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Top 10 Profitable Skills to Learn in Nigeria

These 10 skills will take your business to the next level even in a failing economy.



Skills to Learn in Nigeria

Are you a youth or you are a student living in Nigeria and you want to know the best online skills to learn in Nigeria that will yield you millions in a short time? Read this article to the end. In this article, I am going to be telling you about the top best skills you can learn in Nigeria and how you can make money using these skills.

Some of these lucrative skills in Nigeria are needed online and some of them are needed offline. You just need to know the best skill you want depending on which of them you can do easily and the area you stay currently in Nigeria. You can use these top skills to work alone as a freelancer and you can use them to work in an office alongside the other certificates you have.

It will make you very useful to your organization. And it will also help you increase your bargaining power as regards your salary and easy promotion at your place of work. So let’s start, here are the high-paying skills in Nigeria.

What is a Skill?

A skill is a learned ability to perform an action with determined results and good execution often within a stipulated time, energy, or both. Skills can be divided into two. They are domain-general and domain-specific skills. Skill is a special form of capability this is why not everyone has it.

However, it can be learned. We have hard skills, labor skills, life skills, people skills, social skills, and soft skills.

Top 10 Skills to Learn in Nigeria

Here are the lucrative skills you can learn in Nigeria today to make money.

1. Consulting Skill

Consulting is one of the best lucrative skills to learn in Nigeria today and it is also one of the high-paying skills the best thing about this skill is you do not need to go to the 4 walls of a school to become a consultant. All you need to become a professional consultant is to offer some courses online at any online school of your choice and the duration of the course can take a period of 1 month – 3 months.

When you are done will be certified as a certified consultant. The most common types of consulting in Nigeria today are business consultant, marriage/relationship consultant/counselor, and IT Consultant. This high-paying skill can help you make money steadily in millions without doing too much.

This is because there are many Nigerian businesses that are just starting that need your professional advice on how to grow their business. And as a marriage counselor or consultant, there are also marriages and relationships that need your advice on how they can grow their marriage.

The essence of becoming a consultant in Nigeria is not only to make money but to help people solve their problems. It is by doing this that Nigerians will continue to inquire about you as a consultant and want to do business with you. I wrote an article on how to start a consulting business in Nigeria. You should read it to the end if you are seriously considering the skill.

2. Tutoring Skill

Tutoring is another best skill to learn in Nigeria that will start yielding millions in a short time depending on your location and how well you package yourself. In a place like Lekki in Lagos or any highbrow area in Nigeria, you can make as much as #100,000 – #200,000 doing lessons or tutoring children monthly. But you need to learn how to tutor first.

To learn how to become a tutor you need to first have some qualifications. These qualifications may be educational or vocational. After these qualifications, you can meet anyone who is good at teaching to guide you on how to teach. When you are done learning this you can now start teaching children and adults in any field you prefer.

Tutoring has been proven times without number to be one of the most profitable skills you can learn as a youth or student in Nigeria and make money steadily. You can read how to start a tutor center in Nigeria for more guidance.

3. Graphic Design Skill

Graphic designing is another lucrative skill you can learn in Nigeria to start making money as a youth or student and this is because there is a huge demand for graphic designing skills. Many small-scale and medium-scale businesses that are just springing up in Nigeria need your graphic designs to create logos and create promo flyers for their businesses.

And the best part about this business is you can do it online. You do not need to spend money on transport and logistics to meet your customers‘ demands and deliver. All you have to do is talk or advise customers on a call or chat, make the graphic designs on your phone or laptop, deliver through email to the customer’s address, and get paid.

It was through this method I met the graphic designer that designed the logo for my business. I never saw him. In fact, he was in Ibadan and I was in Lagos and he still did a good job. Graphic design is a handwork to learn in Nigeria. To learn graphic design in Nigeria you can either learn online by watching some YouTube videos or learn from a computer training center in the area.

Usually, graphic designing is a skill that takes up to 3 months to learn in Nigeria but you can learn it within a month or less if you are fast. Read our article on how to become a graphic designer in Nigeria for detailed information about this skill.

4. Web Development Skill

Web designing is another best high-paying skill to learn in Nigeria. It is one of the best skills you can learn in Nigeria easily and start making money from the comfort of your home. All you need is to first learn this skill either online or in any computer training center around your area. Get qualified, and start promoting yourself and customers will start coming for your service.

This is because there is a new urge for many businesses to be online due to many reasons today. Asides from this, there are also young adults and students that are going into the blogging business these days to make money. All these people will need your professional services all you need is to make yourself available.

Web designing is one of the most profitable skills to learn as you can work and make money from anywhere you are in Nigeria.

5. Computer Programming Skill

Programming is another high-paying skill in Nigeria. It is one of the best skills to learn in Nigeria now because Nigeria is now going into tech just like the rest of the world. The other day I heard about a Nigerian boy of about 19 years old who built a game and made millions from it by selling it to an international company.

We also have the PayStack story that did not just make the founder and co-founder millionaires but also famous. Programming is a skill that can make you millions of Naira after you are able to take the time to learn it. Although it is quite expensive to learn depending on the area or state you are in Nigeria, you can take some free classes online by watching some YouTube videos.

There are so many aspects of programming you can learn in Nigeria today. You can learn robotics, stem, HTML, Java, CSS, and more. Pick any type of these programming and start learning online. And when you are done you can start making money from it.

6. Affiliate Marketing Skill

Affiliate marketing is the easiest skill you can learn in Nigeria today and start making money as soon as you are done. This is because the skill does not require many technicalities yet it is done online. For those of us that have been hearing about affiliate marketing for a long time.

You do not know what it means affiliate marketing simply means a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from it referrals. So let us say you have someone who just started an online store and person wants to drive traffic to his or her online store to increase sales.

If you are able to meet websites or blogs around Nigeria that can add the link of the e-commerce store to their blogs or websites and in turn drive traffic and increase sales for this customer, you have just done affiliate marketing. I call affiliate marketing the rope that joins business owners that want their products or services to content creators online.

Digital marketing is similar to affiliate marketing but there is a little difference. As you continue to read you will be able to know the difference. As far as this skill is concerned you can learn affiliate marketing online on some blogs and YouTube. You just need to search for the right places. There are also individuals that teach this.

This option is for those that need physical one-on-one learning on it. You can make millions from affiliate marketing if you promote for big companies or businesses in Nigeria.

7. Video Editing Skill

Do you like shooting videos – creating audio-visuals that are attractive to the eyes and do you like editing them? This is another top best skill you can use to make money in Nigeria. If you are able to scale this skill to the next level by editing large projects like music videos, wedding videos, birthday or anniversary videos you can start making millions from this skill in a short while.

To start making money from video editing in Nigeria you need to first learn how to edit videos. You can learn video editing professionally or in informal ways. Both are good because you do not need a certificate to be able to edit videos for customers all you need is to prove that you are good at it.

You can learn video editing around you from anyone and you can learn it online through YouTube either this is up to you. The moment you become a professional video editor you can be making as much as #5,000 – #100,000 per video.

8. Digital Marketing Skill

Have you heard of digital marketing before? Do you know digital marketing is one of the top skills you can learn in Nigeria to make money? With digital marketing skills, you can work from your home or anywhere in the world and make money. But just in case you do not know what digital marketing means.

Digital marketing is simply the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, other digital media, and platforms to promote products and services. I basically call digital marketing online marketing.

So just like we have offline advertising where we share handbills, posters, and more with people to create awareness for a product or service, digital marketing is also the same the only thing is we use social media, blogs, Google search, and more to advertise. Here is an easy guide on how to start digital marketing in Nigeria.

9. Blogging Skill

Professional blogging is another best skill to learn in Nigeria if you are really passionate about making money online. This skill is one of the high-paying skills and it is very profitable if you are willing to invest in it for a short while. This is before it takes time for a new blog to rank and to attract huge traffic but after you are having a lot of traffic you can be making money in different ways from blogging through paid ads, sponsored posts, Google AdSense, and more.

The blogging business is a good business if you are considering retirement as a youth in 5 – 10 years because when the blog starts making money you can leave your day’s job and face your blog squarely. To learn blogging you can learn it formally or informally. Formally, in the sense that you can learn it from a professional blogger around you or informally by simply following some blogs and watching some YouTube videos.

To be a professional blogger you need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content writing. These two things will determine whether you will be successful in the business or not. You should read our article on how to start a lifestyle blog in Nigeria and make money.

10. Social Media Manager Skill

Social media management skill is not a popular skill in Nigeria yet it is profitable because it is very flexible – allowing you to work anywhere and at any time. You can also make money from this skill if you know how to manage many individuals’ and companies’ social media accounts at the same time.

Since social media management is all about creating a good brand for companies or individuals you just need to answer questions and share posts that are related to your customers’ profile and you will start smiling to the bank. You can learn social media management skills by yourself or simply learn from someone you know.

Read this guide on how to become a social media influencer in Nigeria.


Wanting to start making money online from these skills in Nigeria is not what you should be after immediately after reading this article. You need to learn as the quality learning of these skills will determine how much you know and how much you will be making. Learn a skill today. It might save you from hardship in case every other thing like your education fails.


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