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The 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria



Richest Musicians in Nigeria

There are a ton of extremely outstanding musicians in Nigeria. While some of these singers went on to achieve success on a global scale, others merely managed to maintain popularity locally. They all share one thing, though: they are all extremely wealthy.

Have you ever wondered who Nigeria’s richest singer is? Wealth is sometimes regarded as a sign of success. Many fans are enthralled by their favorite celebrities‘ wealth in today’s celebrity-obsessed culture. Nigeria is a country with a great deal of diversity, and this comes through in the music.

The country has generated a multitude of musical talent, from traditional Fuji to Afrobeat to modern hip-hop. Therefore, it should not be surprising that one of Nigeria’s most well-known musicians is also one of the country’s richest singers. Interested to know who it is? Continue reading the story below!

Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria

Below are the leading richest musicians in the country and their net worth.

1.WizKid$40 Million
2.Davido$38 Million
3.Don Jazzy$35 Million
4.Burna Boy$20 Million
5.2Baba$17 Million
6.Olamide$15 Million
7.Phyno$14 Million
8.Tiwa Savage$13 Million
9.Psquare$13 Million
10.10. Dbanj$11 Million
List of Richest Musicians in Nigeria According to Their Net Worth

1. WizKid – $40 Million

WizKid is at the top of our ranking of the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria in 2023. His real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, but he is often known by the moniker, WizKid. WizKid has been interested in music since a young age. He formed a musical ensemble with five of his buddies when he was eleven.

Wizkid signed to Banky W’s EME label in 2009 and started his musical career. His debut song, “Holla at your boy,” which was released, helped him become popular in the industry. Wizkid was raised in poverty in Surulere, Lagos, where he was born. He became well-known through the record company Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E).

Wizkid, who is well-known both domestically and abroad, is from Nigeria. Wizkid owns two landed properties—one in Los Angeles and one in the center of Lagos. According to reports, he owns a fleet of vehicles and residences in Nigeria and abroad. He earns more than $40 million annually, which keeps him in the height of his profession, as per Forbes.

For more check out the full details on how he made his money here.

2. Davido – $38 Million

Next on the chart of the richest musicians in Nigeria, we see David Adeleke, better known as Davido. He is listed as being the second-richest musician in Nigeria. Davido comes from a well-to-do family, which is known. In spite of that, he has amassed much too much wealth as a musician.

He therefore never passes up the chance to flaunt his money. David Adeleke is an African-American, raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to moving to Nigeria, he completed a course of study in business administration at Oakwood University. Davido first became interested in music while attending Oakwood University.

He moved to London after leaving the university after starting to receive poor results. David’s successful career has earned him a number of honors. Davido owns a mansion in Georgia, USA, and two mansions in Lagos, Nigeria. The musician has an impressive collection of high-end automobiles.

According to Forbes, he currently has a $38 million net worth. To find out more read about Davido biography and net worth.

3. Don Jazzy – $35 Million

Don Jazzy is the third-richest musician in Nigeria, according to our ranking. Don Jazzy, full name Michael Collins Ajereh, was born in Abia state on November 26, 1982. Don Jazzy is the founding father of Mavin Records. He is a brand influencer, entrepreneur, performer, and producer of music.

Several of the musicians in the industry that we love the most have benefited greatly from Don Jazzy’s efforts to develop them. He is a brand ambassador for numerous companies and has received numerous honors. Don Jazzy owns three mansions: two in Lagos (Lekki) and one each in Banana Island and Los Angeles.

The music producer has commendable taste in expensive vehicles. He is the richest music producer in Nigeria and all of Africa, with a net worth of $35 million, as per Forbes.

4. Burna Boy – $20 Million

Burna Boy is one of the highest-income music artists in Nigeria. He was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on July 2, 1991. The Atlantic Records musician has outperformed his contemporaries musically in the last three years. Considering that Burna Boy is among the most-watched Nigerian artists right now.

He has generated millions of dollars from his music. The performer receives millions of bucks from these billions of music streams. Furthermore, Burna Boy represents brands such as Star, Pepsi, Standard Chartered Bank, etc.

5. 2Baba – $17 Million

The renowned 2Baba is a skilled performer with more than 20 years of theatrical experience. 2Baba has amassed wealth as an A-list performer in addition to his career in the Nigerian music industry. 2Baba is a competitive investor despite the tendency of artists to live affluent lives.

He shares ownership of several properties in Nigeria as well as the well-known Rumours Night clubs in Lagos. 2Baba serves as a brand ambassador for companies such as Campari, Trophy Lager Beer, Araimo, and others. The estimated value of 2Baba’s music collection is in millions of dollars.

6. Olamide – $15 Million

Olamide is the head of YBNL, one of Nigeria’s biggest record labels. He was born on March 15th, 1989. He is a rapper, singer, and music producer from Nigeria. The Nigerian hip-hop and rap artist flawlessly conveys his musical talents in both Yoruba and English. Olamide is a well-known singer both domestically and abroad.

He developed professionally and has a long list of songs, accolades, and nominations to his name. Olamide, whose estimated net worth is $15 million, is among the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria.

7. Phyno – $14 Million

Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike, better known by his stage name Phyno, is a record producer, songwriter, rapper, and performer from Nigeria. He is well known for his polished Igbo raps. Forbes estimates Phyno’s value at $12 million, making him among the wealthiest entertainers.

He owns two residences, one in Lagos and the other in Enugu State’s Chevron Drive. He also owns a kaleidoscope of vehicles, including a Toyota Avalon, a Lamborghini, a Bentley, a Range Rover, and a Rolls Royce Phantom.

8. Tiwa Savage – $13 Million

Tiwa Savage is the first and only female artist on our list of the top 10 wealthiest musicians in Nigeria. Tiwatope Savage is an actress, singer, and composer from Nigeria. She is from Isale Eko in Lagos State and was born on the fifth of February 1980.

Savage won Best African Act at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards in November 2018. She was the first female winner of the category thanks to this. Tiwa Savage is worth $13 million as per Forbes. As a result, Tiwa Savage is the richest female musician in Nigeria.

9. Psquare – $13 Million

Psquare is made up of twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye to make up the singing duo. Nigerian artists PSquare, as they are more often known, are extremely successful, popular, and skilled. They have incredible singing and dancing abilities. Afropop, R&B, hip-hop, and dance-pop are some of the musical styles they play.

Their passion for music dates back to their secondary school years. Psquare is a brand that specializes in real estate investments and runs it full-time. They each have an estimated net worth of $13 million. He is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria.

10. Dbanj – $11 Million

Dbanj is without a question, one of the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria. He is regarded as one of the most popular and successful vocalists in the world. Dbanj is a musician who has garnered several accolades due to his vocal performances.

He currently has numerous awards under his belt, including The MTV Europe Music Award. He is regarded as one of the greatest and most well-known recording artists of all time. Dbanj’s net worth is predicted to be at $11 million by 2023. He has a sizable collection of luxurious vehicles and homes.


These are some of the most well-known and wealthy singers from Nigeria currently active in the country. Though many additional names were considered but ultimately didn’t make the cut, the names listed below are popular and well-known.

If you love to sing and want to be one of these singers, this can inspire you. Continue to put a lot of effort into your goals and heed your calling! Do you like this article? Click here to read more of these interesting articles.


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