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How to Become a Makeup Artist in Nigeria (Pro Guide)



Become a Makeup Artist in Nigeria

Do you want to become a makeup artist in Nigeria and you do not know how to go about it? You do not know the steps on how to go about it? Read this article to the end. At the end of this article, you will know how much you can make as a makeup artist, the cost of starting a makeup studio in Nigeria, the qualifications you need, and finally the step-by-step guide.

Many Nigerians do not know how lucrative a business like the makeup business is. They often underestimate the cosmetics business in Nigeria in general. But I tell you that the cosmetics industry is a multi-million naira industry because everybody is a user of cosmetics whether you are a man, woman, child, or teen.

Today, Nigerian women want to look good especially when they are going for occasions like parties. Nigerians like owanbes generally not attend these parties without using the services of a makeup artist.

How Much do Makeup Artists in Nigeria Make?

This is perhaps another very important question on your mind as a man or lady that is going into this business. Well, how much you make as a makeup artist in Nigeria depends on many factors. It depends on your level of professionalism, how much people know you (how famous you are), and the equipment you use as a makeup artist.

All these determine your charges as a successful makeup artist in Nigeria. As for the cost of starting a make up studio in Nigeria. It also depends on the kind of studio you want to have and the equipment you have in that studio. But on average it will cost you from #500,000 – #1,000,000 to build an attractive make-up studio in Nigeria

Qualification to be a Make-up Artist

There are other questions like if a qualification is really needed to become a professional or successful make-up artist in Nigeria. Yes, you need at least one qualification before you can call yourself a professional make up artist in Nigeria. This qualification is a certificate that shows you truly learned makeup from a professional makeup school in Nigeria or any other country.

How to Become a Makeup Artist in Nigeria

Here are the steps to becoming a successful makeup artist in Nigeria.

1. Learn from a Makeup School

The first step to becoming a professional makeup artist in Nigeria is to learn cosmetology from a profound makeup school. You need to learn how to do make up asides from the videos you can watch on YouTube. You need hands-on experience so that you can learn and understand things faster.

As for how long you are going to take in learning it depends on the course you want to learn from the makeup school. Some courses last for 3 months, some 6 months and some 1 whole year. How much you are going to pay to learn cosmetology at this school also depends on how long you will learn.

You can register at a school in Lagos if you live in Lagos. If you do not reside in Lagos you can register at any professional makeup school in your state.

2. Buy your Makeup Equipment or Kit

To become a makeup artist you need your make up equipment or kit. It is not good enough for you to rent one you need to have your own personal kit. The price of makeup kits in Nigeria varies. It depends on the quality, the specific equipment, and other things.

You can buy your own make up kit while you are learning at a makeup school or shortly after you have graduated. You can get your makeup kit in any clothing or fashion market around you. For example, if you are in Lagos you can get your kit in CMS (Balogun).

3. Determine your Charges

To become a successful make up artist in Nigeria you need to have a price list – how much you charge for makeup. How much you charge depends on the kind of makeup you are doing for your client and some other factors I mentioned earlier. You need to know how much you will be charging.

If you are just starting out after makeup school you might need to give discounts or make your price list friendly at least for almost all pockets.

4. Build a Studio or Do Home Services

Building a makeup studio can be quite expensive but if you can afford it you can go ahead. However, if you cannot for a start you can render home services for a start then as time goes by when you can afford it build your studio. When rendering home services as a makeup artist there are a few things you need to consider.

You need to consider especially the cost of transport. Your cost of transport needs to be added to your makeup price list.

5. Build a Customer Base

Building your customer base starts with your first customer. You need to start getting the contacts of your customers as you work for them. This customer base can be on your phone or written in a book. A customer base account is a very important thing to do especially if you are just starting a business.

It makes you have a deep relationship with your customers by calling them regularly which will in turn always remember you when they need your services. 

6. Attract Customers using Social Media

As a make-up artist, you can also attract customers using your social media. All you have to do is make makeup videos and share them. Also, give tips on how makeup should be done. Constant viewing of your videos and pics on social media will convert people into your customers.

7. Profits in Make-Up Business

There are different ways you can make profits from your makeup business in Nigeria. You can make more money by diversifying your business. For example: starting a cosmetics business alongside your makeup business. You can also increase profits in your makeup business by giving discounts to customers that refer customers to you.


When it comes to becoming a successful makeup artist in Nigeria you need to be smart and not wait for customers to always come to meet you. You need to also recognize that social media is a tool that should never be underestimated. You can even make money online by uploading makeup videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


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