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Net Worth

Peter Obi Net Worth



Peter Obi Net Worth

In this article, we will dive into Peter Obi’s net worth and his biography. Peter Obi has established himself as a major political force in the country since entering the contest for Nigeria’s presidency. The former governor and vice presidential candidate is seeking the office of the president of the country.

How well do you know him? Currently, Peter Obi is regarded as more than just a presidential candidate. Most people may not know, though, that he first made a name for himself as a successful banker before entering politics. Obi is not a showman and does not glitzily display his fortune.

That, however, allows too much room for his wealth to be conjectured. How much money has Obi amassed throughout his professional life? Without reading his profile story, we can’t know this. The complete biography and wealth of Peter Obi will be highlighted for you in this post.

Peter Obi’s Profile

Let’s highlight everything you need to know about Peter Obi, Nigeria’s presidential aspirant, in this section.

Full Name Peter Gregory Obi
Date of Birth19th July 1961
Age 57 Years Old
BirthplaceOnitsha, Anambra State
State of OriginAnambra State
Geographical RegionSoutheast
Country of originNigeria
ParentsMr. and Mrs. Gregory Obi
SpouseMargaret Brownson Usen
Occupation: Politician, Businessman
Net Worth $10 million
Peter Obi Bio Profile

Peter Obi’s Biography

Peter Obi: Who is he? Peter Gregory Obi who is one of Nigeria’s most popular politicians, is widely recognized and simply known as Peter Obi. He was born on July 19, 1961, in Onitsha, Anambra State. Obi is well-liked by many people and is known as “Okwute,” which translates to “Rock.” Peter Obi completed his high school education at Christ the King College in Onitsha.

He received his higher education at the renowned University of Nigeria, Nsukka, from which he earned a Philosophy degree in 1984. The life of Peter Obi would be incomplete without a mention of his passion for education and learning.

He was driven by this passion to continue studying at prestigious foreign institutions outside of Nigeria. He studied at the London School of Economics and Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. Peter Obi was a businessman in Nigeria before transitioning into politics.

He acted as the Governor of Anambra State from 2006 to 2014. He is a candidate for the upcoming Nigerian presidential election in 2023, put out by the Labour Party. His candidacy for the position of the country’s next president is already being supported by the youth.

Peter Obi Educational Background

Peter Obi is currently labeled as one of the most educated politicians in Nigeria. He received his childhood training at Onitsha, Anambra State, the town where he was born. Peter Obi went to Christ the King College in the same city for his high school education.

He continued his schooling in 1984 at the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He earned a philosophy degree from this school. Peter Obi subsequently studied pedagogy at prestigious foreign schools outside of Nigeria. He went to Boston, Massachusetts’ Harvard Business School.

He proceeded to the London School of Economics to study business policy and financial management as a result. Furthermore, Obi studied marketing management at Columbia Business School in New York, USA. Peter Obi’s fascination with academic excellence gave him the motivation to seek these larger pedagogies.

Peter Obi’s Career

Prior to entering the financial industry, Peter Obi began his professional career as a trader. The fact that he was born into a family of traders explains why this occurred. Obi was introduced to the realm of trading for financial gain as a result, and he honed his skills in FMG marketing.

After receiving his schooling, Peter Obi was able to transform his trading business into a more well-organized corporate setting. Obi has an effective business career thanks to his intelligence and business skills.

Prior to actually starting his political career, he held a number of executive and managerial positions in various outstanding organizations. He has worked with businesses and banks among other organizations.

Peter Obi’s Political Career

Let’s look at Peter Obi’s entry into politics and how he has garnered much fame from this. The former governor’s career in politics was not smooth; it has been roiled by instability. Peter Obi campaigned for governor in 2003 with the APGA platform. Unfortunately, he was unable to claim victory.

But instead of giving in, he went to court. He was pronounced the victor in 2006 following 3 years of legal disputes, and he took office subsequently that year. Following it, Obi was impeached, which was later quashed in court. He took back his position in February 2007.

Peter Obi was once more dismissed from office in April 2007 due to the general election. The courts, however, blocked his dismissal and ordered that he be permitted to serve out his four-year term. After that, Peter Obi was elected again in 2010 to serve another term.

During his second term, which ran smoothly, he focused on education and health. Obi gained national recognition for good leadership at the successful conclusion of his administration. He was viewed as a source of inspiration for Nigeria’s political systems.

A person like that was soon embraced by the political community. 2014 saw Peter Obi transition to the Peoples Democratic Party. He was chosen as Atiku Abubakar’s running mate for the vice presidency. The duo, however, was defeated by the incumbent officeholders.

Peter Obi decided to move to the Labor Party to actualize his goal of becoming the president of Nigeria. He is currently strongly contending to hold the position of national leadership in 2023. He is seen by many people, especially the younger generation, as the best choice to lead the country to greater levels.

Peter Obi Awards and Recognitions

Peter Obi has received various honors for his remarkable contributions to politics and business. Some of his numerous honors and accomplishments include the following:

  • Sun Newspaper named Peter Obi Man of the Year in 2007.
  • He was awarded the Governor of the Year by the West Africa ICT Development Award in 2010.
  • He was given the Man of the Year by Business Hallmark Newspaper in 2012.
  • Obi was awarded the Most Outstanding Igbo Man of the Decade by Champion Newspaper in 2014.
  • And a plethora of other honors that are too numerous to mention here…

Peter Obi’s Net Worth

How much money Peter Obi has is one of the most asked questions about this political figure. Contrary to what many critics assume, Peter Obi did not become wealthy through his career in politics. He had already lived a prosperous life prior to seeking the office of governor of Anambra. Obi had a productive business career before entering politics.

Following his college graduation, he started working as a trader and making money. Peter Obi also held powerful positions in various for-profit businesses. Peter Obi is thought to be worth 1 billion Nigerian naira after taking everything into account. Peter Obi is reportedly worth $10 million, according to several publications. It is appropriate to put him as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest politicians.

Peter Obi Properties and Cars

Peter Obi is influential and affluent, therefore he can be able to purchase the most expensive cars. He allegedly rode in a convoy of pricey and exotic vehicles while serving as governor. Peter Obi’s fleet of sumptuous cars may include the following vehicles: Mercedes Benz AMG C63; Lexus LX 570; Toyota Land Cruiser; and many others which he doesn’t want to show off.

Let’s take a peek at Peter Obi’s houses and properties. He lives in an expensive, multimillion-naira mansion. The former governor of the Nigerian state of Anambra is the owner of a 650 million naira house in Enugu. He apparently owns a property in London as well as numerous homes scattered throughout Nigeria.


That’s the view of Peter Obi’s net worth and how he made his money. He is talked about by most Nigerians, especially the young people. They talk about him especially now that he is a potential presidential candidate in the general election of 2023. He also had a long record of achievement in both politics and business.

Nevertheless, he has built a prosperous family with his wife in addition to a fruitful commercial and political career. I believe you came to this page to learn more about Peter Obi. This thorough article gives a summary of his life’s events.


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