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How to Start Pop Cement Business in Nigeria



Pop Cement Business in Nigeria

Due to the development in the real estate industry in Nigeria, pop ceilings have been in high demand. And this is made of pop cement business a lucrative business in Nigeria. So in today’s article, we will be guiding you on how you can start a pop cement business in Nigeria.

This article will let you know if the pop-cement business is profitable enough for you to venture into, the capital needed to start, and different ways you can maximize profits in the business in Nigeria. Many Nigerians confuse pop cement with the usual cement used to build bricks and houses.

Pop cement is not used to build any of these. It is only used to do two things. Which is to build ceilings and screed walls. When pop cement is used screed walls before they are painted it make the walls look more beautiful. Enough said. 

Is Pop Cement Business Profitable?

Pop cement business is a lucrative business in Nigeria because of the new housing standards in Nigeria. Today, it is almost impossible to build a new house and not do screeding or add a pop ceiling to it. Asides from this, Nigeria now has millions of workers that construct pop ceilings.

Some of these workers are from neighboring countries like the Benin Republic. You can make money selling pop cement especially if you live in a developing area.

Capital Needed to Start Pop Cement Business

The cost of starting a pop cement business is not much especially if you want to become a retailer. To start a pop cement business in Nigeria as a retailer you will need a capital of #500,000 minimum. However, to start as a pop cement distributor you will need more (#2,000,000).

This capital will be used to get a spot and to buy your first batch of pop cement. As we go on in the article, I will go into detail about other things you will use the money to do or buy.

How to Start Pop Cement Business in Nigeria

Here are the vital steps to start a pop cement business in Nigeria.

1. Conduct a Market Survey 

Thi is the first step to starting a pop cement business in Nigeria. No matter profitable a business looks you still need to conduct a market survey for the business. Doing this sets you apart from other entrepreneurs in Nigeria. It sets you apart because it shows that you are serious about the business and you want to know if it will survive in your area before you venture into it.

When you carry out a market survey it makes you know how high the demand of the product you are about to sell is. For example: when you conduct your market survey it will inform you that starting a pop cement business in the village is not profitable because 80% of house owners do not do pop designs. They prefer other types of ceilings. The ones that are very cheap.

2. Write your Business Plan

The second step to starting a pop cement business in Nigeria. Just like its name ‘business plan’. A business plan is a book that contains specific instructions on how to run a specific business for its first 3 – 5 years. When you have a business plan for any business it makes you no stranger to that business.

A few years ago many people (laymen) could not write a business plan because it was complex and only professionals could write it. Today, it is a different case. There are many templates (lay-down guides) to follow online to write a simple business plan.

Due to the high demand for business plans, I have written a post on how you can personally write a business plan in Nigeria, you should follow it for easier guidance. And if you feel you cannot do it, you can hire us to do it for you.

3. Register your Pop Cement Business

To start out from other pop cement businesses and to avoid issues from the government you will need to register your pop cement business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). With this, your business is properly set up

And you will be entitled to every other thing your business will need like a business account, tax ID, and even loans when you need it. Read our guide on how to register your business name in Nigeria

4. Get a Location or Shop

Location is very important when it comes to this business except you want to sell from home. You need to look for a perfect location to sell your pop cement. To attract customers easily in a business like this your location should be close to the road.

Any piece of land that is available for rent on a major road is perfect. Proceed to meet the owner and rent the land for one or two years.

5. Buy and Transport your Cement

There are different brands of pop cement. They range from quality to quality. Some last for years after they are used and some collapse within months when they are used. Selling quality pop cement is another thing that sets you out from other sellers in the building materials market.

Buyers will always come to your shop when you sell quality pop and your prices are fair. Information like the best pop cement in Nigeria, where you can buy them, and more are all in your marketing survey. A market survey also informs you about the brands that sell more in some areas and why they do.

Make sure you follow all the results to avoid buying products customers are not interested in. At this stage, you need to locate the best pop cement distributors in your area, approach them and tell them that you just started pop cement and you want to be buying from them.

Since you are buying plenty they will sell to you at wholesale price and deliver to your location. Depending on the distributor, they might deliver your goods for free or they might charge you a stipulated amount.

5. Start Selling your Pop Cement

When your goods arrive, it is important you take stock of all that was brought – making sure it is complete. After this, you can start selling your pop cement. To attract customers easily you should first inform family and friends about your new business.

The daily recording is very important once you start selling your products. You need to know how much you make every day from the sales of your product and how much is going into expenses.

6. Increasing Profits in Cement Business 

There are numerous ways you can increase profits in the pop cement business in Nigeria. The first thing you should do is write a business proposal to all real estate companies around you. Another thing you can do is inform all pop workers in your area about your business informing them about what they stand to benefit if they buy from you.

Lastly, make friends with other building materials businesses around you. When you do this, it makes them introduce their customers to you.


The cement business or pop cement business is a profitable business in Nigeria. This is because the real estate industry is growing rapidly and many Nigerians want to own houses. As a seller, you can also sell other building materials tiles to diversify your business.


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