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How to Meet Rich Women in Nigeria



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Are you a single man living in Nigeria or you are divorced and you want to meet rich women for dating or connection purposes? Read this article to the end. At the end of this article, you will know what to do to be able to approach rich women and places in Nigeria where you can meet them.

There are many benefits of meeting rich Nigerian women. Asides from the fact that many of these women are single and they are desperately looking for men to date. You can also use these women to scale up the ladder easily whether you want to start a business or a job.

When you know influential women it will be easier to find customers for your business especially if your business is new. And if you are looking for a better job opportunity it will be easy for you to get a job in a high-paying company in Nigeria.

Nigerian women are beautiful and faithful but they do not like to be cheated on. So make sure you are faithful in all your dealings with them.

How to Meet Rich Women in Nigeria

Here are the easiest ways to meet rich women in Nigeria.

1. Go to Where They Shop

This is the first way to meet rich women in Nigeria. Rich women like to do shopping and due to the quality of life they live they shop in expensive stores and boutiques, visiting these places guarantees that you will meet these women there. To successfully meet rich women where they shop you need to groom and dress well.

Asides from this hold some cash for obvious reasons. But if you do not have money on you, window shopping is perfect. If you do not know what window shopping means it simply means the act of looking at goods displayed in the shop without the intent of buying them.

You can practice this and use the medium to initiate a conversation with these women – asking for directions on how to locate a particular product in the store and from there you can gist and then ask for their phone numbers.

2. Visit their Night Clubs

The nightclubs of the rich are not easy to enter but it is worth it. There are many rich clubs in the area. You can visit these clubs to meet these women. If you dress well and you look handsome they will buy drinks for you instead of you buying for them.

Night clubs are the best places to meet rich women in Nigeria because many of them come to that places to mingle and meet men. When you start a conversation with these women it is important you speak well and walk well. Be confident even if you feel you are not up to their status. If you are not confident and they sense it, they will avoid talking to you.

3. Attend their Churches

This is another way you can meet rich women in Nigeria. There are many churches that wealthy women attend. Many of these churches are located in highbrow areas and many are located in regular areas. You can visit these churches regularly or become a member.

Churches like KICC, HICC, the elevation church, house on the Rock, and others are examples of rich churches in Nigeria. To attend these churches and be able to toast women you need to dress well and be approachable.

4. Visit their Residential Areas

The rich folks in Nigeria have areas they live. Some of them live anywhere but the majority of them live in highbrow areas. For example: in Lagos, you can find rich women in Gbagada, Festac, but most of them stay in Lekki. You need to visit this place regularly.

If they have jugging or run spots you can go to these places too and kickstart a conversation when it is least expected. Note that some women will be shy or irritated because of the sweat on them. Do not let this discourage you.

5. Attend their Concerts

There are many concerts in Nigeria that rich women go to. Some of these concerts are regular but they have VIP sections. You need to go to these concerts to meet these women. A surefire tip that helps you to hook up with these rich ladies is to make sure you dress well for the concert.

Make sure you wear the appropriate dress code. And make sure your clothes are well fitted well on you. Also, make sure you smell nice. In gatherings like this, it is easy to sweat because of the crowd. You should make sure you use a spray or perfume before leaving home.

Music is a good topic, especially African music. Nigerian women love music so you can use topics like the best afro-hip-hop to start a conversation with them

6. Go to their Restaurants

Mama Put is widely known for its ability to entertain both the poor and the middle-income earners but restaurants like KFC, Tastee, and Kilimanjaro are for the rich. You can meet rich women in this place too because this is where they relax and eat.

To be able to look attractive you need to hold some money to be able to buy snacks. These snacks will help you to buy time in these restaurants. And this will make you able to toast these women at will.

7. Visit Private Beaches

There are many beaches in Lagos. Many of them are public beaches but there are a few private beaches. Rich Nigerian women go to these private beaches to rest and swim. You can visit these beaches during the weekend enjoy yourself and meet these women.

When you are coming, dress in beach shorts and a shirt to look good. If you have glasses you can also put them on. Make sure you also have money with you as you will need some money to get a gate pass.


When it comes to meeting rich women in Nigeria it is not only about knowing where they gather. You need to also look rich and smell nice. You need to groom yourself regularly and visit the barbing salon from time to time. Nigerian women like handsome men – any man that can take care of himself will surely be able to take care of a woman in many ways.

It is also important you have your own apartment because many of them will want to visit you and know where you stay. You do not need to break the bank to be able to achieve this. You can rent a small apartment in a good area and finish it.


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