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How to Make Money on Shopify in Nigeria



Make Money on Shopify in Nigeria

Have you had a thought on how you can make money online in Nigeria specifically with Shopify? Read this article to the end. In this article, I am going to share with you a step-by-step guide on how to make money with Shopify in Nigeria. Unlike selling goods offline you have to have the products before you can sell them to customers.

With selling on Shopify you do not need to have the possession of the goods before you can sell them. All you need to do is place these products on your Shopify store. When customers order and pay for goods and they are delivered, you start making money as soon as possible.

This process is called dropshipping business but only a few know about this selling technique, especially in Nigeria. With dropshipping you can deliver goods from third-party suppliers or distributors to customers without necessarily meeting them. All you need is a platform.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a complete commerce website where you can start, grow and manage a business. Millions of merchants use Shopify to sell different products online. Shopify is just like Jumia or Konga online stores where goods ranging from electronics to fashion items can be sold.

With Shopify, most people in Nigeria and abroad mostly use dropshipping or actual selling of goods to make money. If you have goods or products and you have been looking for ways to sell them online and you do not have an ecommerce background you can use Shopify to sell and make money in dollars from Nigeria.

How Does Shopify Work?

Many Nigerians that have been hearing about Shopify want to really know how it works, especially how it makes money for the people that use the platform. Shopify was basically developed to help people who do not have coding and web development skills to be able to sell products online by creating their own ecommerce store. 

With hundreds of e-commerce web builder templates, you can easily set up an online store on Shopify as a beginner and start selling your products within 24 hours. The best thing about Shopify is that its templates are easily customized with logos, images, and videos to complement how your online store will look.

Another best thing about Shopify is that they have over 70 gateways with check-outs in more than 50 languages and this makes it easy to sell any products from Nigeria to anywhere in the world.

Cost of Using Shopify

The cost of using Shopify varies and this is because they know individual pockets are not the same. Shopify has three main plans. These are basic, standard, and advanced.

Here are the prices of each plan.

– Basic – $29 per month

– Standard – $79 per month

– Advanced – $299 per month 

As a beginner, it is always advised that you start with the basics and as time goes you proceed to standard or advanced. However, all plans come 14 days after the free trial.

How to Make Money on Shopify in Nigeria

Here are the steps to start making money on Shopify in Nigeria. 

1. Sign up on Shopify

This is the first step to start making money with Shopify in Nigeria. Signing up is very important and it cannot be bypassed. To sign up for an account, you need to click on ‘Get started’ at the top right of the page. After doing this, enter your email and password.

After that, you are going to choose a store name for your online store. On Shopify, your store name is also known as your username. Once you end this the next step will be choosing a custom domain for your Shopify store.

2. Create an Online Store

To create your online store you need to first choose a custom domain name. This custom domain name is the address of your Shopify store. When you are choosing a custom domain name make sure it is simple and easy to pronounce. If you get these two right it will be easier for your customers to remember your custom domain name easily.

You can buy a domain name with ( or a domain name with (.com) for example or After this, you will need to choose your product category before you can now start selling products on Shopify.

3. Attract Traffic to your Online Store

Attracting traffic or customers to your Shopify store is very important if you are serious about making money on Shopify in Nigeria. If you do not attract customers to the store, they will not click and if they do not click they will not buy your goods, and if they do not buy you cannot make profits.

If you have enough money I will simply advise you to run ads using digital marketing but for many of us that do not have much money, here are different ways you can attract traffic to your online store. You can advertise your products on your Shopify store on WhatsApp groups and share them on your WhatsApp status with good discounts.

You can also promote your website on your Facebook account. A Facebook page for your business is very important at this point. You need to create one and encourage people to follow your page and buy products from you. As time goes you can also run Facebook ads.

Despite the popularity that Konga and Jumia have, they still run ads to increase sales. So I see no reason why you should not do the same especially if you can afford it.

4. Sell your Products or Items

Before you start selling goods on Shopify you need to create your payment getaway. These are different payment methods that help you get paid anytime there’s a buyer. To set this up go to ‘Settings’ from there click on ‘Payment’. After this, activate payment.

There are many payment options, especially PayPal. You just need to follow the steps. Other payment options like Visa and Shop Pay are also available if you do not know. On Shopify, you can sell in any currency as the online store converts currencies to the customer’s local currency.

Setting out your payout schedule is also important. You need to choose whether you want to be paid daily, weekly, or monthly. But this truly depends on your earnings on your Shopify store.

5. Making Money on Shopify

There are different ways you can make money on Shopify in Nigeria. You can make money using dropshipping like I said earlier or you can simply sell your own products. To make money with dropshipping on Shopify in Nigeria you can use a plug-in or app called Oberlo to connect any big e-commerce store with your Shopify store.

Oberlo allows you to import products from third-party apps like Alibaba to your Shopify store and it helps you deliver them to your customer’s residence without you moving a muscle. There are many products on these wholesale e-commerce stores that you can sell on your Shopify stores and you will make big profits you just need to do your findings well.


Selling products on Shopify is one of the best ways you can make money with Shopify in Nigeria. You just need to focus on how to increase sales rapidly so that you can start making money on time. Do you have questions about creating a Shopify account?

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