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Net Worth

Davido Net Worth



Davido Net Worth

In this article, you learn about Davido’s net worth and how he made his money (Biography). Davido is one of the most prominent musicians in Nigeria, Africa, and the rest of the world. His upper-edge hit songs and fans’ intrigue about his extraordinary personal life have contributed significantly to his success.

The seasoned musician has established himself as a musical sensation. I will assume that you undoubtedly came to this page to learn how he went from the bottom to the top. Davido is distinctive in contrast to other professionally successful musicians in Nigeria.

So it comes as no shock that he ranks first among the richest entertainers in the country. Do you want to know how much money Davido has earned over his illustrious career? First of all, you should be aware that music isn’t the main provider of a musician’s earnings. Then let’s get down to business.

I have no doubt that you are a huge Davido fan and are interested in learning more about him. Then you shouldn’t worry too much because this post will provide all the information you require regarding Davido.

Davido’s Profile

Birth nameDavid Adedeji Adeleke
Stage nameDavido
Birth dateNovember 21, 1992
Height1.70 m. (5’ 6”)
Weight70 Kg or 154.32 lbs
EducationBabcock University, Oakwood University
CareerSongwriter and singer
Record labelsDavido Music Worldwide (DMW), Sony Music Entertainment
Source of wealth: Entertainment, Business, and Endorsement deals
WifeChioma Rowland
Net worth:$10 million
Davido Profile

Davido’s Music Career

The best musician in Nigeria right now, in my opinion, is Davido. Let’s take a quick look at his musical background to find out what has propelled him thus far. Davido left Oakwood University due to his subpar academic performance. He had to build on his talent while devoting more of his effort to singing.

Later, he acquired musical equipment and started creating beats while also capturing vocal references. Davido got a record deal with Sony Music, and a few months later he established Davido Music Worldwide (DMW). Music luminaries including Dremo, Mayorkun, Yonda, and Peruzzi are currently signed to the label.

Davido’s second studio album, A Good Time, was issued in November 2019. The album included popular American vocalist Chris Brown on tracks including “Blow My Mind.” Davido was listed among the Top 100 Most Influential Africans in 2019 by New African magazine.

He launched A Better Time, his third studio album, before the end of 2020. Davido has decided to carry on being influential throughout the whole of his career. This is in light of the fact that he released new music on a regular basis. Davido had little possibility of not occupying the number-one spot on the charts with such consistency.

Everyone needs to take note of the niche he has carved out for himself in the Nigerian music scene. He was able to do this via perseverance, hard effort, and commitment to the music he adores.

Davido’s Net Worth

Forbes Magazine estimates Davido’s net worth to be $18 million. His career as a musician has been the main source of his wealth accumulation. In complement to his music collaborations, he serves as a brand ambassador for prominent Nigerian companies and international businesses.

He charges roughly ₦10 million and ₦40 million for his musical performances and presentations in Nigeria.

Davido’s Biography

As you know it is impossible to talk about Davido’s net worth without talking about his biography. David Adedeji Adeleke was brought into the world in Atlanta, Georgia, on the 21st day of November in the year 1992. He was born to Adedeji and Vero Adeleke.

His late mother was a professor at a university, while his father is a millionaire businessman from Nigeria. Adedeji Adeleke, his father, is one of Nigeria’s richest men and a business executive. Vero, his mother, passed away in 2003 at the young age of 39 from unknown causes.

Davido is his father’s second child and the youngest of five siblings. Davido is the youngest of five children and his father’s second son. Davido studied in Lagos at the British International School for high school. He then relocated to Oakwood University in Alabama, in the United States, to continue his academic career.

Later, he left school to concentrate on his musical interest. Davido started making beats and buying musical instruments while still a student at Oakwood. The multi-talented artist’s mix of Afro-pop tunes appeals to millions of music lovers throughout Africa.

One of the very few African performers whose music has consistently sold a substantial amount of copies is Davido. Davido has advanced considerably in the music business since 2011. He has collaborated musically with well-known national and international artists on numerous albums and singles that have been released.

Davido has received numerous nominations for awards in a variety of musical genres. He has triumphed in more than 20 of them thanks to his extraordinary talent, tenacity, and diligence.

Davido’s Personal Life

Davido had been a father of three children, though one is now late. His third child Ifeanyi’s mother, Chioma, was the subject of his engagement. Ifeanyi drowned lately in the family pool, which is why he is now late. Chioma Avril Rowland is Davido’s ‘supposed wife’ and engaged girlfriend.

She works in the media and is a Nigerian chef. Her relationship with Davido, a well-known Nigerian entertainer, helped her gain notoriety. I believe that Chioma’s unquestionable talent is what draws the musician in. She regularly boasts on her social media channels about her culinary abilities.

The famous person has also served as a model for some well-known Nigerian companies.

Davido’s Educational Background

Davido related how his father had promised his late mother that he would see to it that Davido finished school. The musician fulfilled this promise by receiving one of the best educations anticipated of a musician. Let’s examine this renowned performer’s educational background.

Davido attended the British International School in Lagos, Nigeria’s Victoria Island. Later, he was granted entrance to Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama, where he would study business administration. Davido purchased several recording and musical instruments while attending Oakwood University in order to produce musical allusions.

After eventually quitting school, Davido relocated to Nigeria in 2011. He chose Babcock University in Ogun State after discussing his options with his father. Davido graduated with a first-class music degree from Babcock in July 2015. After achieving this goal, his father gave the institution the money to build a music department with a single inaugural student.

Davido Awards and Achievements

Davido seems to be the most successful musician in Nigeria. Popularly, he has been referred to as the “king of modern afrobeats.” After releasing “Dami Duro” in 2012, the musician who would later become famous won the Next Rated Award.

Davido currently holds more than 30 honors, including the following:

  • 9 Headies
  • 2 BET awards
  • 2 Nigerian Entertainment awards
  • 2 MTV Africa music awards
  • 2 MTV Europe awards
  • and more…

Davido Properties and Cars

Davido is indeed a man who enjoys luxury and exquisite taste. He is noted for donning expensive jewelry. This is demonstrated by the stunning automobile collections in his garage. Davido is the owner of several high-end vehicles, including a Porsche Carrera, a Bentley Bentayga, a Lamborghini Uru, and many others.

Davido has a total count of three official houses, one in Lekki, one in Banana Island, and one in Atlanta Georgia in the USA. The singer has two homes in the affluent Lekki neighborhood of Nigeria. He also owns a second residence in the American city of Atlanta, Georgia.


A number of youthful, gifted, and diligent musicians have emerged from Nigeria over the past 20 years. A few of these musicians have gained notoriety and notoriety for themselves while also assisting in the globalization of the Nigerian music business.

Davido is one such musician who has devoted countless hours to the cause of seeing the local and international music scene flourish. We had to look at Davido’s profile history in order to understand how he had been able to accomplish these achievements after getting this far.

We examined the musician’s background, personal life, net worth, musical career, biography, accomplishments, and endorsement deals throughout this article. Davido does not care what people think of him since he is living up to his potential. His life has been filled with adventures and bizarre tales.

He will only become more well-known as time passes. Let’s all continue to listen to his songs.


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