Top 10 Best Blogging Niche in Nigeria (2023)

Blogging Niche in Nigeria
Blogging Niche in Nigeria

One of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria is to start a blog. However, how much you earn largely depends on the blog niche you choose. There are some blog niches that do not require much traffic and will still make you enough money especially through adsense or any other ad programs

And there are some blog niches that will give high traffic but with low Cost Per Click (CPC). In today’s article, I will be listing the top blog niches in Nigeria that are very profitable. They are profitable because as time goes by these blogs increase earnings for their owners due to the keywords that are regularly used in their articles and the high demand of these keywords from advertisers. 

So if you are inspiring to become a blogger you will know the best niche for you but if you do not want to become a blogger this information will also expose you to the blogging world. Are you ready? Here are the top ten blog niches in Nigeria.

Top 10 Profitable Blog Niche in Nigeria

What are the best blog niche in Nigeria?

1. Make Money Online

This blogging niche found its way to number one as one of the most profitable niches in Nigeria. Aside from the fact that there is high demand for its keywords, there are millions of Nigerians that now want to go into online businesses. Starting an online business has many advantages and less disadvantages.

Many Nigerians know that to make money online does not demand much capital yet the returns can be massive. This is why they are overly interested. If you are thinking of starting a blog and you do not know the niche that will give you the best return on the investment in Nigeria.

You should consider starting a blog about making money online. There are thousands of articles you can write on that will be fresh ideas. Articles about money making apps, digital marketing, drop shipping forex trading, Bitcoin and more will surely go a long way in increasing your blog traffic fast.

2. Technology 

Technology is another profitable blogging niche in Nigeria. Many Nigerians love tech because it brings them more exposure and knowledge on current happenings on apps, social media, laptops, phones, innovations and more.

Today, you can start a blog on technology and watch the blog grow gradually because of the current updates in the world of technology. As more products are made many individuals will want reviews of these products to know if these products are worth spending money on.  

You can write articles solely on these, get traffic, and make money through ad placement on your blog by individuals or ad programs and make money through affiliate marketing. Writing articles around technology with high CPC keywords also increases your earnings fast.

3. Business Ideas  

Due to the fact that Nigeria is still a developing country and many businesses are yet to come up, there is high demand for business ideas especially for many people who love business and want to start one. 

A blog on business ideas often writes about businesses people can go into and make huge profits in the short or long run. This blog niche also extends its topic to business tips – giving tips on how entrepreneurs can manage and grow their business easily in Nigeria extending worldwide. 

4. Agriculture

This blog niche found its way on this list due to the high cost of food in Nigeria. Inflation is rising everyday on food due to the fact everybody are thinking that white collar jobs is the way to go. However, recently, many Nigerians are now having a change of heart and want to go into farming.

Some want to go into farming to feed themselves and family (subsistence farming) while some want to go into farming to sell their farm products and make money or even both. Agriculture is a profitable blogging niche in Nigeria due to these major reasons.

Apart from the agriculture niche guiding their readers on how to start a farm, it also teaches farmers how to manage their farms to increase profit and minimize loss.

5. Fashion

This blog niche is untapped in Nigeria yet it is profitable. It is untapped because there are few fashion blogs in Nigeria and it is profitable because Nigerians like fashion. Many folks think that fashion only covers clothes and outfits but this is not true.

Fashion also covers perfumes, cosmetics, hair, earrings, necklace, wristwatches – anything you wear. What really attracts traffic to fashion blogs is the latest articles on outfits. Nigerians read these posts for inspiration on outfits to wear to owanbe. 

6. Sports

About 80% of Nigerians are sports enthusiasts. They love sports, especially football. This is the reason why the sport blog niche is highly profitable in Nigeria. Sports blog contains information about the UEFA champions league, Europa and every other update on basketball, boxing, volleyball, lawn tennis.

Sport blogs also contain biographies of footballers, sprinters, basketballers, and more.  Many sports blogs in Nigeria make most of their earnings from sports betting websites inside and outside through affiliate marketing programs. 

7. Music

I am sure you have listened to a song and on that song you have heard the name of the website the song was downloaded from. That website is a music blog. Nigerians love music a lot. Songs ranging from different genres are always on demand their minds.

There are basically two types of music blogs in Nigeria. These are the circular music blogs and gospel music blogs. Both of these blogs can make you a good amount of money day in day out if you have a sizable traffic. Music blogs also make most of their money from music promotion and publications. 

8. Information 

Information blog is a blog mostly on ‘how to’ and everything else relevant info about Nigeria and the world at large. This blog niche is part of the top blog in Nigeria because it contains mostly general knowledge and how to perform simple things or tasks.

Starting an information blog is lucrative because there are a lot of things to write about and a lot of traffic looking for how to do these things. If you are thinking about starting a blog in Nigeria and you do not know what kind of blog to start I will strongly advise you start an information blog. 

9. Politics

Blogging about politics is for a different demography. The readers of these blogs are adults and the aged. This blog niche is profitable in Nigeria especially during election periods because they share important updates. 

10. Entertainment 

Entertainment blogs are often about celebrity gossip and gists – those that are in a relationship and those that have broken up. Nigerians like this kind of information a lot this is why this blog is also part of the best niche blogs in Nigeria. Today, you can start a blog on entertainment writing about celebrities.

This topic will get automatic clicks and shares which will in turn get huge traffic. It is important to note that all information shared on your entertainment blog about celebrity relationships must be genuine in order to avoid being sued. 


Blogging can be very profitable especially for those who are consistent and persistent in it. The earning from a blog can grow from a few dollars to thousands of dollars if you put in your best effort. 

However, if you start any of these blog niche mentioned above they will make your way to financial independence faster. The best thing about blogging is that you can work from anywhere and at any time you please. 



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