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5 Good Reasons to Block Someone on Instagram



Reasons to Block Someone on Instagram
Reasons to Block Someone on Instagram

From the time social media like Instagram started it has been a blessing to some people and a problem to others. It has created visibility and credibility for many influencers, actors, celebrities, and organizations. In fact, with Instagram and other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, your life can change in the blink of an eye as long as you know how to upload content using the right caption and hashtags.

However, despite the fact that Instagram is very useful in every way there are good reasons why you need to block some people on it. So in this article, I will be sharing with you many reasons why you need to block someone on Instagram today. Some of the reasons you need to block someone (friends or strangers) on Instagram can range from minor reasons to life-threatening reasons.

To find all these you just need to read this article to the end. I will not just be listing the reason but I will be explaining them. So without wasting your precious time here are the top reasons to block someone on Instagram.

Reasons to Block Someone on Instagram

Here are the good reasons to block someone on Instagram today.

1. Spam Direct Messages

This is one of the basic reasons why someone can be blocked on Instagram. Due to the way Instagram is built, it is easy for followers to follow you without your consent and this gives these followers the ability to send you direct messages.

With this, different Instagram accounts or followers can send you spammy links to promote a particular product or service. Sometimes, these links are even dubious because they can be used to hack your Instagram account.

This has happened to me before but I was able to swing into action immediately thanks to my ability to recognize spammy links. I was able to delete the link sent to my inbox on time. The best way to stop spammy links in this case is to block Instagram followers from sending these spammy links. This is a good reason to block someone on Instagram.

2. Unsolicited Comments

Asides from being randomly blocked on Instagram another reason why someone can be blocked on Instagram is when that person writes unsolicited comments on your post. I know this has happened to you in one way or the other before because it has happened to me.

There are many Instagram followers who post unsolicited comments on your posts. This is common especially if you are a celebrity or a social media influencer. You get followers that do not like you that post hateful comments or followers that are using your post to promote different products without your permission.

This is a good reason to block these people on Instagram because if you do not they will continue to post hateful comments or spammy comments.

3. Instagram Stalkers

This is one of the funny reasons to block someone on Instagram. It can also be regarded as a petty reason to block someone on Instagram. All the same, it is justifiable. Instagram is not just a social media where people meet, get followers, and make money it is also a social media where you can be stalked whether by your family or a follower.

Especially when you share your location and where you visit on your post your life could be in danger because of these stalkers. Instagram stalkers could be anyone perfectly disguised with another Instagram account. If you suspect that you have someone on Instagram stalking you.

This is a perfect reason to block that person on Instagram. You should not think about this twice as you are not only protecting yourself when you do this you are also protecting your family and friends.

4. The Person is your Ex

This is another major reason why someone can be blocked on Instagram. We all have been in relationships that had to end for one reason or the other (whether on a good note or bad note). People deal with the end of relationships these days differently.

While some people will be to handle seeing their ex’s comments on their Instagram posts some cannot. This is the reason why some people block their ex on Instagram. This reason for blocking might be funny, petty, or absurd but some people do it because it gives them peace of mind and it helps them to forget easily.

Asides from blocking their ex because they cannot cope with seeing their comments, post, and likes. Women and men also block their ex on Instagram to avoid their ex stalking them. So if you know the kind of guy or lady you dated and you know even before you guys broke up he or she monitors you – trying to know where you are, listening to your phone calls or reading chats, you need to block him not just on Instagram but WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media he follows you.

5. Absurd Posts or Explicit Uploads

Believe it or not, you can block someone on Instagram for posting absurd things or explicit pictures. There are some people who post anything just to gain attention or for clout. These people need attention by all means. They want people to talk about them and they want to trend.

These people need to be blocked or unfollowed on Instagram especially if they post too much. Yes, I can testify to this because I have blocked so many people just because they flood my wall with their explicit pics or absurd posts.

As I explained earlier, the reason why many people post irrelevant posts is that they want your attention. They feel that when they post absurd things or talk about irrelevant things you will be engaged with them. Do not give them what they want. Do not give them attention.

Block any account on Instagram you notice that does this. If you do this it will give you a clear mind and with this, you will be able to concentrate on the right things.


With all these reasons I have stated you can block people on Instagram and not feel bad about it. Remember your safety and peace of mind should be important more than other things. Remember, do not let anyone tell or teach you what to do because it is your life.

Besides, Instagram is just a meet and connecting social media app and you should not leave social media for anyone. If you have to leave it should be because you want to leave. There are many other reasons why someone can be blocked on Instagram asides from the ones I have mentioned above. Do you have more reasons? Please share and drop your comments below.


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