.

B. Adequate Power

Power is another factor you need to consider when renting a shop for your fruit salad business in Nigeria. You need power (electricity) to preserve your fresh fruits and you need the power to preserve your fruit salads pending the time they will be bought from your shop. So make sure the area you are choosing for your shop also has a constant flow of electricity.

C. Enough Space

Space is another important factor. Make sure the shop is spacious enough for both you, your goods, and your customers.

D. Rental Fee

You need to also make sure the rental fee is not too much because you will be paying it yearly. Remember I said it should not be more than 30% of your total capital. After renting your shop you should then go ahead to furnish the shop with the necessary equipment you will need to run the fruit salad business. I have already listed the equipment above.

6. Increasing Profits in Fruit Salad Business

There is no one-size-fits-all technique when it comes to fruit salad packaging and selling your fruit salad. You start in any way. You can start by telling your family and friends about the fruit salad business and tell them to come to buy from you and you can also inform your church members. This will drive traffic to your shop for some time.

Asides this, there are other things you can do to promote and sell your fruit salad in Nigeria. Some of these are:

A. Advertise Social Media

Technology has made it so easy that we can now do target advertising on social media platforms. Just in case you do not know what target advertising means. It means advertising to a specific set of people that will certainly buy from you. So you can do target advertising on all social media by taking pictures of your fruit salad and promoting them online to people living close to your shop.

B. Advertise on Jiji

You can also advertise your salad business on Jiji. All you need to do is to upload a picture of your salads with the address of your shop and people will patronize you from the platform.

C. Do Fruit Salad Delivery

Another way to increase sales which will in turn increase profits is to do deliveries of your fruit salad. Let’s face the fact not everyone will be able to come down to your shop to buy your fruit salad no matter how good it looks or how great it tastes. So you need to be able to deliver fruit salads to the customers that will not be able to come in and buy if you cannot afford delivery bikes for now you can use any delivery services around you to do this.

D. Produce Based on Customers’ Demands

This might not be a way to increase sales or profit in your fruit salad business but it can definitely reduce wastage. Always produce your fruit salad in small quantities and based on customers’ demands to reduce losses in the business.

Risk in Fruit Salad Business

There’s only one major risk in any fruit salad business and that is the spoilage of your fruit salads especially if you do not get your fruit salad packaging idea right. I already explained how you can solve this earlier. You can also on generator regularly to preserve your fruits and fruit salads after packaging them. This is if you do not have enough power supply in your area.


In all make sure you make proper accounts for your fruit salad business. This will help you to monitor unnecessary expenses and help you reduce them. Also, remember that in the business you have to always buy your fruits in small quantities to reduce loss in the business.


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