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How to Become Famous in Nigeria: Quick Ways



Become Famous in Nigeria

Do you have a talent or you are gifted in one thing or the other and you want to be famous in Nigeria with it? You have been thinking about how you can start and become a celebrity in Nigeria? Well, in this article I will teach you how you can be famous as a teenager in Nigeria or as an adult.

In this article, you will learn about talents or gifts that can make you become famous overnight easily in Nigeria. That is; you will be able to know if the talent you have can make you famous in Nigeria easily or not and how you can achieve this in no time without stress. In my life, over 30 years I have spent on earth (Nigeria) I have seen people Nigerian youths that are very talented in different gifts.

Some of them are blessed with the ability to draw, sing, and do one kind of sport or other sports yet only a few of them are famous (well known for these abilities) and some with not even one talent or gift yet want to be famous overnight. In fact, according to my findings, it is only about 10% of these people make it to the top and become famous in Nigeria or become a celebrity in Nigeria.

This means that despite them thinking their talent is enough to become famous in Nigeria or be a celebrity in Nigeria their talent is not really enough and this is true if talents are really enough all of will be popular by now. There are other things and paths one must follow to become famous in Nigeria and even all over the world.

I talked a bit about this when I wrote in the article How to become a social media influencer in Nigeria“.  You can read more about it by clicking the link.

Talents that Makes you Famous in Nigeria

Talents that can make you popular in Nigeria are: Becoming a/an:

1. Singing

2. Acting

3. Modeling

4. Football

6. Motivational Speaking

They have proven over and over again to make people famous in Nigeria and all over the world. Check out how to make money with your talent in Nigeria.

How to Become Famous in Nigeria

Here are steps on how to become famous in Nigeria

1. Discover your Talent or Gifts

This is the first step to becoming famous in Nigeria. Socrates the great philosopher said ‘Man know thyself’. There is a reason why he said that and there’s a reason this quote still applies to us in today’s world. It is impossible for you to be famous without first discovering yourself first – what you are good at, what comes to you naturally, what gives you joy, what you can do for 24 hours a day, and never get tired.

You have to discover the best talent out of all the talents you have. This is if you have multiple talents. And if you already have only one you have to be sure it can bring you to the limelight before you into developing it. If it will not you have to look for another means. So discover yourself first.

If you do not have any gifts or talents you can simply follow a cause to be popular or do something out of the norm. An example here is Bobrisky who decided to be known as a crossdresser. Bobrisky became a famous celebrity on Instagram. Read our post on how to make money with your talent in Nigeria.

2. Stand Out as the Best

It is usually said that the best way to be noticed easily and become famous in Nigeria is to stand out from the rest of the crowd, this has always been true, especially with Instagram celebrities and the likes. Most of these people became famous overnight by doing what has never been done before or doing things differently.

An example of this is Woli Arole the famous Instagram comedian that came out as a prophet – imitating Nigerian prophets in a funny way that Nigerians relate with and cannot help to laugh. Another example here is Davido who decided to add unique sounds to his songs all through. His lyrics are always about love and money.

If you really want to become famous in Nigeria you have to look at your gift or talents or whatever it is and think on how it can stand out from the rest out there. If you want to be a comedian you have to think of what you can do or how you can brand yourself to stand out from other comedians in Nigeria.

Kenny Black was first a singer, then later became a comedian and added his ability to sing to his jokes this made him automatically stand out from the rest of his mates.

3. Develop your Talent and Gifts

When it comes to becoming famous in Nigeria it is not enough to say you have talents and gifts you need to develop them. This is where serious work comes in – the continuous effort to be better than the way you were before not necessarily than others having the same talents or gifts as you. You need to practice every day whether you have enough or not.

If you want to become an artist or a musician doing voice training regularly to stretch your voice is not enough you need to learn musical instruments and when you are done learning musical instruments you need to learn the art of music production. Do not be satisfied with what you have and what you have learned always push further to acquire knowledge as this will truly distinguish you from the rest.

This blog you are reading is one of the most popular blogs on Business and Success in Nigeria today because I have continued to develop myself and learn new things when it comes to blogging. Now, I perfected how to write SEO-based articles, I design blogs and so much more.

Everything you see on the blog from A – Z is 100% my effort and the funny thing is this was not how it was a few years ago. A few years ago, I was a novice when I started. My readers who started with me can testify to this. So it is very important to develop yourself and stay relevant all the time. Do not quit, do not give up.

Instead, push harder anytime any time you feel like quitting.

4. Join the Community

Another easiest way to be famous in Nigeria is to join a community. I’m not talking about your village community here. I am talking about joining a community that is related to your talent or gift. Just like the saying ‘it is hard for an island to survive on its own, you need to connect and join people with the same talent or gifts as you.

Doing this will give you favors and make you famous in Nigeria faster. If you want to become a motivational speaker in Nigeria you have to start by meeting other motivational speakers – the ones that have made it and the ones that are still struggling, the ones in your area, and the ones outside your area.

The ones that have made it will teach you how they were able to do it whilst the ones that are still struggling will tell you what they are doing to step their game up. These 2 kinds of people are the reason why you need a community.

5. Use your Social Media

Social media has been a very good tool right from inception to anybody that wants to be famous whether in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. From the likes of FALZ who got famous by sharing his comedy skits in Nigeria to Emanuella of Mark Angel Comedy. These people will have never been known by everyone if they had not used social media as a very important tool.

So after following all the steps I have given earlier, you need to learn how to use social media to make Nigeria know you. The kind of talent you want to showcase will be the social media platform you want to use, open an account on these websites, start posting content there regularly, and learn the appropriate hashtags that should be added for each upload.

You can become a celebrity on Instagram easily if you how to use this tip well.

6. Look for Better Opportunities

There are always opportunities in Nigeria for content creators to be famous but many Nigerians do not know. Alibaba has a show at the end of every year where upcoming comedians will come and battle for the best comedian of the year. So many comedians have come, win prizes, and have been known through this platform.

MTN holds Project fame every year to encourage upcoming singers and artists and at the end of each show, the winner goes home with millions of naira, a car, and a recording contract. These are opportunities but bet some of us never knew they existed. You need to look for opportunities that have to do with your gift and talents and take advantage of them.

7. Attend Concerts or Shows

Going to gigs is very important especially if you are trying to be famous in the entertainment industry in Nigeria. It exposes you to new things (what you do not know) and it makes you meet people like artists, instrumentalists, comedians, and more – people you might not meet on a regular day.

This avenue gives you an opportunity to connect and get the contacts of these people easily. It is impossible to famous in Nigeria if you do not do this especially if you’re in the entertainment industry.


The ability to be famous in Nigeria is never by chance. Even if it is by chance it is – a preparation meeting opportunity. Never believe anybody that tells you it’s by chance. Start now, work hard, believe in yourself, and chase your dreams, and one day you will become famous. Never give up!


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