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How to Start Ankara Fabric Business in Nigeria



Ankara Fabric Business in Nigeria
Ankara Business in Nigeria
Ankara Fabric Business in Nigeria

Have you been thinking of a clothing business to start preferably ankara business in Nigeria? You want to know how to start ankara business in Nigeria, where to buy them wholesale in Nigeria, clothing business ideas, the business plan, prices of Ankara in Nigeria, wholesale fabric suppliers, and most of all how you can make profits from your ankara business?

Read this article. At the end of this article, you will know how to start an ankara business in Nigeria and make huge profits from the business without any prior knowledge. As we all know ankara business is a lucrative business in the fashion industry in Nigeria and this is because ankara material clothes are the most worn natives in Nigeria. I mean let us look at it.

If today were to be a Friday or Sunday about 80% of Nigerians you will see on the roads will be wearing native clothes and most of these people will be wearing ankara clothes in designs or the other. Asides from this, the demand for ankara is very high so high that it is the most used clothes for aso ebi when it comes to African or Nigerian weddings, burials, birthdays, remembrance, and more.

Ankara are always in different colors and different designs and they range in price. These prices can range from as little as #2,000 – #20,000 depending on the quality and how much they are sold at wholesale.

Is Ankara Business Profitable?

This is a good question. Ankara business is a profitable business in Nigeria and it is lucrative for so many reasons. It is a profitable business because all Nigerians wear one type of Ankara or the other. Ankara business is also profitable because it is the only kind of native clothes chosen for ceremonies in Nigeria. As I explained earlier, it is used for aso ebi for weddings, burials, wedding anniversaries, and more.

Lastly, ankara business is profitable in Nigeria because youths who are about 60% of Nigeria’s population love to use ankara in making different clothing designs for fashion purposes or statements. There are no limited ideas when it comes to making money from your ankara business. It is all about looking at opportunities where there seem to be none and selling at the most affordable prices without making losses.

Capital Needed to Start Ankara Business

The capital needed to start an ankara business in Nigeria really varies but for those of us, that really want specifics I will tell us how much is needed as capital to start. To start a standard ankara business in Nigeria you will need a capital of #700,000 – #1,000,000 depending on your location and to start a small-scale ankara business in Nigeria you will need a capital of #200,000 – #500,000.

How to Start Ankara Business in Nigeria

Steps on how to start a profitable ankara business in Nigeria.

1. Do your Market Survey

Doing your market survey should be your first step in starting an ankara business in Nigeria and this step is due for many reasons. You need to know if the ankara business you want to start will be a profitable business in the area you stay in or the area you have chosen for your business or not. Asides from this, your market survey helps you to understand your average customers’ needs and how you can fulfill them.

Your market survey will also let you know the life span of your ankara business whether your ankara business will last for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, or more. Market surveys should always be considered especially if the business you are planning to go into is the first type of business in your area. For example; if the ankara business you want to start is the first ankara business that will exist in that location. Check out how to conduct market research for new and old businesses.

2. Write your Business Plan

An ankara business plan is very important when it comes to starting ankara business in Nigeria especially if you are planning to go big into the business i.e. investing huge capital into the business. A properly written ankara business plan will guide you on everything you will need to start your ankara business depending on how much you have as capital.

It will let you know the equipment or materials needed to start your ankara business, the perfect location that will be ok for your ankara business, and more. With a properly written ankara business plan, you can never go wrong in your Ankara business. You just need to make sure you get everything right when writing the business plan and if you feel you will not write it well to perfection.

You can hire a professional business planner like me to do it for you at a token price. Read our guide on how to write a business plan in Nigeria.

3. Get the Capital Required

Capital in any business has no exceptions, especially in ankara business. In ankara business capital is king because without it you cannot do anything. You cannot register your business, rent a shop, furnish your shop, and buy the ankara materials you want to be selling so it is very important you get capital. Depending on the kind of ankara business you want to start you might need a small capital or a large capital.

If you do not have the capital needed on the ground to start your ankara business you can save up for the business or meet friends and family that you know are willing to invest in the business.

4. Register your Business Name

Registering your ankara business is only important if you are planning to start a large-scale ankara business in Nigeria. If you’re planning to open a big ankara business in your locality you need to register your business name under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). You should follow our detailed guide on how to register your business name in Nigeria.

In this registration, you will give your business a business name, a valid address, and every other valuable information. This is to make sure your ankara business runs smoothly with the payment of necessary dues like tax. Note: If you are starting a small-scale ankara business you do not need to register your business.

5. Rent a Shop for Business

The next step after doing this is to rent a shop for your ankara business – a place where customers can come to buy your ankara materials. When renting a shop you need to make sure you are choosing the right spot. The right spot in the sense that you are choosing a place thousands of Nigerians pass every day.

Asides from this, you also need to make sure the shop you are renting is not expensive – taking away the majority of your capital. After renting the shop you can then furnish it to your taste – adding show glasses, lighting, fans, and other equipment to your shop.

6. Stock Shop with Ankara Clothes

Stocking your ankara shop should not be stressful. All you have to do is to buy your ankara from a Wholesaler and properly arrange them in your shop. Before and after delivering your ankara to your shop you need to take stock or inventory of your ankara materials. This is to make sure your ankara is complete. Asides from doing this for the first time you also need to do this on a regular basis to make sure your ankara business is running smoothly and you’re not running at a loss.

7. Start Selling Ankara Materials

There are many ways to start selling your ankara clothes and bring customers to your shop. You first start by inviting your family and friends and as time goes by extending your customer range to people in your area. You can also attract customers to your shop and make profits by advertising your ankara business online and doing deliveries to customers. In all, always prepare accounts for your ankara business to make sure you are making profits.

Prices of Ankara in Nigeria

The prices of ankara in Nigeria range and this is because we have the low-grade ankara and we have the high-grade ankara. The low-grade is usually bought by the low-income earners in Nigeria while the high-grade is bought by high-income earners. The prices of low-grade ankara can range from #2,000 – #7,000 at the wholesale price while the prices of high-grade ankara can range from #10,000 – #15,000.

So it really depends on which kind of ankara among these you want to be selling. But I will say the type of ankara clothes you will sell in your ankara business will depend on the kind of area you want to be selling your ankara and how much you have as capital. If you are in a rich area and you have enough capital you can buy high-quality ankara to sell and if you’re in a poor area you can buy low-quality ankara to sell.

Where to Buy Wholesale Ankara Fabric in Nigeria

When it comes to buying ankara wholesale in Nigeria there are actually two biggest markets you can buy them at the lowest prices. The first market is Eko market in CMS Lagos state and the second is Aba market in Abia State. But if you are staying far from either of these states you can simply order your ankara and waybill them to your shop or buy from the local clothing markets around you. This is if you are willing to buy them at inflated prices.

Wholesale Ankara Fabric Suppliers

There are many wholesale ankara fabric suppliers in Nigeria. Some of these wholesalers are well-known whiles some are not. Some wholesalers Ankara fabric suppliers only deal with high-quality ankara while some only deal with low-quality ankara.

However, the most popular wholesale ankara fabric suppliers brands in Nigeria are:

1. Daviva

2. Vlisco

How to Start Fabric Store Business

A fabric store business is related to ankara business because it exhibits the look and running of ankara business however, it is a bit different. In a fabric store business, you can sell any type of fabrics ranging from lace, Kampala, trouser materials, and more. But in ankara business, you can only sell ankara clothes or materials. Nothing more, nothing less.

You can also start a fabric store business in Nigeria by following the same step I am about to share with you in starting ankara business in Nigeria.

Ankara Business Ideas in Nigeria

There are many ankara business ideas in Nigeria many of which are also untapped business in Nigeria. Below is the list of ankara business ideas you can go into if you do not want to sell ankara materials. If you do not want to sell ankara materials, you can sell:

1. Ready to Wear Ankara Business

I write an article on how you can start an ankara ready-to-wear business in Nigeria and like I usually do in all my articles I give details on how you can start the business from scratch without any prior knowledge. All you need to know is there just click the below link if you want to know about the business.

2. Ankara Shoes Business

There is a trend going on in the fashion industry in Nigeria. In fact, this business is a fashion business idea and that is Ankara shoe business. Because many Nigerians want to stand out in their ceremonies and want to make fashion statements.

Many of them are now going for customized Ankara shoes that go along with their Ankara gowns hence the birth of Ankara shoes. You can go into the manufacturing of Ankara shoes for women and men and make money from it.

3. Ankara Bracelets Business

The Ankara bracelets are common among Nigerian women. They use it to spice their dressing using different Ankara bracelets. You can start your own Ankara bracelet business in Nigeria to sell to Nigerian women and they will surely buy from you.


Ankara business is like any clothing business in Nigeria. If you are passionate about the business and you know how to advertise your clothes you will always make profits from the business. Start a business today and start making money!


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