How to Start a Spa/Massage Business in Nigeria (2023)

Spa Business in Nigeria
Massage Business in Nigeria

In this article, I will be explaining in detail how you can start a spa business in Nigeria and how you can make profits from the business. I will also be sharing with you whether the spa business is a profitable business or not.

We will also explain how you can start your own spa business from home if you do not have enough capital, the equipment needed to start a spa business, the spa business plan, and more. Before going deep into how you can start the business in Nigeria let me explain the meaning of a spa business for many of our readers that do not know what it is all about.

What is a Spa Business?

A spa also known as a day spa is a business that provides a variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty, and relaxation through personal care treatments, such as hair, massages, and facials. In a spa business, the services done are deep cleansing, massages and moisturization, body treatments, facials, and scrubs just only to remove impurities but to soften the skin.

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 Is Spa Business Profitable?

The spa business in a highbrow area is a profitable business in Nigeria. This is because high-income and middle-income earners are the set of Nigerians that can afford the services of the business. Nigerians, especially the rich folks want to look good, they want their skin to glow because of this reason the spa business is a lucrative business in Nigeria.

Capital Needed to Start Spa Business

The capital needed to start a spa business is very high. The business is a capital-intensive business because of the equipment needed in the service rendering business. The spa business is a majorly a service rendering business except if you decide to start a cosmetics business or make up business alongside. The cost of starting a spa business in Nigeria ranges from #2,000,000 – #5,000,000 depending on the quality of equipment you want to buy and the size of the shop you want to rent.

How Start Spa Business in Nigeria

Here are steps on how to start a spa or massage business in Nigeria.

1. Get Registered and Licensed

The first step to starting a proper spa business in Nigeria is to get registered and licensed. You need a license to operate since your business is related to health. You also need to register your company as a business under the government Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). You need to register for tax too. This is to make sure you are tax liable. Getting your license and registration to operate as a spa cannot take too long.

Within a month or two you should be done with the registration. To get a license for your spa business easily you can get the services of CAC staff. You will be helped with the process from the beginning to the end. Read our guide on how to register your business name in Nigeria for more info on this.

2. Get the Required Capital

As I explained earlier capital is needed in this kind of business. How much you need as capital ranges in millions of naira. Your spa business plan also plays a huge role in the cost of starting your spa business. If you are starting another business alongside your spa business i.e. a cosmetics business you will need more capital because you will need a bigger shop and equipment for that business too.

Since the capital you need is huge you need to make sure you are up to the task financially. I will never advise you to borrow to start this business. The major ways I have seen many entrepreneurs reduce capital for this business is to buy fairly-used equipment instead of new equipment.

3. Buy your Spa Equipment

The quality of spa equipment varies. You need to try to make sure you buy the original equipment so that you do not waste money on repairing or replacing your equipment regularly.

The equipment needed for spa business are:

1. Facial cleanser with massager

2. Halo Nano Ionic facial steamer

3.  Electronic body massager

4.  Detox Machine and foot system

5.  Foldable Massage Beds

6.  Laser treatment machine

7. Body massager

8.  Sterilization unit

9. UV light towel warmer

10. Manure table

11. Magnifying lamp

Other electronic equipment and furniture you will need are:

12. Reception desk

13. Chairs

14. Shelves

15. Brochure stands

16. Fans

17. Bulbs

18. Air conditioner

19. Generator

20. Change over switch

All these equipment can be bought fairly used/tokunbo or new. It depends on the capital you have at hand.

4. Rent Shop for your Business

You need a shop for your spa business except you want to run the business from home. So many people run their spa business from home to cut down expenses from shop rent. So you can start and grow your spa business from home especially if you live in a house that has many rooms or you own a house. If you can afford to rent a shop for your spa business there are a few things you need to consider.

You need to consider the size of the shop. The spa business is a business that takes up a lot of space. You need a shop that is spacious. You also need a shop that is close to the main road for easy location. Customers should be able to locate you if they need your services. Nobody wants to be stressing themselves out for spa services. You will also need a signboard for easy location.

5. Install and Furnish the Shop

After renting your shop and have done your spa checklist, you need to install all spa equipment and furniture in the shop. For this case, you will need the services of a carpenter and electrician. These artisans will charge you for their services so you need to prepare for this. When the installation is ongoing you need to monitor them so that they can do a good job according to your taste.

6. Start Spa Business

When everything is in place and you have employed and trained your workers the next step will be to start your spa business. Inform family and friends to patronize you so that you can start making money immediately. You can create handbills for advertisement or you can just promote and advertise your spa business online.

7. Profits in Spa Business

To make sure there are high profits in your spa business make sure your spa business is in a highbrow area – an area the rich folks live as they are the kind of people that really patronize the business. Another way you can increase profits in your spa business is to diversify the business by going into other related businesses.

I have explained this earlier. Lastly, you can increase profits in your spa business by reducing expenses. I also explained this earlier when I talked about starting your spa business from home.


Spa business is a profitable business if you take your time to understand the business before going into it. You need to learn from other spa businesses how they have been able to attract customers and retain them. You also need to know the latest demands of customers as related to their skin and looks.


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