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How to Grow Attractive Beards: Join the Beard Gang



How to Grow Attractive Beards

Well, it is no longer news that the beards gang is now taking over the world. Not because of anything but because a man with beards seems to be the number one on every lady’s plate now (in terms of attraction). Let me explain this… When I say beards seem to be the number one on every lady’s plate, I do not mean it’s the only thing that attracts women to men.

No! Of cause, there are other things like body shape, eyes, height, body build, dress sense, and so on. I mean growing neat and attractive beards will make her notice you and if she notices you, What next? It is an opportunity to approach her, talk to her, and even ask for her number or digits as some millennials call it nowadays.

And who knows? It might be the other way around she asking you out. Yes, I agree with you that women are not visual creatures like us men but, come on, have you seen a woman who has refused a diamond ring before? Women want handsome men and they want to approach them.

“He looks presentable” that’s what a friend of mine says when she finally meets an attractive man. You see, women rarely use the word “attractive”. They see the word as too bogus, saying too much, so they opt for lightly weighted words like presentable, ok, and the rest.“Knowing every woman’s desire can make you a pompous man.” No offense!

How did Beard Gang start?

Contrary to what most believe beard gangs started as far back as ancient times, in Greece and in some other parts of Asia. These places I mentioned were rooted in growing their beards.

Did the Romans have Beards?

Yes, and No, this is because there was a division. The poor class grew their beards while the rich class shaved. The rich felt body grooming was a way of making themselves stand out from the poor but on the other hand, countries like Egypt and some other countries in Asia practiced a clean shave tradition.

Almost all public servants in Rome practiced body grooming even their soldiers as well. You’ll see this in some of the ancient stories turned into movies. Movies like SPARTACUS, THE 300, GLADIATOR, and the rest depict this in clear terms. Keeping a beard in this day and age might give a woman a different opinion about you even when you are yet to talk to her.

A few years ago a particular study revealed that a higher percentage of women went for men with beards than men without beards when asked to choose between the two.

 Benefits of Growing Beards as a Man

Here are the benefits of growing beards. Let us quickly run over these…

1. Masculinity

Just like what I’ve said earlier your beards protrude masculinity and strength. What a woman will naturally call “maturity”. Plus the fact that it can earn you natural respect from your fellow men if you remember Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

Just last week I was watching Avengers, The Infinity War and there was a particular scene in the movie where Thor’s beards were been commented on, this made him look like some sort of god even though he was a god. So people especially the women folks will always have something to say about your growing beard.

2. Reduce everyday visits to the Barber

Another reason why growing your beard is good for you is that you get to rest from the regular visit to your barber. It sounds funny but it’s true!

3. Growing Beards saves you Money

In my article 4 Things Ralph Bamigboye Is Extremely Weak At I talked about how I discovered growing my beard saves me money. If you’re a man that spends a particular amount of money every 2 weeks (depending on how fast your beards grow) to shave your beards, save this money for a while and see if the money saved is not worth it. Because to me, it is.

4. Growing Beards Protects from Cold

In case you have not heard, growing beards are so cool that they protect you from cold during the winter, rainy seasons, and the harmattan seasons. We all know that the face is the only part of our body that is not covered with clothes during cold times. So our beards do justice to this by reducing the cold that hits your face during these seasons.

5. Reduces Attention to Your Face

This reminds me of those days I used to do a clean shave. The kind of attention I paid to my face was too much. Today I’m checking if there are bumps on my cheek especially if I had a clean shave 3 days before. Tomorrow I am checking for pimples or any discoloration.

But however, I have noticed that ever since I started growing my beards I no longer care about all that because my beards cover everything. So I will say this is another advantage. Now that we’ve talked about everything you need to know about growing beards let’s quickly talk about how to successfully grow a neat and attractive beard in today’s world.

How to Grow Beards Fast Today

Here are steps on how to grow beards today.

1. Give your Beards Time

You see to get a fully attractive grown beard is not something that happens in a day or a week. It takes time. And when you put pressure on yourself in terms of making it grow on time it might take forever. Let us not forget that Chris Hemsworth did not get his Thor kind of beard in a day or even in a month.

It took several months of nurturing and care. So please how that beards grow easily and enjoy every moment behind it. It’s to make your journey more interesting.

2. Take Naps and Sleep

In a previous article Why Population of Men is Drastically Running Out, I talked about rest, how important it is to men, and how LIFE can be taken from men who don’t rest. Today, I want to talk about rest and how vital it is to hair growth. I am not a doctor but I’ve heard so much advice from the dermatologist as regards sleep and how important it is to everyone that wants to grow their hair.

Any beard-growing product you use today on your face will not be effective until you add rest to your daily regime.

3. Eat Balanced Diet Foods

I bet you’ve been hearing this since elementary school and now you thought you are done but I’m still going to say it here and now. Eat a balanced diet if you really want to give your body vitamins and mineral to grow your hair.

Role of a Balanced Diet in Growing Beards

According to doctors and dermatologists, your body needs natural fats and oil, protein, vitamins, and other minerals to grow hair (beards). This process is like adding manure to the soil, It going to make sure the soil produces the best plant anytime a seed is been planted in it. So eating balanced diet foods every day is very important and it goes a long way in growing hair on your body.

And guess what? They also fight out diseases meaning they build your immune system.

4. Buy a Beard Oil or Cream

Our market today is filled with different beard-growing products (oil & cream) and the simple truth is not all of these products are really good. Some can even be harmful to you depending on your skin type. So I will say this. Do not just buy any product based on a reference from a trusted friend.

Visit your/a dermatologist for a prescription on the product you can use especially if this is your first time. Please do this if you don’t want to look like a zombie or alien after a few days of using an unknown product.


Try and check for what works for you. Do not try to adapt to people’s lifestyles all in the name of fashion. Also, know that you have a unique face just like you have a unique thumbprint. Don’t try to force your face to look like someone you fancy rather look at yourself and check out what really works for you.You have all it takes to stand out from the crowd.

You just have to believe that you can and know that it is possible. Share this article to help your fellow friend with his beard also.

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