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Top 10 Things Successful Nigerians do on Weekends



There are things successful Nigerians do at weekends that make them successful during their weekdays and there are things they do at weekends that make gives them an average score of how their week will go.

Here are TheInfoWorth, because we are passionate about Nigerians most especially men. We are going to be sharing with you 10 things successful Nigerians do on the weekends that make them win all week long. So keep reading if you want to be successful through these 10 things.

If you’re a follower of our blog and you’ve been reading our articles for some time now. You’ll have realized by now that here on the blog we usually preach success is not by accident. I know success means different things to all of us but we are sure of one thing – we can’t just wake one day and be successful by accident.

There are principles to follow and things (what I usually call sacrifice) we must do if we want to be successful. For those of us that still doubt this one way or the other, let’s look at it from this angle. Comparing 2 farmers, one knowing that he has to sow seeds and nurture them in order to reap a bountiful harvest and the other farmer sleeping all day believing that all everything will fall into place.

Let’s not drag this story, we all know what will happen at the end. The lazy farmer will end up stealing the serious farmer’s harvest or starve to death. This is basically what’s happening in the world today narrowing it to Nigeria. The yahoo boys or G guys as they are called, armed rubbers, kidnappers are the lazy farmers.

They don’t want to go through the rigors of working. They just want things to work out for them and have a bountiful harvest. I am not different, I used to think like this too until I began to see things clearly. For many men that don’t want to work and just want money, I’ll say keep dreaming.

Adam started work right from the time God breathed into him the breath of life and his work never stopped then. He just had rests. Even after leaving Eden his work was tougher. Fast forward to today, there are works we do with our hands what we call physical labor and there are works we do with the requirements of our brains which is called mental labor.

But men who work with their intelligence (mental labor) are paid more than men who work with their hands (physical labor). We talk more about this as time goes by on the blog. So what do successful Nigerian entrepreneurs do at weekends?

You’ll be amazed what I’m about to share with you on this and trust me, this is not random things you’ve read or see your friends do – if you have successful friends. This is straight from the top.

Things Successful Nigerians Do On Weekends

1. Plan for the Week Ahead

This is one of the things my mentors in Nigeria never joke with and I’ve noticed it’s one of the reasons they are successful.

I’ve tolled the same route for some time now and it has started working for me too perfectly.

They say “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”.

Successful Nigerians know the only they can be best at what they do is by practice and the only way they can practice or be good at what they do is by planning their schedule, their weekdays so they use the weekends to plan exclusively what they will be doing in the week ahead.

They start with the urgent before they move on to the less urgent and look for a way to achieve all for the week.

So if you want to be successful in Nigeria, you have to plan your week ahead from your weekend.

2. Spend Time with Family & Friends

Another thing successful Nigerians do during their weekends is to spend quality time with family first and then with friends.

Because the week is usually filled with meetings, appointments, outings and the likes these rich Nigerians may not have the luxury to spend quality time with their family on weekdays despite the fact that they go home regularly.

So the weekend is such a perfect time to build a better bond with their wives and kids.

On these days, outings to the malls, restaurant, the beach might go a long way in making sure the family have a good time and creating stronger bonds.

And some times, it might be just staying at home and watching movies or playing games that might fix this trick.

I prefer the “staying at home part” because it saves my time, reduces traffic stress. And also when I’m at home, I watch movies with my family and I’m able to cook for them.

But then again the decision is totally up to you. Just make sure you spend more time with family and friends.

3. Exercise your Body and Mind

I bet you are part of the people that used to think moving around during work hours is also a form of exercise so therefore you don’t need to exercise during weekends.

Well, I used to think this way too until I realized that it only gives me a serious low back pain after work.

According to health and physical experts, exercise is no longer exercise if it’s more than 1 hour, 3 days a week.

So when we move around based on we wanting to exercise our bodies during working hours it’s no longer exercise but stress.

Rich Nigerians know this that’s they avoid it and rather exercise during the weekends (the little they can).

4. Work on Your Passion

Everyone has a passion for one thing or the other. Unfortunately, not all passions yield into money and make us a millionaire.

But whether our passion is making money for us or not, we need to work on our passion during the weekends and this is what most successful Nigerian men do.

I know a successful man (a family friend) who’s passion is playing golf. Every Saturday evening he heads out with his fellow rich men to play and discuss business.

I like music and even though I don’t see it as a money-making venture, I still like to play musical instruments during the weekends. The lead guitar and the piano are therapeutic when I play them so I play them to relax.

What’s your passion? What drives you?

Answer these questions and join me and other successful men at the top.

5. Reduce Social Media Activities

Social media addiction has increased these days among young Nigerian adults but apparently, rich Nigerians have found a way to control the time they spend on these social apps by reducing the time they spend on them to spend more quality time with their family and most importantly themselves.

I talked about the effect of social media in the article how to be a Nigerian dad. I suggest you read it after reading this article. It will go a long way in explaining why you really need to minimize your social media activities especially when you’re at home with family.

Asides these, it is better to call friends and family to really know how they’re doing than chatting with them from one end of the internet to another.

6. Do Chores

I know that this is not something you’ll see a successful person do on a regular weekend especially when there are cleaners, housemaids or house helps to do the cleaning but come on we can’t deny the fact that there are days when these workers need to rest.

Successful Nigerians don’t just pile their chores because these people are not around rather they do their chores during these periods. That’s why this point made it to the list.

7. Meditate

Meditation is a compulsory routine for every man if they really want to be successful in Nigeria.Successful Nigerians, in general, know this that’s why they practice it often. A school of thought usually says if you have a problem spending time alone with yourself, you’re nowhere close to success.

Even before I discovered the practice “meditation”, I’ve always loved my me time. Locking myself in my room, reading, praying, and planning how my life will pan out was something I loved doing without disturbance. Some of my family members and friends find the practice weird but I was not bothered then.

Now my meditation has advanced. I have added soft music to the routine. I’ll strongly advise you to practice often too as it plays a huge role in your success.

8. Reflect Regularly

Now that the week is gone it’s time to reflect on how the week went. Were you able to achieve that which you wanted to achieve? This is another thing successful Nigerians do on weekends. If they were not, they think of what they can do. Like, make calls to book another opponent and send emails. So it is important you reflect on this and practice habits often.

9. Rest and Relax

Although men like Grant Cardone hardly rest, he still places value on his weekends. He usually says the money he makes week-in is never enough and he can only rest when he has made all the money he wants to (though we know this is impossible). Grant Cardone still makes out time for his family during the weekends and most importantly rest.

He knows his body is not a machine so he rests when he needs to. You should rest too when you need to. And last but not least,

10. Read Books, Podcast, Videos

I know we all read books or do any of those I mentioned above during our weekdays but successful men like Dan Lok sees no difference between his weekdays and weekends so he still read books, listen to podcasts, watches videos, and consumes other materials that can impact him positively.

Here’s the thing, our minds can be very busy during the weekdays due to deadlines at work and other stress like traffic so any material we consume during these times might not be properly understood that why the weekend is always a perfect time for us to read because by then our brain is well-rested.

These times we can just lie in bed and just read. So that’s it! These are the 10 things successful people do during the weekends. That’s all in this article. As usual, let me know if I missed any part of this article. Also, let me know if there are topics you want me to write about on the blog or talk about on our YouTube Channel or maybe our podcast.

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Finally, share this article with someone you feel might need it. We put efforts in writing all the articles on this blog so please check out our copyright page for our copyright policies. It is very important.

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