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How to Plan Weddings in Nigeria on Low Budget



How to Plan Weddings in Nigeria

In this article, we will be looking at how you can plan a wedding in Nigeria on a low budget. One of the biggest questions that have ever crossed every Nigerian man or woman’s mind is how to plan a Nigerian wedding in Nigeria without spending too much or emptying your bank accounts.

Let us face the fact; it’s not easy finding a soul mate these days. And when you finally find that one girl that makes your world go round, it’s a big deal to make your wedding to her one of the biggest weddings ever known to man. They say the wedding day is usually a specially made day for the bride.

But we men know this is not totally true. The day of our wedding is also a special day for us (come on, men also dream about this day). You will understand this better if you were a man. And it took you 40 years to find a girl that truly loves you for who you are and is willing to be with you forever.

Every lady has had the perfect dream of what her wedding day would be like, so it is good for the groom to get his game on that day and make that dream come true. So in this article, I will be guiding you on different steps you can take to plan a wedding in Nigeria on a low budget.

How Possible Is it to Have a Low-Budget Wedding?

Looking at it from afar, it is absolutely impossible but with these hacks, I’m about to share with you now, it is very possible and you do not need to incur debt from your not-so-rich grandma or even get a loan from the bank to make this come true.

How to Plan a Low-Budget Wedding in Nigeria

Here are steps on how to plan a wedding in Nigeria on a low budget.

1. Save Ahead of your Wedding

This is the first step to have a low-budget wedding in Nigeria. Yes, you heard me right! Even if it is a little you’ll need to save money some money at least if not for anything for the running around and preparation of the wedding.

I have had people most especially women tell me their Nigerian wedding is coming up in a few months and they do not have anything absolutely a dime for preparation and this sound really absurd to me pardon me if this offends you.

Why? What happens? What have you been doing all these while? Are the questions I ask when I hear these words from their mouths even though I know the whys and whats I’m asking can’t bring an instant solution. Having a wedding in Nigeria is just like starting a company.

I mean every new company needs a kick-start capital before investors can come in with their monies to save the day. So yes, I said it. You need to gather some money first for the running around and planning. Or else you will incur debt and remember our blog title is not talking about incurring debt while having a dream wedding in Nigeria.

No! I will talk more about what the money will be used for in my next point.

2. Sell Aso Ebi to make Money

This is another way you can have a low-budget wedding in Nigeria. I know what you’re about to say “Why should I sell aso ebi?” It’s the ladies that do this. Yes, I agree with you, it is the ladies that own this part but I must tell you this is a part (every man) you should also embrace especially if you want the low budget wedding in Nigeria. Now, listen to me attentively.

The purpose of your selling this aso ebi is to make a double profit if not triple profits and here’s how you can go about it. Remember you said you are having a low budget wedding so cheap materials should be out of this but expensive materials that you can buy at a relatively low price in wholesale. You know it is all about the numbers.

So let us say you want to invite 500 guests to the Nigerian wedding based on the agreement with your fiancé. How much is the quality cloth material you want to buy wholesale per person? Let us say it’s a royal blue material that goes for 10k per individual, you can sell it at 20k to the invitees coming to your wedding.

If you make 10k per person imagine how much you will get if you sell to 500 invitees {500 * 10,000}. That is how much? I hope you really get the gist? Now, add 5 million to the money you’ve saved up. Can you see that’s a lump sum? (And please don’t forget that it’s your money saved up you’ll be using to buy these clothing materials.

3. Make a Wedding To-Do-List

This is another way many Nigerians use to have their low-budget wedding in Nigeria. So what is a wedding to-do list? A wedding to-do list is simply a list of everything and materials you need to make sure your wedding goes well. The essence of a wedding to-do list is to make sure you concentrate on what you really need to spend money on and not by unnecessary things.

A wedding to-do list helps you to also track your wedding expenses when you are having your weddings making sure you are right on track. A to-do list makes you discipline and does not make you feel the urge of impressing people. When writing your wedding to-do list make sure it is checked over and over again by your spouse to make sure you did not add unnecessary things.

4. Feed on Offline Relationship

This is another way you can successfully plan a low-budget wedding in Nigeria. If you’ve been joking with the relationships you have with people, you might want to be serious now because yaaaaay your wedding is coming up in the next few months. And you need all the support you can get even the ones from your enemies quote and unquote.

Just in case you don’t understand what I mean by creating relationships and you can’t wrap your head around it, you can read my revealing article on how poor people think and how Ralph Bamigboye thinks. This article will expose you to everything you need to know about establishing relationships and why it is extremely important for everyone to maintain them.

So you might ask me here “why do I need to feed on the relationships I have around me now?” Yes. I use the word “feed” purposely because it’s the only way I can perfectly explain this aspect. I want you to see all the times you were creating relationships as the sowing season, now is the harvesting season and we all know what happens in harvesting season, no plant with fruits is left unturned.

Feed of these relationships now by asking for all the helps you can get. This is the only perfect time you can do that! Do you need a fabulous serene environment for the wedding in Nigeria? Maybe like a Yacht and a friend has one. Ask him for permission to use it. Do want to have your wedding on a private beach and your uncle has one, ask him for permission to use it.

What about exquisite care? Talk to your friends that have many of them at their disposal. Please do not ignore this point due to pride; it does go a long way if you really want everything to turn out well.

5. Feed on Online Relationships

This is another easy way you can plan a low budget wedding in Nigeria. Are you a blogger or you just to know people online? Now is the time to feed on the relationships you have with them. Call, email, send DM’s to them and ask for their help. What do you need their help for? Remember point 3?

This is where your online cliques will come in handy, all you just need is to tell them what you want and they’ll do it, in fact, overdo it. Bloggers like Jide the Blogger owner of had fellow bloggers hype their weddings and proposals (that everyone thought the weddings were bigger than they looked).

So talk to your cliques to hype yours for you to the extent that it will be the talk of the town. After all, the main reason why you are doing this is to feel special. That’s it! My 5 easy steps to plan a low budget wedding in Nigeria! But please do this for me, don’t just follow these steps, own them and I bet you you will get its unbelievable results.


Waiting to hear from you. Cheers in advance! Share this post NOW if you also want to help your friends with their Nigerian weddings. That is all in this article. As usual, let me know if I missed any part of this article. Also, let me know if there are topics you want me to write about on the blog or talk about on our YouTube Channel or maybe our podcast.


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