How to Make Money with your Laptop in Nigeria (2022)

Make Money with Laptop in Nigeria

Do you own a laptop and you live in Nigeria? You want to start making money with your laptop and you do not know how to go about it or you want to start an online business in Nigeria as a student or young adult?

This article is for you. In this article, I am going to be sharing with you different online businesses in Nigeria you can go into with your laptop and how you can make good money from them. Some of these businesses are lucrative business ideas in Nigeria and some are untapped business in Nigeria.

Some of the business ideas I am about to share with you are businesses you can start for free (without any capital) and some of them are business ideas that will demand just a little capital. Here you ready?

Let us go! Now, as we all know it is one thing to have a laptop to just watch movies and it is another thing to actually want to use the laptop to go into businesses that can make money whether in the long run or short run.

Despite the fact that Nigeria is an underdeveloped country especially when it comes to tech and online information, there is still a high need for the online business I’m about to share with you. However, it will not be good to start these businesses and get stuck somewhere.

This is why the first step you need to take when it comes to making money with your laptop in Nigeria is to make sure your laptop is in good condition. You need to make sure your laptop can really take the work you are about to be doing on it.

You need to consider things of the computer like the laptop battery, the RAM (Random Access Memory), and ROM (Read Only Memory) of the laptop. If all this is truly checked, you can then proceed to start making money from these money making ideas I am about to share with you.

In this article, the first to the seven money making ideas are business ideas in Nigeria you can start as a student or teenager for free while the eight to eleven are money making ideas in Nigeria that will demand a little capital.

So it depends on which one you want to go for. You can also go for 2 or more money making ideas so that it will increase your chances of making money online in Nigeria.

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Table of Contents

How to Make Money with your Laptop in Nigeria

Here are top ways you can make money with your laptop in Nigeria.

1. Write for Blogs/Websites

Writing for Nigerian blogs and international blogs is one of the easiest ways you can make money with your laptop in Nigeria. All you need is the zeal to learn Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO. And this learning can be achieved within 1 – 3 months depending on how fast you are able to understand the techniques and guides when it comes to article writing with SEO.

There are different local and international blogs online that can teach you Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some of these blogs are just a click away. There are also YouTube videos you can watch that can teach you Search Engine Optimization and how you can apply it to your writing.

However, you can watch Neil Patel’s videos as a beginner guide on this. His videos are the best because the people that I have directed to watch his videos to learn SEO always gave me good feedback at the end after watching.

After learning how to use SEO in article writing, you can now start using your laptop to make money by applying to some popular blogs in Nigeria as a content writer. After doing this, they will test you by telling you to write an article for them on a particular topic if you are able to do this well by placing the keywords in the right places in the article you will officially become a content writer for them.

Some of the local blogs in Nigeria that pay you for writing for them are,,, and more. You can search for more of these Nigerian blogs online you just need to take your time.

When you have gathered some experience in this and you have started making money with your laptop locally, you can now proceed to apply for content writing for international blogs. To be paid for content writing for international blogs, blogs majorly in the UK or USA you need an account they can pay dollars or euros into.

The most common accounts bloggers or content writers use to get paid are CashApp, BuyMeACoffee, Paypal, Paystack, and more. You need to register with any of these payment apps to get paid in dollars. Becoming a content writer is one of the easiest ways you can make money with your laptop in Nigeria.

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2. Graphic Designing

Another way you can make money online with your laptop in Nigeria is to become a professional graphic designer. Graphic designing is one of the most high demand money-making ideas in Nigeria. And this is because many businesses in Nigeria both online and offline need graphics to promote their business.

For example, the average small scale business or medium-scale down to large scale business in Nigeria need graphics to make poster and banner to advertise their business. New businesses in Nigeria also need to make logos for the branding of their business while the old businesses need to change or upgrade their logo to rebrand their business.

You can make money by working for all these clients making logos or banners for them using your laptop. And the best part of this is that you do not need to meet them one-on-one. You can also meet international customers (customers outside Nigeria) who need your high-demand skill by using websites like and more.

How to become a professional graphic designer in Nigeria. If you really want to make money with your laptop and make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime you need to really take your time to learn graphic designing.

Although you can also learn graphic design offline from any computer training center in Nigeria, it will cost you. However, you can learn how to become a graphic designer online using Canva, Photoshop, Adobe, Coreldraw, and more.

All you need is to search online especially using youtube and watch as many videos and tutorials on it.

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3. Web Designing

Another way you can make money with your laptop in Nigeria is to make money as a web designer. Despite the fact that Nigeria is still developing so many businesses especially small-scale businesses have sort the importance to take their businesses online thus the need for web designing services.

Web designing business is a lucrative business in Nigeria because of the demand for websites have been on the increase. Especially for businesses that do not want to not only advertise their products or services but also sell their products and services online.

There are many benefits you get when you are a web designer in Nigeria. One of the benefits is that you can make huge profits without stress. All you need is to meet your customers online who need blogs or websites and build these websites for them using your laptop.

As a web designer in Nigeria you can make up to #300,000 – #700,000 monthly if you know how to promote yourself online. You can learn how to design websites using YouTube and searches online.

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4. Photo Editing

You can make money from your laptop in Nigeria by editing photos. So many photographers in Nigeria today need photo editors that can help them edit their photographs to perfection and there are also amateurs photographers people like you and me who need the services of a photo editor.

This is why the photo editing business in Nigeria is considered a lucrative business. With your photo editing skills, you can make as much as #70,000 to #500,000 depending on your professional skills. To start making money with your laptop by editing photos you need to first learn how to edit photos and there are many ways you can learn how to edit photos for free.

You just need to search this online and watch YouTube videos related on this. Some of the photo editing apps you will be thought with are Snapseed, VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and more.

5. Video Editing

You can also make money with your laptop in Nigeria by editing videos. Although, this skill is not popular in Nigeria yet it is a high-demand skill as many YouTubers are springing up every day. Some of these YouTubers do not have the experience in editing videos and those that know how to do not have the time to edit.

This is where your video editing skills comes in demand. This skill is a unique skill that you can use to make money in Nigeria as a teenager or a student if you are passionate about videos and how you can make them better.

Asides from Nigerian and international YouTubers needing your skill there are other Nigerian amateurs that need your video editing skills. These people could want you to edit their birthday video, wedding anniversary video, and more. For video editing, you can meet your customers online and offline.

However, you will need enough data to download and send these videos after editing. How much you earn per video you edit depends on your bargaining power but you can make as much as #4,000 – #15,000 per video you edit.

To become a professional video editor in Nigeria you will need to learn the skill first. All you need to learn is online just find them.

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6. Publish E-books on Amazon Kindle

Making money while publishing ebooks is not common in Nigeria. However, it is a lucrative business if you are a good writer and you have a laptop. All you need to start ebook business in Nigeria is to have an interesting topic that people want to read about (especially topics on money), promote the ebook and before you know it you can start making money from the ebook.

After writing your ebook you will need to edit it up to standards and get a graphic designer to help out with the front cover.

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7. Edit Articles & Ebooks

Editing articles and ebooks is another best skill to learn in Nigeria. And as long as you can learn the skill you can continue to make money with your laptop. To start article editing and ebook editing you need to first learn how to check and remove grammatical blunders and spelling errors from sentences.

You need to also learn how to replace complex sentences with easy-to-read sentences or simple sentences. You can start testing yourself by editing small write-ups and compositions you wrote and watching some how-to videos online.

And as time goes by scale into the editing of local articles for blogs to international blogs. The process and the choice you want to follow is up to you.

8. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is now like a big thing in Nigeria. In fact, it is said that if you are not blogging you should be youtubing and if you are not youtubing you should be blogging or doing the two. Starting a YouTube channel is another way you can make money with your laptop in Nigeria especially if you have an interesting topic to talk about that will keep your audience glued.

To start a YouTube channel you do not need money or capital. You can open an account for free using your Gmail. However, it will only start making money when you have thousands of subscribers and regular views. Uploading content can be done in different ways and you do not necessarily need to buy a camera to shoot your videos.

You can upload your content using audio and images only or you can use animation it depends on you. I have explained in detail how you can start a YouTube channel in Nigeria. Just click the link below if you are interested.

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9. Online Tutoring

Due to the current challenges Nigeria many schools have considered taking their schools online. Asides from this parents have also considered online after school or lessons to help their children having learning difficulties.

If you are good at passing knowledge to children and adults this is another way you can make money with your laptop in Nigeria. The best part about this is that you do not particularly need a qualification to teach online in Nigeria as long as you have the skills.

And this is because there are people who have degrees yet they cannot teach. This is why the skill is more important than the qualification. But despite this fact there are some subjects like mathematics, English language that demands your qualification before you can teach them.

Some of the subjects you do not need a qualification to teach are robotics, coding, cooking, sewing, music, art and crafts, and more. You just have to pick the subject that you can teach and apply to any of these online schools or tutoring websites in Nigeria.

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10. Start a Professional Blog 

Starting a blog in Nigeria is no longer difficult as it was decades ago and the best part about this is that it does not also take a longer period to start making money from it depending on the effort you put into it.

If you are thinking of starting an online business in Nigeria asides from starting a YouTube channel you should consider starting a blog. However, if you want to do it professionally you cannot start it for free. You need to buy a domain name and you need to spend money on some other technical things before starting.

After you start gaining the traffic you can get your blog monetized by using Google AdSense and other forms of advert placements. Blogging in Nigeria can be profitable if you are a hardworking individual from the on start.

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11. Internet Marketing

Internet marketing also known as electronic marketing (e-marketing) is another way you can make money with your laptop in Nigeria. In case you do not know what internet marketing is it is simply the ability to place adverts online and turn these adverts into sales.

There are different ways you can go into internet marketing in Nigeria and there are different ways you can advertise online. You can advertise on social media (social media advertising) and you can advertise using Google ads.

Internet marketing is also a high-income skill in Nigeria for students and youths that are really passionate about making money online because only a few know about this kind of business and can really do the business. To start internet marketing business you need to first learn how to do internet marketing.

You can learn this business in Nigeria from any computer training center around you or simply learn how to do this online. After doing this, you will be able to advertise for small-scale businesses and medium-scale businesses and make money in return.

How much you make from internet marketing depends on many factors like how much effort you put into the business, how much you promote the business, and more.

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When it comes to making money online with your laptop in Nigeria it takes serious effort to be able to put in the work but as time goes by the hard work will begin to yield it result. Hopefully, with all these tips and methods I shared on how to make money you will be able to choose the business that fits you and start working on them.

That is all in this article. As usual, let me know if I missed any part of this article. Also, let me know if there are topics you want me to write about on the blog or talk about on our YouTube Channel or maybe our podcast.

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