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How to Open a GoFundMe Account in Nigeria



Create gofunme in Nigeria

In this article, you will learn how to open a GoFundMe account in Nigeria. The requirements needed to have a GoFundMe account and basically the step-by-step guide to open your own GoFundMe account as a Nigerian. There are so many questions as to whether it is possible to open a GoFundMe account in Nigeria.

Many people think it can only be achievable in the United States or any other developed country but I am here to tell you that it is possible for you to have your own GoFundMe account.

What is GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is an American for-profit crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events in life. These events can range from celebrations to graduations – challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses. The headquarters of GoFundMe is in Redwood City, California, USA.

GoFundMe was launched on May 12th, 2010 by three guys. These guys are Brad Damphousse, Rob Solomon, and Andrew Ballester.

How Does GoFundMe Work?

For you to make money with GoFundMe in Nigeria you need to first create an account. This means you have to sign up – to meet up with all the requirements. After signing up supporters can raise money for a cause or just appreciate you. It usually depends on the circumstances or the reason you open a GoFundMe account.

GoFundMe does not impose charges on its users. Rather it charges 2.9% transactional fees for every $0.30 donation.

Fees for GoFundMe Account Set up

The fees for GoFundMe Nigeria are the same as the fees for GoFundMe International. The fees are not different whether the country is a developed country or not. And GoFundme does not charge for opening accounts, they charge per donation 2.9% transactional fees for every $0.30 donation.

As of the time this article is written, GoFundMe is currently accessible in 19 different countries in the world. You can either use VPN to change your location (country) to register or simply get someone else living in one of the accepted countries to create a GoFundMe account for you. 

The person will help you set up the account for you and add you as the beneficiary. With this, you can track the development of your campaign and access your funds.

How to Create a GoFundMe Account in Nigeria

Here are steps to open, create or set up a GoFundMe account in Nigeria whether for you or someone else.

1. The first step to start raising money on GoFundMe is to ‘start a GoFundMe‘. To do this you need to go to the official website which is then click on ‘start a GoFundMe’.

2. After you have clicked you will be prompted to log in or create a GoFundMe account. To do this successfully you need to enter your name, email address, and password. 

3. When this is done, you will be invited to start a fundraiser by logging in.

4. In the second stage, you need to enter the fundamental details of your campaign. This includes the name of your campaign, the goal of your funds (what you want to use the funds to do) whether a personal campaign or a registered charity or non-profit fundraiser.

5. After doing this you need to select a goal amount that corresponds with the total amount you wish to raise. Using an image will make your fundraising campaign appear more credible.

6. At this stage, you need to give a compelling story about yourself and your cause. This includes details about who you are, the reason why you are raising money, and what you intend to use the money raised for.

7. This is the end of the sign-up. At this point, you can now start sharing the GoFundMe page’s URL with family, friends, followers, or supporters.


Creating a GoFundMe account is very profitable if you are popular or you are a celebrity. However, if you are none of these, you can still create an account and make or earn money if you can truly justify your cause – the reason why you are raising the money.

Currently, GoFundMe has created a community of 120 million donors. It has also assisted its organizers in raising more than $9 billion. You too can start benefiting from this platform as a Nigerian. That is all in this article. As usual, let me know if I missed any part of this article.

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