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How to Make Money Selling Digital Products in Nigeria



Make Money Selling Digital Products in Nigeria

There are physical products and there are digital products. In some of our articles, we explained how you can sell different physical products online but in today’s article, I will be explaining how you can make money selling digital products in Nigeria.

I will also be explaining how you can make some of these digital products, especially the ones that are hot digital products in Nigeria. So read this article to the end to get everything about selling digital products.

What is a Digital Product?

Digital products are products you cannot touch, they are valuable because they could be informational, entertaining, or artistic. Digital products can only be stored online, on computers or hard drives. There are different types of digital products today.

Examples of digital products are ebooks, videos, NFTs courses, photographs, music, web elements, tutorials, apps, and more.

Information products are a type of digital product. There are majorly 3 kinds of digital products. They are:

1. Educational products

2. Information products

3. Artistic products

Educational products are products strictly for learning purposes. They are similar to information products but they are not the same. This is because educational products are more formal when it comes to learning. An example of an educational product is a course on how to become a professional photographer.

Informational products are products that simply provide people with awareness. An example of an informational product is a 10-minutes video on how to hold a camera. An example of artistic products are NFTs, photographs, graphic designs, and more.

Why do Digital Products Sell Faster?

There are many reasons why digital products sell faster than physical products. The first reason is that they are weightless. Imagine you want to read 20 books as you travel on vacation. This will be a serious load for you but imagine you have ebooks of these books on your phone. This will make your journey lighter and very easier.

The second reason why digital products are better than physical ones is that they are safer – free from theft. With the proper distribution of your digital products in Nigeria it is hard for them to be stolen online unlike when the products are physical. The third reason is that digital products sell faster and move faster than physical products.

It is easier for your customers to get an electronic photograph purchased online than a physical one.

Can I Sell Digital Products Using Paystack or Flutterwave?

There are so many payment platforms at which you can sell your digital products or goods. Examples of these payment platforms are Paystack and Flutterwave. They are commonly used by Nigerians to sell digital products online. I will explain more about this below.

How to Sell Digital Products in Nigeria

The first step to making money selling digital products in Nigeria is to think of the product you want to make. After thinking of the type of product, the next step will be the niche you want to go into. For example, if you are good at music, you can go into creating music and then choose Afro-hip-hop as your niche as your type of music.

It is after doing all this, you will now go into how you can distribute digital products online to make money.

1. Ebooks

Ebooks are hot digital products you can sell to make money in Nigeria. You just need to learn and know how to write first before you even start the journey to making good money from it. Asides from being a good writer to really make good money selling books online, you also need to know lucrative niches you can write on that will yield fast money.

There are niches that Nigerians will order faster. For example, niches like personal finance sell faster online when it comes to ebooks publishing. So you need to write this kind of ebook. After writing you can edit it yourself.

Or employ an editor to edit it for you followed by the services of a graphic designer in getting a book cover for your ebook. When you are done with all this, you can now proceed to sell your ebook. There are different places online where you can sell your digital products in Nigeria.

You can sell them on blogs, and social media or even create a special website where people can order and actually pay you – using online payment platforms you know like Flutterwave or Paystack. To make payment online easy for your buyers you have to create a payment account where people can use their debit cards to pay.

To do this successfully you will need to create a Flutterwave or Paystack account connecting it through embedding or link to your blog or social media account. These payment platforms make it easy in a way that immediately makes customers pay for your ebook.

They will be able to download your ebook automatically. The sale of ebooks is the best way to sell digital products in Nigeria. Read our post on how to make money selling ebooks in Nigeria for details on the ebook business.

2. Photograph

This is another way you can sell digital products in Nigeria especially if you are good-looking or you know how to take photographs. To make your photographs attractive to online buyers you have to make sure they are crispy and clear. For this reason, you might need a professional camera or a phone that has a good lens.

Examples of phones that are good with photography are iPhones and Samsung phones. After taking these pictures you might need to edit them to make them look beautiful before you sell them to websites like Fotalia and IStockPhoto to make money.

These websites will now sell your photos to content creators in turn to make their own money. Read our article on how to start a profitable photography business in Nigeria.

3. NFTs

I am sure you have been hearing about NFTs but just in case you do not know what it means. NFT also known as a Non-fungible token is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger that can be sold out and traded. Types of NFT data units may be associated with digital files such as videos, audio, and mostly images.

If you are a graphic designer you can make money creating and selling images as NFTs. The most common website Nigerian graphic artists sell their NFTs is on Binance.

4. Music or Songs

Are you a musician or artist in Nigeria? Do you know that you can sell your songs as digital products in Nigeria? Yes, you can. I explained this briefly in the introduction. After composing, recording, and mastering your songs you can make money selling them on websites for downloads and live streaming.

The websites where you can sell your songs are SoundCloud, Audiomack, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Bandcamp, Vimeo, Tidal, and more. The best part about making money through this digital product is that you will earn in dollars. Read our post on how to become a successful musician in Nigeria

5. Tutorials and How To’s

Tutorials or guidelines are materials used to educate people. In tutorials, you give in-depth education on how people can learn something. You can sell tutorials as digital products in Nigeria to make money. Gone are the days when people needed a physical school to learn.

Now, people prefer to learn online to save time, money, and stress. This is why tutorial is a hot digital product in Nigeria. You can sell this digital product using online payment platforms like Flutterwave and Paystack.

6. Courses

Online course is just like a classroom course. The only difference here is that you are teaching using either video, audio, or text. The sales of courses are just like the sales of tutorials or guidelines. Nigerians are ready to take online courses as long as it is really helpful in terms of increasing their income.

7. Apps or Games

As a software developer living in Nigeria, you can sell your app. Yes, this is because applications and software are also digital products. As an app developer, you can sell your app on numerous platforms or upload it to the Google play store for use – making money from it when people download it.

8. Podcasts

Nigerians are gradually recognizing podcasts. In fact, some old folks prefer it to YouTube. As a podcaster, you can make money with your podcast online. There are numerous ways you can make money with your podcast online.

You can make money running ads, affiliate marketing, and through subscriptions. Read this post on how to start a profitable podcast in Nigeria to know how you can start now.

9. Graphic Arts or Designs

Graphic arts or designs are also part of the digital products that are high in demand now. You can sell your graphic designs as images online on websites like Fotalia and IStockPhoto. Read our article on how to become a graphic designer in Nigeria for more details.

10. Coaching Packages

Do you know you can sell services as a package deal? Yes, this is because coaching is a kind of service. If you are good at counseling and advising people or businesses you can simply make customers pay a premium for it. There are different ways you can render coaching services to people.

You can render it through calls, video calls, chats, emails, and more. Read our post on how to start consulting business in Nigeria.


Selling digital products is one of the easiest ways to online make money in Nigeria especially if you have a blog, followers, and subscribers. You should seriously consider it as a good way to become a millionaire in Nigeria.


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