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How to Start Handkerchief Business in Nigeria



handkerchief business in Nigeria
handkerchief business in Nigeria
Handkerchief Business in Nigeria

How to start a handkerchief business in Nigeria with a small capital and make huge profits from it is what I’ll be explaining in today’s article. I bet you have seen some guys selling handkerchiefs and hand towels in traffic and you have been wondering how they are making profits from the business. You are asking yourself if the business is worth it or if it is a total waste of time.

Well, the first thing I want you to know is if this business is not making profits for these sellers they will not spend their money and energy to sell in traffic. They are making money from this business which is why till today we still see handkerchief sellers in traffic and popular markets in Nigeria. In this article, I will not only teach you how you can start this business with small capital but also teach you how to employ young men and ladies that will be selling handkerchiefs for you.

So welcome once again. However, before we continue on this topic I will like you to subscribe to the blog, our YouTube channel, and also listen to our podcasts. We have tons of content there too. Now, that you have done that, let’s continue with the topic at hand. As we all know Nigeria has a very hot climate especially now due to climate change.

Hot that sometimes even during rainy seasons when rain is not falling it is still hot. Thus providing the need for people in Nigeria to have handkerchiefs in their pockets or bags anywhere they go to dry the sweat on their skin and to keep cool.

Sometimes, the handkerchief is also handy for other purposes in Nigeria. Which are?

1. To cover the nose when avoiding dust on the road.

2. To cover the head from the rays of the sun and to clean the skin.

Today in Nigeria, it is rare to see an average Nigerian leave his or her home without taking a handkerchief along. If he or she forgets their handkerchief at home, they will buy it in traffic or from regular sellers around them. This is why handkerchief business is a lucrative business in Nigeria despite the fact that it takes a small capital to start it.

How to Start Handkerchief Business in Nigeria

Here are steps on how to start a handkerchief business in Nigeria.

1. Use a Different Marketing Edge

One of the best ways to succeed in any business in Nigeria is to bring something different to the table. Many youths just start a business in Nigeria without thinking about this. They see a friend of theirs starting a YouTube channel and already making money from it they too want to start a YouTube channel.

I remember a few years ago when the phone call business center also started almost every unemployed youth in Nigeria then also went into the business thus killing the business before it was even able to fly. I am not saying you should not start any business in Nigeria especially if you see your mates have started and are already making profits.

No! All I am saying here is “What are you bringing to the table differently?” What are you planning on doing differently from the others? Do not just start! This technique is popularly known as the self-acclaimed marketing edge. Maybe one of these days on the blog I am going to treat this topic on its own – explaining how to can always create a marketing edge in any business.

Creating your own marketing edge is very important when it comes to starting a handkerchief business in Nigeria. For example: in this business, one of the marketing edges that will make you gain more customers and make you more profits is to sell quality handkerchiefs. This is because from what I have seen so far, it is safe to say that about 80% of handkerchiefs and hand towels sold in Nigeria traffic are fakes.

So going the extra mile to buy and sell original handkerchiefs will make you make more profits. Another way of thinking differently in this business is to sell your handkerchiefs to the retailers instead of joining the retailer’s league. Here I am talking about you selling to the guys who sell in traffic rather than selling in traffic.

2. Get the Required Capital

After discovering how you can penetrate the market the next step here is to get the capital you will need to start the business. As I said earlier, you do not need much capital to start a handkerchief business in Nigeria so you can be rest assured this will be easy for you. Here is the breakdown – what I call the schematics. With about #20,000 you can start a handkerchief business in Nigeria.

You can even start with capital below this as long as you are ready to always invest the profits made back into the business to grow the business. But to make the business hustle-free you will need a capital of #20,000 or more to buy these handkerchiefs in wholesale. If the price of a pack of handkerchiefs is within N600 – N800 which it is by the way.

You can make a profit of #400 – #600 from a single pack for #1,000 – #1200, if you sell them yourself and lesser (#300 – #500), if people will sell them for you.

3. Proceed to the Clothe Market

After gathering the capital needed to start your handkerchief business in Nigeria, the next step for you should be you proceeding to the market to buy your handkerchiefs. But I must say here first that you should not be in a rush while you are doing this. Being in a rush will make you do impulse buying which will make you buy the wrong handkerchief products so please take your time first.

Take your time to check out all the handkerchief products in the market around you – finding the best before you buy. The ability to do this successfully might take you more than 2 trips to the market but it’s worth it. After buying your handkerchiefs in the market, you can take it home and now begin the next phase which is to get boys that will sell these handkerchiefs for you in traffic.

4. Hire Guys to Sell in Traffic

When it comes to hiring guys that will sell these handkerchiefs you have to be smart. You can pay them salaries you can only pay them commission so you have to be smart. Remember you are running a business here, not a charity organization. All you need to bother about is they buying these handkerchiefs from you and are able to always sell it fast to come to buy more.

To motivate them to buy handkerchiefs from you, you can reduce your selling price by #100. This means in doing this you will be making at least a minimum of #200 and a maximum of #400 per every pack of handkerchiefs they buy from you.

For example; if the cost price of a pack of handkerchiefs is #600 and you are to make #400 selling each pack for #1,000. You can sell it to these guys at the rate of #800 so they can make #200 each or more. These might look like a loss to you but it is not. Trust me! Because these will make you sell fast and make you make more profit on time. With this, you can just sit down and relax and make sure you do not run out of stock.

5. Sell your Handkerchief Online

Asides from selling your handkerchiefs in traffic in Nigeria there are other ways or places you can sell your handkerchiefs and one of these places is to sell online. Yes, you can also sell your handkerchiefs on popular e-commerce stores in Nigeria like Konga, Jumia, and Jiji. Nigerians do buy handkerchiefs online in packs. All you have to do is to take pictures of these handkerchiefs and upload them there registering as a seller and the deal is done. They will start selling these handkerchiefs for you.

6. More on Handkerchief Business

Here are more things you need to know about starting a handkerchief business in Nigeria.

1. It is about selling as fast as you can – not dwelling on the little losses: Be ready to sell your handkerchiefs at lower prices to always keep your business going and to continue making profits.

2. Keep your handkerchiefs in a clean and dry place till they are bought: It is always good to keep your handkerchiefs in clean and dry places because once they are damaged they will be a loss to your business.


Handkerchief business in Nigeria might not necessarily be like every other business in Nigeria but it is definitely a business that will make profits for you as time goes by as long as you are persistent and resilient enough.


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