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How to Meet Celebrities in Nigeria: Fast Ways



Meet Celebrities in Nigeria

Do want to meet celebrities in Nigeria probably to increase your social status on connections in Nigeria or maybe you just want to meet celebrities to be famous? In today’s article, we are going to teach you different ways on how you can meet Nigerian celebrities.

These tips I am about to share will not only make you know where to meet these people but will also teach you how to connect with them thus taking your hustle to the level. We know it is not easy to make it in Nigeria without knowing one rich/influential person or a Celebrity.

In fact, in Nigeria, life can be very stressful and difficult when it comes to surviving on Naija streets not to talk of getting or job or growing your business. It is, for this reason, I usually tell my friends there’s no point in owning a car in Nigeria if you don’t know anyone in the police.

And this is true because the police will always extort you for money for many unethical reasons even if you still know the traffic laws. In Nigeria, connection is very important and I am guessing this is why you are reading this article now so let’s go into it right away.

10 Popular Celebrities in Nigeria

These are the most common celebrities in Nigeria. These are many of them in no particular order.

1. Funke Akindele (Genifa)

2. Munachi (Muna)

3. Bobrisky

4. Linda Ikeji (Lindaikejisblog)

5. Innocent Idibia (2 Baba)

6. Genevieve Nnaji

7. David Adeleke (Davido)

8. Regina Daniels

9. Rita Dominic

10. Tunde Ednut

and more These celebrities are well-known in Nigeria for the kind of art (entertainment) they do and they go out a lot. In fact, you are likely you bump into them often if you live in their area. I stay in Lagos precisely on the island so I have met some of them.

The last time it was Frank Edoho I saw behind me when I finished using an ATM not far from my place of work. Despite the fact that it was an awkward place to meet I said “hi” and he responded and we were able to talk for about 2 minutes before we went our separate ways.

How to Meet Celebrities in Nigeria

Below are the best ways to meet celebrities in Nigeria.

1. Go to Where Celebrities Gather

This is the most important step when it comes to meeting celebrities in Nigeria as it is impossible to meet celebrities if you do not visit where they visit. As for the particular places where you can meet them depending on where you stay in Nigeria you can meet them in clubs, churches, concerts, comedy shows and more.

You just need to find out about these places and be sure they hang out in these places before you go visiting them and since they usually hang out in groups (with their friends) once you meet one celebrity you will automatically meet more in one single outing. Now that I have said this is the most important tip it doesn’t mean it ends there.

There are some things you need to do to keep a relationship with them for a long period of time if not forever. This and more is what I’ll be sharing below so if you’re interested, keep reading.

2. Dress Well in Anticipation

When it comes to meeting celebrities in Nigeria dressing well is very important. Here I am not saying you should go and buy expensive clothes or rent expensive clothes to impress them. No! I am just saying you should dress well when you are going to meet them. You can do this by choosing the best of your clothes.

The ones that fit and sit well on you, iron them and put on a good shoe. Remember the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. And asides from this, these celebrities only move with people who look presentable. They want to be able to introduce you to any of their friends without feeling awkward.

And after they have developed a relationship with you, they want to be able to take you out. This is why you need to always look your best when going to meet them. And like I said earlier you do not need to break the bank to achieve this. You just need to dress well. Let me give you some tips that I’ve personally followed that have worked for me.

I shared all these tips in my ebook “How to Meet Rich Men in Nigeria” Here are ways to attract celebrities with your dressing below.

1. Wear Colours that Match

This is not hard if you are familiar with Colours. Make sure anytime you are picking outing clothes it is a mixture of both primary and secondary colours or only primary colours. Do not wear secondary colours all alone. It is either primary and secondary colours or primary colours alone.

As wearing secondary colours alone will always make you look too flashy. Also, make sure when picking the colour combination is not more than three. For example, You can wear a white tie, a green shirt and black trousers. These are a perfect match for each other. Then for the shoe, you can wear black or brown to balance it up.

If you are a lady same applies here except you are putting on a dress but, make sure your bag and shoe match your dress.

2. Wear a Good Perfume

Wearing perfumes is now in trend in Nigeria. So many people use it to stand out from the crowd and there are no exceptions when it comes to using it to meet celebrities in Nigeria. Celebrities wear their perfumes to show class and to establish their presence.

You can also wear one to stand out and get easily noticed. You do not need to buy a designer perfume to achieve this. There are pocket-friendly perfumes you can buy for a start.

3. Speak and Communicate Well

I am not saying you need to speak queens here before you can meet celebrities in Nigeria. No! And neither did I say you should fake it. No! I am just saying is you should be able to speak well and have a good conversation with them. Take your time before answering any questions they ask you and finish with a smile.

This often makes them relaxed with you. You can watch videos regarding speech or how to speak on YouTube if you know you have speaking issues and will need more help on this.

4. Offer Celebrities Help

This is another way in Nigeria you can attract celebrities. One of my friends used this to form a close relationship with a female celebrity and it worked. Till today he still has her number and visits her house here on the island once in a while. We often think these celebrities have all that they need bouncers, cook, dry cleaners and more so, therefore, they do not need us but this is not true.

There are days they are broke, there are days they need help like fixing their flat tyres and they are days they need help with their luggage. Help when you see them in these conditions and start a conversation with them from there. They might not be able to give you their phone numbers immediately.

But ask for their social media handles, follow them and continue your friendship from there. If they see that you are a good person and they are beginning to form a bond with you they will give you their phone number. I know it might not be easy here but hey you have to do what you have to do.

5. Be Confident in your Approach

Celebrities are human beings like you. Despite the fact that they are good at their crafts many of them are also shy and this is normal. We are all humans. So be confident and be friendly when you meet them as they are not different from you. I know you can feel tensed, especially during your first meeting that you do not want to mess things up but relax as this will not help either.

Relax your mind and speak to them like you are speaking to your bosom friend. Be free!

6. Be Intelligent in your Conversations

Everyone like intelligent people and celebrities are not left out. Celebrities like intelligent people because they want people that can also help them in one way or the other. They want to be able to ask any question that looks confusing to them and be able to get a very simple answer from you.

If you can do this you will be their go-to friend when they are in trouble. So you need to be intelligent if you want to attract Nigerian celebrities. To be able to do this you need to read more books, watch the news regularly and go out more often.

7. Follow Celebrities on Social Media

This is a bonus tip. If you are reading this that means you read the article to the end. Yes, following Nigerian celebrities on social media is another way you can meet them especially if you want to meet them without leaving the comfort of your home. To do this all you have to do is to follow them and be active on their post, status and more.

Stand out by not just being the first to comment but also giving reasonable comments as this is what catches their attention. When they see that you really do like them for what they do they will follow you back and form a bond with you and as time goes by give you their phone number and the rest will be history.


There’s no perfect tip when it comes to meeting celebrities in Nigeria. It is always a combination of many things done regularly. If you follow all the tips I have mentioned above you will start meeting them and be able to create long time relationship with them.

If you enjoyed this article and learned from it you should also read how to meet rich men in Nigeria.


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