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How to Make Money Selling on Konga: Detailed Guide



Make Money on Konga

In our articles on making money online, we have explained in detail how you can make money selling products on Jumia and Jiji. In this article today, we will explain how you can also make money on Konga by selling products too. 

Read this article to the end if you want to learn the step-by-step guide and every other thing you need to know about Konga and why they are a better choice than any other e-commerce platform. Konga started in July 2012 and since then they have been Nigeria’s largest online mall.

They have been able to purchase and distribute products very well and today, they are one of the best ecommerce websites in Nigeria. On Konga, you can sell almost anything ranging from books, baby products, healthcare products, phones, computers, clothing, shoes, and more as long as these products are in high demand by customers. The more than 2 million followers Konga has on social media.

If you have any doubts about this social media proof put your doubts aside about selling on the platform. As of today, there are 50 million merchants selling one product or the other on Konga. This shows that the company is getting it right when it comes to sales. 

What is Konga?

Konga is Nigeria’s largest online mall. It launched in July 2012 and its mission is to become the engine of commerce and trade in Africa. Konga was founded by Sim Shagaya. It was founded in Lagos. Their headquarters is in Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria. And as of January 2020, Konga boasts 1000 employees.

Difference Between Konga and Jumia

Konga has more top-rated sellers than Jumia. This means that even if you mistakenly buy fake or substandard products on Jumia the chances of you buying such products on Konga is almost impossible. Having quality products is part of the prerequisites to becoming a seller on Konga.

The tip here is to check out the product you want to sell and examine it very well before bringing it to the Konga market.

What Can You Sell on Konga?

There are documents you need to sell products on Konga. These are:

1. ID card issued by the government (voter’s card or National ID card)

2. An active bank account to receive payment

3. A store name and description for the shop.

Products You Can Sell on Konga

You can sell almost anything on Konga as long as the products are genuine and are not contraband. 

Examples of products you cannot sell on Konga are: 

1. Weapons

2. Hazardous chemicals 

3. Poisons of all types

4. Indecent images, 

5. Gambling products and more.

While products you can sell on Konga are:

1. Phone and Phone accessories 

2. Electronics

3. Perfumes and perfume oils

4. Beauty products 

5. Mother and kids’ products

6. Fashion Products

7. Books

8. Home Decor

9. Toys and more 

You can choose any of these products and import them directly to sell on Konga or simply locate a wholesaler to sell their products on the platform. This process is called dropshipping. You should read our guide on how to start dropshipping in Nigeria for more guidance on this.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Konga?

There are different fees you need to pay as a seller on Konga. This is why in this case many sellers consider Jumia. This is because Jumia is free and you only need to pay a fee when you are able to sell a product. You will find out more about other fees in the course of this article.

Sellers Membership Fee

As a seller on Konga, you have a membership fee you pay monthly depending on the plan you are on. There are two major plans for Konga. There’s the gold plan and there’s the silver plan.

1. Silver Plan: As a seller on the silver plan, you will pay #1,000 monthly and you can list up to 10 products monthly.

2. Gold Plan: As a seller on a silver plan, you will be required to pay #2,500 monthly and you can list up to unlimited products monthly.

Category of Sellers on Konga

There are majorly two categories of sellers on Konga. We have premium and classic sellers. 

1. Classic Sellers

This type of seller manages small stores and stores under 1 million naira. The commission amount for classic sellers is between 3% – 10%.

2. Premium Sellers

Sellers in this category operate large stores. Their sales are around 1 million naira monthly. Their quality ratings are at least 90%. The commission amount for premium sellers is from 2% – 7%.

How to Sell on Konga to Make Money

Here are the steps to sell any products on Konga.

1. Register as a Seller

The first step to making money on Konga is to visit Konga seller HQ to register as a seller. 

2. Provide your Information 

After clicking, you will be given a fresh page that contains a form where you will need to provide valid information about you and your business. Your email, phone number, and other bank details will be required of you here.

3. Submit the form

After filling in all this, the next step to make money on Konga is to submit the form to create your Seller HQ account. At the backend, Konga will verify all the information you have provided. If they are valid they will create a sellerHQ account for you. A market management portal is also known as seller HQ.

In case you are wondering what a sellerHQ is, it is a control panel or seller dashboard from where you upload products, manage your inventory, and manage your sales and your finances. After waiting for a while within 1 – 5 working days, Konga will then assign a devoted support officer to your store. This officer will create a seller HQ account for you.

4.  Sign in to Upload your Product Image

Now, you need to sign up and conclude the process. So sign in to your seller HQ account and start uploading images of the products you want to sell. The images should not be more than 5 per product. The required image size should be 500 by 500 pixels. Then you add the description of your product and price. 

5. Create an Attractive Listing

If you are thinking of how you can make your product listing attractive. These are the few things you need to do. You need to provide clear images and accurate information about your product. This shows transparency.

After doing this, your products will become visible on Konga’s database and customers will be able to start ordering. When the orders start coming, Konga will contact you through email, SMS, or sellersHQ.

It is important to note that Konga does not allow its buyers to contact merchants directly.

6. Get a Logistics Partner

When it comes to selling products online or starting a drop shipping business you need a logistics business alongside to work with you. This logistics company will help you to deliver your products to your customers when they order online. Most times sellers prefer to use Konga’s K-Express.

You can either choose them or simply get another logistics company of your preferred choice. At this stage, learning does not need to stop. You should keep learning, and seeking new information on how to increase your sales on Konga easily.

Payment Process on Konga

To become a seller on Konga you need to know how payment is made by each customer after they order for your product and how it gets into your account. When a customer orders your product on Konga and the delivery is successful it is tagged as ‘delivery confirmed’.

However, if you operate a return policy, which is between 7 – 14 days, the money will be deposited into an escrow account until the return policy day is over. Payments are made into your KongaPay registered account after Konga deducts its commission between 1 – 7 working days. 


Konga has many checks and balances to make sure its customers get satisfied. This is why many buyers prefer to shop on their platform rather than any other e-commerce platform in Nigeria. I hope I answered all questions needed for you to start selling products on Konga to make money.

But in case I miss any, let me know in the comments below. And if you are thinking of starting your own e-commerce company you should read our article on how to start an ecommerce business in Nigeria.


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