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How to Start Zobo Drinks Business in Nigeria



zobo drinks business in nigeria

Are you thinking of starting a drinks business in Nigeria? You might need to start a Zobo drink business. This is because this kind of business is easy to set up and it does not require huge capital. All you need is to know how to make zobo drinks and you have to know how to source pet bottles.

So you can start the business the next day. As long as your drinks are chilled, Nigerians will buy them from you.

Is Zobo Drinks Business Profitable?

Zobo business whether on a small scale or large scale is a profitable business in Nigeria. It is lucrative because the drink is nutritious and has many health benefits. This is why many Nigerians love the drink. Especially when served chilled during hot weather the demand for zobo drinks can increase – yielding massive sales and increasing profits.

Capital Needed to Start Zobo Business

The capital needed to start a Zobo drink business depends on how much you have at hand (the capital you are willing to invest into the business). If you have a little capital like #10,000 – #30,000, you can start the business by buying your ingredients in small quantities and using recycled soft drink bottles for packaging. 

But if you have a big capital ranging from #500,000 – #1,000,000 you can go into the production fully by buying ingredients and preservatives in wholesale and buying bottle sealing machines.

Ingredients Needed to Make Zobo Drinks

The ingredients used in making zobo drinks vary depending on the taste you want to arrive at. However, there are major ingredients you need to use.

1. Zobo leaves 

2. Ginger

3. Water 

4. Sugar

5. Citrus Fruit

Equipment Needed to Make Zobo Drinks

Below is the equipment you will need to produce Zobo drinks from home.

1. Pots

2. Bowls

3. Turning Sticks

4. Measuring spoons

5. Pet bottles

6. Bottle sealing machine

How to Start Zobo Drinks Business in Nigeria

Here is the step-by-step guide to starting a profitable zobo drink business in Nigeria.

1. Learn how to Make Zobo Drinks

The first step to start selling zobo drinks in Nigeria is to learn how to make the drink. There are many available sources online you can use for learning you do not need to learn from someone. For example, YouTube is a good source.

After learning and practicing numerous times, you can start by making some zobo drinks and giving your family and friends free drinks to try out. 

2. Conduct a Market Survey

If you are planning to go into the zobo drink business on a large scale in Nigeria it is very important you do your market survey. This is to make sure the huge money you are investing into the business is safe. I have explained why a market survey is very important in new and old businesses.

For example, a market survey will let you know how well you can package your zobo drinks which will in turn increase your sales. There are different ways you can conduct a market survey in your area. There are oral and written market surveys.

If the people in your area are illiterate an oral market survey will be perfect but if they are literate a written survey will be good. We have an article on how to conduct market surveys for new and old businesses. You should read it for more details.

3. Write a Business Plan

The next thing to do after conducting your market survey is to write a business plan for your zobo drinks business. Your business plan should be taken seriously even more than a market survey. With a good business plan, your zobo business will not fail even as a newbie in the business.

There are many templates online about how to write a business plan. However, if you do not want to stress yourself, search further you can read our own article. Check out how to write a business plan in Nigeria. We also write business plans. Contact us via if you need a professional touch.

4. Get the Capital Required

How soon do you want to start your zobo business? If you want to start today and you do not have huge capital you can start with the money I mentioned above. Just make sure you get the capital to buy the ingredients. You can use the equipment you have available in your kitchen and wash some used soft drinks bottles to package your zobo. Make sure your drink is done in a clean environment. 

5. Get a Location

Location is very important. It determines if you will make profits or losses in the business. To make sure you sell your zobo drinks fast you need to consider selling them at a place where plenty of people pass every day. Locations such as bus stops, garages, roundabouts, markets, and more are perfect for this.

You can employ people to hawk for you and pay them on a commission basis if you do not have the time. For example, if you are selling a bottle of drink for #100 you can tell them that for every 20 drinks they sell, they should pay you #1,800 instead of #2,000. With this they make money and you make your money too.

6. Start Producing Drinks

If you want to go fully into production like buying the machines needed you will need to register your company under NAFDAC and the Corporate Affairs Commission. But if you do not have the funds for all that you can just start producing your drinks immediately.

After making your zobo drinks you need to refrigerate them to avoid them from spoiling. It is best if they are frozen so that it will take a long time to defrost by the time they leave the freezer. After the drinks are frozen you can bring them in coolers to start selling them. You can sell your Zobo drink anywhere and anytime.

7. Making Profits in Zobo Drinks Business 

There are many ways you can make money from your zobo drinks business in Nigeria.

1. You need to consider selling at crowded places so that you can make sales fast and make profits. Look out for all the places I mentioned earlier. You can also sell next to restaurants, bars, and hotels.

2. Another way you can increase profits in your zobo drinks business is to buy your ingredients in wholesale. Doing this reduces how much you spend on raw materials. Depending on how much the ingredients are just preserve them well.

3. Churches and schools are underestimated when it comes to this business. You should consider selling in these places because of the massive traffic there. Children and adults will definitely patronize you just make sure it is chilled.


Zobo drinks business is a lucrative business in Nigeria as long as you follow the tips I laid down in this article you will make enough money. There at other businesses, you can start alongside the zobo drinks business. An example is the pure water business.

Image credit to Sisi Jemimah


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