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How to Retain Customers in Your Business: 10 Best Ways



Retain Customers in your Business

One of the challenges of starting a new business anywhere in the world today is how to get customers for your business and when you start getting customers another challenge you might encounter is to retain them. In this article, I am going to be sharing with you the best ways you can retain customers in your business whether over the phone, on the internet (social media), or offline.

Many people think retaining customers is easy but it is not, especially if you are in the business of buying and selling. It is almost impossible to create a product that satisfies all your customers. However, you can keep customers coming by doing some things and taking some necessary steps. So here we go.

10 Best Ways to Retain Customers in Your Business

Here are the key customer retention techniques that still work today 

1. Quick Customer Care Service

One of the best ways to retain customers in your business is to have a quick customer care service that is fast to respond to all customer complaints and questions. Customers will keep coming to you if they know that your customer care services are available 24 hours daily and 7 days a week.

To establish a fast customer care service for your business you need to employ capable staff that will be there to answer your customers’ complaints. These customer care staff can work on shifts or work from home. This is to make sure you do not spend much of your business profits on the payment of salaries of your staff.

There are different ways you can provide a quick response to customers’ complaints and questions. You can provide online quick responses through emails and social media (video and voice calls). And you can provide an offline quick response through voice calls. 

2. Send Newsletter to your Customers

Even as of today sending newsletters through emails is still a viable way to retain customers today especially if you run an online business. Do you render a service online or do you sell products online? You can convince your customers to sign up using their email addresses.

As time goes by, these emails will increase each time buyers buy your products. You can create a weekly or monthly newsletter that will always remind your customers that you are available to attend to them anytime they need you.

3. Ask for Feedback on your Products 

Creating a good product is not enough especially when you want to attract and retain customers in your business. You need to always ask for feedback on whether the product you created is good. If it is good you need to ask if it is still serving its purpose. All these can be done by creating email addresses for your business.

It can also be achieved by creating social media accounts for your business and asking for reviews. The best thing about all this is that you can use positive feedback on social media to attract more customers to buy from you.

4. Offer Special Deals

Despite the fact that your customers might want the same products, many of them want different deals due to many reasons best known to them. To maintain customer retention in your business you can offer deals that are specific to your clients.

You can offer free trials for those that do not trust your products and want to test them before buying while giving discounts to those that are willing to buy but yet do not have enough money to buy. Offering special deals is one of the key ways to retain customers for a long time in your business.

5. Solve Pending Problems 

Customers can easily forget you after buying goods or services from you. However, you can always keep them coming back by solving little problems they encounter using your products. You can also maintain consumer retention by creating new products that you believe will serve your customers better – improving user experience.

These products will go a long way especially if they are related to the products you have manufactured before and are already being used today.

6. Build Relationships with your Customers 

Building a relationship with customers has gone beyond just convincing your customers to buy your products. To keep them coming back you need to form a deep bond with them. This means checking up on them once in a while, asking how well they are enjoying your products, and more.

There are different platforms you can use to develop relationships with your customers. You can use social media by sharing posts that build engagement and you can call them. Developing strong relationships with customers is one of the major keys to consumer retention.

7. Focus on your Demand Rates

If you are a manufacturer that produces many products, another way you can attract and retain customers in your business is to focus on the demand rates of your customers. Look at what your buyers are buying the most and you focus on producing other products similar to that product or simply improving the product they buy the most. 

For example, TheInfoWorth blog has discovered based on its analytics that it gets more traffic when it posts articles about business ideas. This shows that the demand for business idea articles on the blog is high. For this reason, we write more business ideas articles on the blog for our readers.

8. Work with Customer Data

Do you have data that you can use to track your customers? Data that proves products they like and dislike, how much they spend on your products, and more? You can use this data to increase customer retention in your business. Customer data is the best customer retention strategy in CRM.

It is not late to create customer data for your business if you do not have has it goes a long way.  

9. Personalize your Customer Products 

No matter the products you create for your customers and no matter how much these products satisfy their needs. Many customers still want specific functions in that product for them alone. If it is possible you can look at customer data to know the specific needs of customers on your products. And see if you can imbibe them in your products.

10. Give Discount on Products 

Giving discounts on goods and services is one of the best ways you can retain customers in your business. Discounts help customers that are in doubt about your products to buy. It also helps your customers that cannot afford your products to buy them easily.

As a new business giving discounts is one of the easiest ways to retain customers today. However, you need to look at your financial accounts carefully to make sure they will not harm your business.


A business that can retain its customers easily will never run into loss even if it does not get new customers often. These ten strategies will help you go a long way in retaining customers which will in turn increase profits in your business.


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