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How to Start Egg Supply Business in Nigeria

How profitable of egg business, the capital needed to start, and the step by step guide on how to start



Egg Supply Business in Nigeria

The egg is one of the best foods and this is due to the balanced diet it contains. This is why eggs are recommended both for children and adults by health practitioners. Hence, the high demand for egg business in Nigeria. But we all know eggs do not fall from heaven. They are not even produced by manufacturing companies. 

Eggs are laid by chickens (hens) so to start an egg distribution business in Nigeria you need to either start a poultry farm or look for a poultry farm where you can buy your eggs in bulk at cheap rates to sell.

Is Egg Business Profitable?

Egg business is a profitable business in Nigeria and there are many reasons why it is. The first reason why the egg business is lucrative is that eggs are needed. They are a necessity to stay healthy. Due to the rare nutrients eggs contain they are a mandatory food to be bought and eaten by all Nigerians. Hence, the huge demand for eggs to be consumed.

Another reason why the egg business is a lucrative business is that egg is considered a replaceable food for meat and fish. It is also cheaper than meat and fish. This is why huge a percentage of Nigerians go for it instead. And because eggs can also be cooked in different ways and eaten with different foods the need for eggs cannot be underestimated.

Capital Needed to Start Egg Business

To start an egg business in Nigeria you need capital. This capital will be used to buy the eggs you will be selling, rent a shop or store to keep your eggs, and buy other equipment needed for your egg business.  To start a profitable egg business in Nigeria you will need a capital of at least ₦200,000 – #500,000.

This capital is perfect if you already have a car or van that will be used to deliver your egg in bulk to retailers. The capital is also perfect if you feel you do not need a car or van for your egg business.

How to Start Egg Distribution Business in Nigeria

Here are steps to start an egg business in Nigeria.

1. Write a Business Plan

Except you are starting a low-capital egg business this is when you do not need an egg business plan. If you are starting with a big capital you need to write an egg business plan. Writing a business plan shows that you are really serious about the business you are going into and you want to avoid loss by all means.

So you can write your egg business plan by yourself if you are an experienced business plan writer or you can simply allow a professional business plan writer to write it for you. Note that your egg business plan should be written based on the capital you have at hand or the capital you plan to use.

2. Get Capital for Egg Business

Like I said earlier capital is very important if you want to start an egg business in Nigeria. The capital you need to start your egg business can be saved if you do not have it now and if you do not I strongly discourage you from borrowing from banks or people to start. This is bad and it can put so much pressure on your egg business.

Every other detail you need to know about the capital for your egg business I have discussed earlier so I will just move to the next step.

3. Rent a Shop or Store

Eggs are fragile foods except for the fact that they could break easily they could also spoil due to excess heat or cold. They must be kept in a clean dry enclosure that is not hot or cold. This is why you need a shop or store for your egg business. You need this place to safeguard your eggs and to keep them from Spoiling.

When renting a shop or store for your egg business you need to consider two important things. Do want to rent a shop/store where customers can come buy eggs themselves? Or do you want a shop or store just to simply store your egg and only move them when you want to do deliveries?

If you want a shop where you can simply store your eggs you can rent a store anywhere because the location does not really matter. However, if you want a shop where customers will come and buy their eggs you need to make sure you rent a shop at a place where you can be easily located. 

4. Buy Equipment for Egg Business

To sell eggs you need some equipment. Some of these equipment will help stop your eggs from breaking and some will help you deliver your eggs to customers easily. So you need to buy your egg equipment, especially egg crates to make your egg business run smoothly. Among the plastic crates and the paper crates if you ask me which one is best I will say both are good it just depends on your choice.

5. Buy Eggs from Poultry Farms

Distance should be highly considered when buying the eggs you want to be selling. You cannot be in Lagos for example and you are buying your eggs in bulk from Ogun state. The cost of transportation will take all your profits from you. You need to look for good poultry farm that is close to you that produces good eggs and buy your eggs from there.

Depending on the size of the eggs, the current cost of poultry feeds, and other factors affecting the economy you can buy a crate of eggs for ₦900, ₦1,200, ₦1,800, or ₦2,000. No matter the price you bought them you can add ₦100, ₦200, or ₦300 as your profits.

6. Start Supplying Eggs to Shops

After going to the poultry to buy your eggs in bulk and you have delivered your egg to your shop or store the next step will be to start selling your eggs for profits. When you get the eggs do not just start selling them you need to sort the eggs to suit the appropriate prices and to increase your profits in your egg business.

To sell your eggs fast you need to think fast remember eggs are not products that can stay long in the store. They are perishable goods. You need to start thinking of food businesses that need eggs to make profits and offer to sell eggs to them.

For example, someone selling bread and fried eggs will need fresh eggs, a woman selling mama put will need fresh eggs, and a mallam selling Indomie and egg will need fresh eggs. You need to meet all these sellers and propose to them that you sell eggs and start selling crates of eggs to them as soon as possible.

7. Profits in Egg Business

Making money or profits from your egg business is not difficult if you can think fast and increase your customer base fast. Every food business needs eggs. You need to locate them all and convince them to buy eggs from you. Another way you can make profits in your egg business is to consider selling your eggs to households too.

The household that can afford to buy eggs in crates you can also sell to them.


How much you can make from the egg business in Nigeria depends on many factors. Just make sure that no matter the inflation or current cost of goods you increase the price of your eggs to continue to make profits from your egg business.


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