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How to Pass a Job Interview in Nigeria

Looking to for a job? Here are tips and steps to easily pass any job interview in Nigeria.



Pass Job Interviews in Nigeria

 Are you a graduate or do you have some certifications and you are looking for employment in Nigeria? Do have job experience or this is the first time you are applying for a job? Read this article to the end. In this article, I am going to be sharing with you the best ways to pass any job interview in Nigeria. 

I will be sharing with you what you need to know and everything you need to do to win that available position in that company or organization of your choice. I will also be sharing the latest common interview questions and answers.

I have once been in the position of looking for jobs – a prospective employee and now I am an employer of labor – managing a cleaning company and a business blog (TheInfoWorth.com). So I can tell you what many applicants usually miss out on when they apply for job interviews. There are some job applicants that usually think all they need to win any interview is their qualifications.

This reminds me of 12 years ago when I was looking for a job with an OND certificate. When a guy told me was going to get either the customer care or the teller position in the bank we both applied to because he was a chartered accountant. He was so sure about this that he was bragging. Unfortunately, he did not even scale through the oral Interview.

It was later another applicant told me that they dropped him. I have also seen job applicants who did not seem to do well in school – not having a first-class result that got employed just because they understand that it is not only about the qualifications. 

How to Pass a Job Interview in Nigeria

Now, let me tell you those things you need to know and do to pass that interview for your dream job.

1. Create a Good First Impression

Creating a first impression is very important when it comes to passing a job interview in Nigeria. Remember you will be doing the oral Interview just once and you will not be coming back again for another opportunity. It is important to know that you have just one chance to impress your interviewers so you need to properly prepare for the interview.

And do not take it too seriously at the same time do not overthink it. As you need to know that the interviewers are human beings like you. The only difference is they are in the opposite sit – having the right to ask you any questions to know if they should employ you are not.

Most of the time when a lot of people hear about working on first impressions they think it is just about the manner in which they speak, knowing how to introduce yourself in an interview, or the ability to answer job interviews intelligently but it is not really about that.

Working on first impressions also means you are working on your appearance. You need to look good before you can even be able to look comfortable and confident in the eyes of your interviewers especially if this is your first time as a job seeker in Nigeria. Anyways, I will explain more about your looks in the third point.

2. Studying Well Through Preparation

There is no how you can pass any job interview in Nigeria without studying well ahead. If by any chance you really passed it, it means you know the owner of the business for the company you applied for. Preparing for the interviews is very important and it is two crucial parts. The first one is to prepare for the aptitude tests or questions related to your academics that will be asked.

The second is to read up on everything you need to know about the organization or company you are applying to. Your interviewers could ask you anything about them. They want to know if you really know much about them too.

3. Groom Yourself and Dress Well

This is another best tip for you as a job seeker in Nigeria. It is very important to dress well not just to impress your interviewers but to boost your confidence. As a guy seeking jobs in the white-collar sector, you need to make sure you barb your hair and trim your beard so that you kept before your interviewers. Body grooming should not be ignored because you are a guy.

As a lady also you need to make your hair and apply slight make-up. It is important that you do not overdress or cross-dress for your interview. To make sure you are not overdressed make sure you have the dress code for your job interview. Some companies give dress codes for their interview.

Also, avoid wearing exposed clothing as a lady if you do not want to be tagged or seen as a promiscuous person. Read our article on how to look classy and rich in Nigeria

4. Answer Interview Questions

There are different interview questions and there are different ways to answer them however, there is one best way to approach these questions to stand out. The best way to answer interview questions, especially with no previous experience is to pause and try to understand the question you are asked before you answer.

If you do not understand the question or you did not hear the question well you can simply ask for the question to be repeated.

Common Questions Asked in Oral Interviews

Here are common interview questions you will be asked during oral interviews.

A. Can We Know You?

This question simply means that you should introduce yourself to them. It involves your name, your discipline, and your likes and dislikes.

B. Can you work Under Pressure?

This is a tricky question asked by interviewers. It is not straight forward as you think and it could lead you to a trap. To answer this question you need to give an example of your past experiences working under pressure. 

C. How much should We pay You?

This question is not straight either. You can start by saying how much you were paid at your former place of work. If the salary you were paid there was too small you can increase it. After all, they are not going to ask your former employer how much he or she paid you.

5. Show a Positive Body Language

In every job process to recruit employees, there are two types of interviews. We have the written and oral types of interviews. The written Interview is very easy for many people if they prepare however, the oral Interview is where many job seekers are dropped.

Some are dropped because they do not know how to face the panel of interviewers while many are disqualified because they do not know how to provide the right answers to some questions. If you are a first-time job seeker in Nigeria you can practice how to answer oral interview questions in front of a mirror. 


That is all about how you can prepare for interviews in Nigeria whether you have experience or not. I believe these tips should help you get that dream job of yours. Drop your questions if I miss any part in the article and if you have any tips on this topic you can drop your tips in the comments below.

For more guidance on how to pass a job interview in Nigeria, you should read our post on how to prepare for a job interview.


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