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How to Make Money with Google News (Beginner Guide)



How to Make Money with Google News
How to Make Money with Google News

Welcome to the simple guide on how to make money with Google News. These days, you can use the internet for various activities, and Google News is a popular online means to stay updated on the latest news worldwide. The exciting part is that you can also make money from it, especially if you enjoy writing, creating content, or spending time online.

However, If this sounds like you, we have got some helpful tips that can assist you on your money-making journey. So, keep reading to discover how you can earn some extra cash while staying informed with Google News.

How to Make Money with Google News

Making money directly through Google News itself is not a straightforward process, as Google News primarily serves as an aggregator for news content from various sources. However, you can indirectly monetize your content by driving traffic to your website or platform. Here’s how to potentially make money using Google News:

1. Create a Website Or Blog

If you want to make money from Google News, you can start by creating your website or blog for sharing your news or stories. It’s like your own online space where you decide what goes there. You can also put in different method of making money, like ads, affiliate marketing or sponsored post. All is to your own Advantage

2. Sign up for Google News Publisher Center

If you want to share your news stories and make money, start by signing up for Google News Publisher Center. This is like the front door to get your news on Google News. However,  you need to follow these easy step:

  • Open Google News Publisher Center: Go to the Google News Publisher Center website. Just search for it on Google, and you’ll find the link.
  • Sign In with Google Account: If you have a Google account, like Gmail, you can use it here. If not, create one. It’s free and quick.
  • Add Your Website: Tell Google about your news website or blog. They’ll need some basic details, like the website’s name and URL.
  • Verify Ownership: Prove to Google that you’re the owner of the website. They might ask you to add a code to your website or use a Google Analytics account.
  • Submit Your Site: Once you’re verified, you can submit your site for review. Google wants to make sure your site meets it guidelines for news quality and credibility.
  • Wait for Approval: This part needs some patience. Google will review your site. If it meets their criteria, they’ll let you know your site is approved.

That’s it! Once your website is approved, you’ll be able to share your news stories with the world through Google News. But signing up for Google News Publisher Center is not all you need to succeed on this journey. Read on.

3. Optimise Your Content for Google News

Optimizing your content is another step to take in your journey on how to make money with Google News. This means making your news articles or content as attractive as possible to Google’s algorithms, so they show up prominently in Google News searches.

However, By optimizing your content for Google News, you increase the likelihood of more readers finding your articles, which can indirectly contribute to your overall online monetization strategy.

To do this, follow this simple steps:

  • Focus on using clear and relevant headlines that capture the essence of your story.
  • Make sure your articles are well-structured with proper headings and subheadings.
  • Include relevant keywords that people might use when searching for news on your topic.
  • Keep your content concise and engaging, as Google tends to favor articles that users find valuable and easy to read.
  • Regularly updating your content and ensuring it’s factually accurate can also improve your chances of being featured in Google News.

4. Use Google AdSense for Monetization

If you want to earn money from your content using Google News, one way is through Google AdSense. This works by displaying ads on your website that Google matches to your content. When visitors to your site click on these ads, you get a share of the revenue.

However, setting it up involves signing up for an AdSense account, getting approved, and then placing the ad code on your website where you want the ads to show up. Just remember, the more people click on the ads, the more you can potentially earn. It’s a way to turn your content into a little money maker.

5. Promote Your Content Using Social Media

To make money using Google News, it’s important to get the word out about your content. One effective way is to use social media. This means sharing your articles, videos, or whatever you create on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social media lets you reach a wider audience and engage with people who might be interested in what you have to say. However, you can post links to your articles, create catchy captions, and even use relevant hashtags to help more people discover your content.

When your content gets shared and liked, it increases the chances of driving more visitors to your website, thereby Increasing your earning. So, don’t forget to use the power of social media to promote your content and grow your online presence.

7. Use Google Analytics And Tracking Tools

To check your progress in Google News, you can use Google Analytics and other tracking tools. These tools are like detectives for your website, helping you see what people are doing when they visit. You can find out which articles are super popular, where your visitors are coming from, and what they are clicking on the most. This info is like gold because it shows you what’s working and what’s not.

However, You can use this insight to make smarter decisions about what kind of content to create more of, which can lead to more visitors. So, remember, Google Analytics and tracking tools are like your secret helpers in the mission to turn your Google News journey into a money-making adventure.

8. Stay Up To Date With The Latest News

 It is important to stay up to date with the latest news. By keeping yourself informed about what’s happening in the world, you can identify trends, hot topics, and emerging stories that could attract a lot of attention. This knowledge can be valuable in several ways.

However, it helps you create content that people are interested in reading or watching. When your content is relevant and timely, more people are likely to visit your website or platform to consume it. This increase in traffic can open up opportunities for you to make money.


To sum it up, making money with Google News directly might not be possible, but you can earn by creating your own website or blog and linking it to google news. All you have to do is to sign up for google news publisher Center and share latest news or stories that interest people. 

However, your dedication to giving them what they like can help you turn what you love into a way to make money.


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