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Top Football Academy in Nigeria



Football Academy in nigeria

In this article, you will learn about the top football Academy in Nigeria. There are many football clubs in Nigeria looking for players and there will always be. We have football clubs from the local leagues and we have football clubs from the international leagues.

However, you have to start from the local leagues first before you can be recognized by international leagues. If you are 17 years old or below you have you go to a football academy first before going to a football club. There are many football academies in Nigeria to choose from.

We will list the most popular football academy as we move on in this article so you know the right one for you.

How to Join Football Academy

Are you thinking of joining a football academy for free in Nigeria? Well, if this is truly what you really want to do due to some financial constraints, I will like to let you know this is possible. You can actually join a football academy for free in Nigeria if you are able to prove yourself and you are able to meet all the criteria that are needed by the football academy.

However, it is important to let you know that it is not all football academies that allow footballers to join them for free. Many of them will like you to buy their forms and want your proof that you are really good – how professional you are in the way you play football.

Top Football Academy in Nigeria

There are many football academies in Nigeria but not many of them are the best – only a few. In this list, I am going to list the top best football academy we have in Nigeria so that you can be able to choose the one you feel will go a long way for you so here the best football academy in Nigeria.

1. Papilo Football Academy

This is one of the best football academies in Nigeria. When you hear Papilo football academy what comes to your mind? You guessed right! Nigeria’s renowned footballer player Kanu Nwankwo. Yes, Papilo football academy was named after Kanu Nwankwo.

This football academy is another top football academy in Nigeria. If you want to become a professional footballer in Nigeria in the nearest future, this football academy is for you because you will meet coaches like Kanu Nwankwo, Bary Robson, and more.

2. Abuja Football College (AFC)

Abuja Football College is another of top best football academies in Nigeria located in Abuja, Nigeria. It is owned by Gabriel Newton a licensed instructor by FIFA. This is the football academy that will be best for you if you’re located in Abuja and its environs.

3. Pepsi Football Academy (PFA)

Pepsi football academy is owned by Pepsi – one of the most popular drink brands in the world. Football professionals that we all know today like Mikel Obi were once under the Pepsi football academy. This top-best football academy should be your second-to-none choice especially if you love Mikel Obi and other stars they have nurtured.

4. Barcelona Football Academy (FCB Escola)

This is a top football academy in Nigeria. Barcelona football academy is a football academy located in Lagos. This football academy was started to train children from 5 – 18 with the necessary football skills. FC Barcelona the world-class football club was the club that started Barcelona Football Academy in Nigeria to encourage children who want to take football as a carrier.

With FCB ESCOLA football academy you can rest assured that you will develop your football skills to the optimum level.

5. Kwara State Football Academy (KWFA)

This is another top football academy in Nigeria. KWFA was established in 2005 under the Bukola Saraki Government. This football academy is fully funded by the government. The former Nigeria Super Eagles technical adviser, Clemence Westerhof commenced the operations of the academy.

However, recently, the football academy by the Swedish technical director, Paul Ashworth. He has been in charge of various professional teams in Europe. This includes as well as FC Peterborough and Dynamo Kiev. As of now, over 150 students are currently registered with Kwara State Football Academy (KWFA).

The Football Academy accepts young talented footballers between the age of 13 – 21 years.


There are many top football academies in Nigeria. Many of them just started while some have started for a long time now. You can choose any of these football academies based on your location or based on how popular they are in your area.


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