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How to Start Smoothie Business in Nigeria



Smoothine Business in Nigeria
Smoothine Business in Nigeria
Smoothie Business in Nigeria

One of the food ideas for anyone that wants to go into the food business in Nigeria is the smoothie business. The Smoothie business is the best choice for any Nigerian entrepreneurs that do not want to go into soft drinks business or fruit juice business.

Many Nigerians are now going into the smoothie business because of how big the fruit business is and how diversified the business is. It is a drinks business that will make money for you and will continue to make money for you if you know how to mix blended fruits together, preserve the smoothies, and if you are strategically located.

But before we go in deeper into how to start a smoothie business in Nigeria as a whole, let us quickly understand what smoothie drinks are and why people (both old and young) love the drink so much.

What is Smoothie?

A smoothie is a thick, smooth drink made of fresh fruit or vegetables pureed milk, ice cream, or yogurt and it is mostly served cold to preserve its freshness and nutrients. The only time when smoothie drinks don’t need to be preserved is when preservative chemicals are already added to them.

Smoothie drinks also come in different colours and tastes. This is because of the different fruits, milk, ice cream, or yogurt that are used to make them. Asides from the fact that many Nigerians enjoy smoothie drinks because of their unique taste.

It is also loved for the nutrients that it gives to the human body and how it is able to treat different illnesses or diseases naturally.

Is Smoothie Business Profitable?

Smoothie business just like the fruit salad business or fruit juice business, it is profitable for obvious reasons. One of the reasons why the smoothie business is a profitable business to venture in is that smoothie drinks is can be sold to people who have health issues like malnutrition. There are many Nigerians that are currently suffering from malnutrition and many of them are looking for a way out.

This set of Nigerians will buy your smoothie to solve these problems. Asides from the fact that the smoothie business is lucrative for this reason, another reason why the smoothie business is lucrative is that smoothie is loved by children. It is always said that any business that is loved by children will always continue to float and this is true.

Children love smoothies and because of this, they will always force their parents to come to your smoothie shop or stand to buy smoothies for them. Asides from this, they will also help you advertise your smoothie if they love it.

Equipment Needed for Smoothie Business

There are many equipment needed to start a smoothie business. This equipment can vary from using some of them to using all. You can decide to buy some of this equipment or buy all it depends totally on you. You can also decide to buy tokunbo, fairly used or new equipment. It’s totally up to you!

1. Blenders

2. Juicers

3. Glasses and cups

4. Knives

5. Sinks

6. Cutting boards

7. Ice machines

8. Under-counter refrigerator

9. Trays

10. Bowls

Ingredients Needed for Smoothie Business

The ingredients you need to start a smoothie business in Nigeria also vary. It varies from fruits alone to fruits and vegetables to fruits and yogurt to all the ingredients together. You can decide to use one of these ingredients or all these ingredients together it depends on the needs of your customers.

So here are the ingredients needed to start a smoothie business in Nigeria.

1. Oranges

2. Carrots

3. Watermelon

4. Banana

5. Grapes

6. Pawpaw

7. Cucumber

8. Strawberry

9. Ice cream

10. Yogurt

11. Vegetables

How to Start Smoothie Business in Nigeria

Steps on how to start and run a profitable smoothie business in Nigeria.

1. Write a Business Plan

The first step to starting a lucrative smoothie business in Nigeria is to write a smoothie business plan. The smoothie business plan guides you on so many things you need to know about the smoothie business. It lets you know how much capital you will need to start the smoothie business, the equipment, the ingredients, and other things.

With a smoothie business plan, you can never go wrong in your smoothie business because it also contains your feasibility studies. You can write this smoothie business plan by yourself using some resource materials on the internet or you contact professionals like us through to help you write it. It all depends on you and what you can afford.

2. Get the Required Capital

Whether you are starting your smoothie business from home or you are starting something like a smoothie factory you will need money (capital) to start the business as capital will be used to purchase almost all that is needed.

You will need capital to buy all equipment, and ingredients, rent a Shop, and if possible hire workers that will help you stay at the shop and sell. As for how much you will need to start a smoothie business, the capital you will need to start a smoothie business in Nigeria depends on how much you have at hand and how big you want to start.

If you want to start your smoothie business in Nigeria with a small capital using your home as the production base you will need a capital of #200,000 – #500,000 and if you want to start big you will need a capital of #1,000,000 – #2,000,000.

Whatever you decide to start with make sure you are not borrowing from the bank to start the business. This is a bad idea if you are contemplating this. Read our guide on how to get funding for your business in Nigeria.

3. Buy your Equipment and Ingredients

After getting the capital needed to start your smoothie business the next step will be buying the equipment and ingredients you will need for the smoothie business. The equipment you buy can vary from new to tokunbo as o said earlier.

As for the ingredients which are fruits, yogurt, and ice cream you can either buy them wholesale or retail. But I will advise you to get your ingredients in retail so that you can retain their freshness due to the electricity failure in Nigeria. I have listed the equipment and ingredients above to guide you through. All you have to do is go through them vividly.

4. Rent a Shop to Sell Smoothies

When it comes to selling smoothies in Nigeria you need a place where customers can come and buy your smoothie. This is where renting a shop comes in. Yes, even if you produce the smoothie at home you need a shop or at least a point or space where you can display your smoothie to sell.

You can rent a shop or a rent a space in a mall or rent space on a popular street where you can put a container. It depends on you. However, when you are renting a shop you need to make sure you are renting a shop in an area or street that thousands of Nigerians pass daily.

If you do this you will always have sales and make profits in your smoothie business without spending much on advertising.

5. Advertise and Sell your Smoothie

There are different ways you can advertise your smoothie business in Nigeria. You can advertise your smoothie online using Instagram and you can advertise your smoothie offline using handbills and posters. But if you can get a perfect location for your shop you will not spend too much on adverts. You can also let your customers order online and deliver to them.

6. Increasing Profits in Smoothie Business

Increasing profits in your smoothie business is not difficult especially if you can look at different opportunities that surround the smoothie business. You can diversify your smoothie business by selling fruits, selling fruit juice, and also selling ice cream.

Another way you can increase profits in your smoothie business is to invest in delivery bikes and vans that can be helping to deliver smoothies to customers. Lastly, you can increase profits in your smoothie business by selling smoothies at parties, birthdays, and concerts.

Smoothie Prices in Nigeria

The price of smoothies in Nigeria varies. It depends on the area you sell your smoothie and how much your buyers can afford on average. This is where your smoothie business plan comes into place. It helps you to know the right price to charge your customers. You cannot be living in Ogun state and you want to sell your smoothie drinks at the same price as another smoothie business in Lekki, Lagos.

If you try this nobody will buy from you. The price of a smoothie in Nigeria ranges from #200, #300, and #500 per cup. The size of your cup or container also depends. It could be big or small or average.


Smoothie business is a profitable business if you are at the right location and you have the perfect price you sell your smoothie. To reduce expenses you can be buying your fruits from any local market around you in bulk.


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