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The 10 Richest Kids in Nigeria



Richest Kids in Nigeria

The vast majority of people work very hard their entire lives to acquire enough money to support their lifestyles. Yet, some people were given a silver spoon in their mouth from birth. Children of wealthy parents only have to thrive in a profession where many people attempt and few are successful by simple luck.

Those fortunate few either inherit a fortune or become millionaires as teenagers. The ten richest kids in Nigeria are the subject of this article. The majority of these are those who stand to inherit billions from their parents. The emphasis of this would be on the children who had either amassed fortune independently or by taking it from their mom and dad.

Top 10 Richest Kids in Nigeria

Below are the top ten most richest kids in the country and their net worth.

1. Mompha Junior – $15 million

Mompha Junior is ranked first on our list of the top richest children in Nigeria. His real name is Muhammad Lawal Mustapha, and his father, Ismaila Mustapha, is a wealthy Nigerian businessman. Mompha, who is nine years old, is reputedly the youngest billionaire in the country.

The youngster has been a homeowner since he was just six years old. Since then, he has bought some supercars and now flies a private plane throughout the world. Mompha Junior is revered in Nigeria as a celebrity. He has numerous social media platforms with a sizable fan base.

Despite the fact that he is not yet actively making money off of his social media influence. His posts receive a lot of likes and shares, which boosts the online fame of his parents. In turn, this might help Mommy and Daddy’s business. Mompha Junior is estimated to be worth $15 million. He is the clear heir to his father’s fortune.

2. Emmanuella – $500,000

Emmanuella is the second wealthiest youngster in Nigeria on our list of the top ten richest kids. Emmanuella is a bright, crafty, and intelligent young woman. She was discovered by Mark Angel, the brother of her cousin, at a comedy show. He was someone she met while out on a family holiday.

Mark Angel made a call to a couple of kids to get some for his comedy production. This marked Emmanuella’s first step on the road to success. According to appraisals, Emmanuella is Nigeria’s best and youngest child comedy actress. She was honored in Australia in 2016. She represents the brands’ Peak Milk and Fresh Yogurt Drink.

Emmanuella is the second richest young person in the country with an estimated net worth of $500,000.

3. DJ Young Money

DJ Young Money is the third-richest young person in the nation. This DJ is merely a little boy who enjoys playing music. He has the capacity to put the music in a specific order to fit the ambiance. Unbelievably, this little boy’s aptitude for music arrangement has made him wealthy and well-known.

He has already won the support of record companies, concert promoters, and performers. DJ Young Money was birthed in 2006, making him a billionaire at the age of twelve. Moreover, he once gave a performance at Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s birthday party. The teenage DJ took over his father’s position as a disc jockey.

4. Aunty Success – N32 million

Aunty Success is an outright stand-in for Emmanuelle in Mark Angel’s Comedy. She is becoming a more well-known and reputable comedienne and celebrity. She has a lot of money because the brand gives her a very nice salary. Success is renowned for her humor and for being able to answer issues that even adults find challenging.

She has made a name for herself as a prominent Youtube star and comedian. Aunty Success is already prosperous, as evidenced by her reported net worth of N32 million. She has worked as a brand ambassador for a number of companies. In addition to her revenue from Mark Angel Comedy, she also makes a respectable amount of money through her Youtube channel.

She has set herself up for a bright future by varying her revenue sources.

5. OzzyBosco – $400,000

OzzyBosco is listed in position five on the list of the top 10 wealthiest young people in Nigeria. He started a major musical journey in Nigeria when he was just 4 years old. The “Nigeria Kids Got Talent” competition stage in Lagos served as the launchpad for his musical career. He won the talent competition, which opened the door to a career in music for him.

Young Nigerian musician Ozzy Bosco is indeed a bright talent. He was swiftly likened to major music heroes after his maiden televised appearance. He was described as Africa’s most well-known youthful performer. The approximate worth of Ozzy Bosco is $400,000.

6. Amarachi Uyanne

Amarachi Uyanne gained popularity after taking home the 10 million naira grand prize in Nigeria’s Got Talent. It’s interesting how that overnighted her a millionaire. Amarachi has made excellent use of her dancing ability. She was only eight years old when all of these things occurred.

She has now developed into a talented actress, singer, dancer, and social media influencer. Amarachi first launched her solo single, Amarachi’s Dance, and then she collaborated with Phyno on Ova Sabi. She has released two further singles as well. Amarachi Uyanne has however made a guest appearance for the best video award.

Currently, Amarachi is enrolled in Benson Idahosa University in Benin City, Edo State.

7. Ify Ufele

Egypt Ify Ufele is a young person that Nigeria can be proud of. She is an American-Nigerian fashion designer that enjoys making clothing for various occasions. She has already gained recognition as a designer thanks to the New York Fashion Week exhibition of her creations. As a result, Ify Ufele is regarded as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest and most powerful young people.

This demonstrates how well she has utilized both her reputation and wealth. Egypt Ify Ufele achieved fame with her creations. She excels at creating clothing. Ify is particularly fond of African textiles, which are not frequently used in the American fashion industry. She undoubtedly benefited from this novelty because she dominated New York Fashion Week.

8. Destiny Boy

Destiny Boy is a clone of Davido. Afeez Adesina became well-known following the release of his cover of Davido’s song “IF.” This song gave him the exposure he required to become famous. His abilities and hard ethic allowed him to succeed in the Nigerian pop music sector. Young fan Destiny Boy attracted Davido’s notice by singing renditions of his songs.

After that, Davido adopted him under his tutelage and signed him to his record label. The well-known musician handed him a sizable sum of money to begin him going. Currently, one of the richest children in the country is Destiny Boy.

9. Marylove Edwards

Marylove Edwards is a naturally gifted tennis player. She is regarded as having the best future in the country’s sports, in reality. Marylove participates in competitions and receives awards. She is well-ranked and has already achieved success in numerous junior tournaments.

Marylove deserves to be on our list because she is a source of motivation to others, has received multiple honors, and is deserving of them.

10. Ahmed Star Boy

Ahmed first met Wizkid in 2017 when he was a naïve youngster trying to break into the music world. Ahmed Starboy, a brilliant and quickly growing rapper, was signed by Wizkid after wowing him during one of Wizkid’s concerts. He is just a small kid who is working hard to break into the music industry.

Ahmed will become the next highly regarded celebrity in the entertainment sector provided all goes according to plan.


There is a common adage that says that ‘Children are tomorrow’s leaders.’ However, the richest kids in Nigeria are already shaping the country’s future. It’s very uncommon to see people who are so successful at such a young age. This is because it’s difficult for anyone, young or old, to develop themselves to the point where their futures are assured.

That’s why we decided to honor these kids who have already created a name for themselves. How did they manage to make so much money so quickly? The majority of these wealthy children are the products of millionaire parents. Most of those who are mentioned here make their living in this manner—about 95%.

This should serve as inspiration for parents who are seeing this. It’d be smart of you to recognize your child’s gift and encourage its development and exploitation. Your kids will achieve more success earlier.


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