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The 10 Richest YouTubers in the World



Richest YouTubers in the World

YouTube is among the most widely used platforms for watching videos. The platform makes it easier for you to interact with the particular piece of content you want. YouTube consistently maintained its speed while stimulating people throughout the world, keeping your content in all respects.

Many of them take advantage of the platform’s entertainment perspective to showcase their skills. There are thousands of people who have made and continue to make a lot of money through YouTube. These content producers, whether they work in comedy, music, gaming, or vlogging, have found immense success by showing their creativity and skills to the public.

Who are the richest YouTubers right now, then? Let’s take a look at the richest YouTubers in the world.

NoYouTubersNet Worth
1Justin Bieber $285 Million
2Jeffree Star $200 Million
3Logan Paul$45 Million
4Stevin John $40 Million
5Felix Kjellberg $40 Million
6Mark Fischbach$35 Million
7Daniel Middleton $35 Million
8Ryan Kaji $32 Million
9Jake Paul $30 Million
10Jimmy Donaldson$25 Million
List of Richest YouTubers in the World

Top Richest YouTubers in the World

The richest YouTubers in the world are listed below. Moreover, you will run into some names that you are already familiar with but weren’t aware were the richest.

1. Justin Bieber — $285 Million

You might be surprised to know that popular music star, Justin Bieber is the richest YouTuber in the world. Although the majority of us only know him as a music icon now, however, he began his career on YouTube, where his channel is still a powerhouse. When Justin was just shy of 13 years old, he began uploading videos to YouTube.

Nobody knew where it would go when his mother shared videos of the Stratford, Ontario native singing at this point. Since then, 68 million subscribers and over 27 billion views have been recorded on Justin’s YouTube account. His channel is still quite busy even if he is no longer primarily a YouTuber.

The videos are simply a lot more professional-looking than those early, homemade ones. The year 2009 marked a key turning point in Justin Bieber’s career, not long after YouTube recognized his musical skills. Up until that point, he had sold out stadiums all over the world, which helped him amass millions of followers on social media.

He has sold more than 150 million records, received innumerable accolades, and has an estimated net worth of $285 million.

2. Jeffree Star — $200 Million

Jeffree Star began blogging in 2005 and used to publish about his music as well as his life, fame, and attractiveness. His debut YouTube video, which was generally made to advance his music career, was uploaded in 2009. His music career was not progressing as expected in 2014, which nearly caused him to declare bankruptcy.

He quickly launched Jeffree Star Cosmetics using the savings from his entire life. He used YouTube to market himself and his brand. The revenue of Jeffree Star Cosmetics today is thought to be $100 million annually. It is impossible to claim that his investment could have been put to use.

Jeffree earned $18 million from YouTube in 2018 alone. Jeffree Star always ranks high on our list of the highest-earning YouTubers, with an approximate net worth of $200 million, based on Wealthy Gorilla.

3. Logan Paul — $45 Million

Logan Paul is a well-known YouTuber with over 28 million subscribers, and everyone has heard of him. Paul has amassed a sizable audience since launching his YouTube channel in 2013. He is well-known for his humor, challenges, and vlogs. Logan has also made appearances in a number of movies and TV shows in addition to his YouTube career.

He left college in 2014 to concentrate on his YouTube career. Logan maintained his popularity despite the defeat. Logan Paul is currently one of the wealthiest YouTube stars, with a current estimated net worth of over $45 million.

4. Stevin John — $40 Million

The character Blippi is a shortened version of Stevin John. He is a character that he plays on his 2014-founded, self-titled YouTube channel. Stevin went back to his hometown after working in the US Air Force, and he made Blippi a few years later. The YouTube channel is a star of amusement and instructional video content for children.

Many children and adults found these films and the persona to be quite appealing. The channel was purchased by a London-based media corporation in 2020, and as a result, Blippi channels are available in other languages. More than 12 billion views and 15.2 million subscribers are on the primary channel.

Wealthy Gorilla estimates that Stevin John’s net worth is $40 million.

5. Felix Kjellberg – $40 Million

Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg is most commonly regarded by the moniker PewDiePie. He quit university in 2010, a year after launching his primary YouTube channel since he was uninterested in his studies. Felix changed his life on this basis by creating videos about the topics that fascinated him.

He gained more than 5 million subscribers as a result, making him a well-known figure. Felix’s channel currently has the third-highest subscriber count on YouTube and the second-highest global viewership rate.

Felix currently has 109 million subscribers and a net worth of $40 million, both of which are increasing. He has won numerous honors and written a best-selling book.

6. Mark Fischbach — $35 Million

Markiplier is well-known for being a popular YouTuber, competitive gamer, and comedian. Mark Fischbach first launched his YouTube account in 2012 in order to host recordings of sketch comedy. Since then, he has included gaming videos and worked with other YouTubers as well.

More than 17.8 billion people have viewed his channel, which has 32.4 million subscribers. Markiplier has expanded into podcasting and the fashion line Cloak in addition to a few TV and movie roles. His numerous honors include some that are in recognition of the significant sums of money he has raised for charitable causes through live streams.

7. Daniel Middleton — $35 Million

Many of us find that playing video games improves our mental health. Daniel Middleton found that gaming improved his financial situation. The British YouTuber launched DanTDM, his primary channel, in 2012. The commentary on games like Minecraft was given by this channel. There are currently 26 million subscribers and over 18.6 billion views on the channel.

Three Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and three Guinness World Records are among Daniel’s accomplishments. He also wrote a popular graphic novel. He is thought to be worth $35 million.

8. Ryan Kaji — $32 Million

Ryan Kaji has always enjoyed playing with toy vehicles and trucks. His fascination developed, and he eventually started his own YouTube channel called “Ryan’s World.” Ryan plays games, goes on exciting trips, and reviews various items on his YouTube channel to uplift his audience.

Ryan’s World is now among the most-watched YouTube channels since its debut. He has more than 45 million followers and a $50 million net worth. If you’re looking for a fun and instructive YouTube channel for your kids, you must check out Ryan’s World.

9. Jake Paul — $30 Million

Here we still have Logan Paul’s brother on the list. Jake Paul is a well-known YouTuber who is well-known for his humorous stunts and pranks. This helped him to reach a million views on his YouTube channel. This makes Jake Paul one of the richest YouTubers in the world.

Jake and his brother Logan’s video shot in a Japanese forest renowned as a suicide place helped make them two of YouTube’s most well-known users. Jake Paul has an estimated $30 million in wealth.

10. Jimmy Donaldson — $25 Million

Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as Mr. Beast is likely the most generous YouTuber in the world. He gives away actual things on a regular basis and gives away a sizable amount of his income. Jimmy began sharing videos on YouTube at the age of 13.

He has now developed a passion for philanthropy and frequently creates challenging movies that distribute thousands of dollars in charity. There are various strategies to increase your income and broaden your sources of revenue. Jimmy also learned how to create numerous channels and guarantee that each one is very profitable.


These YouTubers are currently the wealthiest and most well-known in the world. You could feel inspired by this list to give up everything and pursue your lucrative YouTuber career. But it’s not as simple as it might seem right now. You will have to work hard in the right direction, as well.

If you are persistent, imaginative, dedicated, and aware of how to serve your audience, you may one day find yourself on these kinds of lists.


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