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How to Start Tiles Business in Nigeria



Tiles Business in Nigeria

Tiles business is under the building materials business. In today’s article, we will go deep into everything you need to know about the business in Nigeria. In this article, you should expect tips on the capital needed to start a tiles business, profits in the business, the step-by-step guide to start, and every other information you need to know.

Tiles business is a lucrative business in Nigeria especially if you are going into the business as a wholesaler. You can make money selling to different individuals, tilers, and real estate developers and companies. We will explain more about this as we go on in the article.

Is Tiles Business Profitable?

Due to the need by house owners to build beautiful homes and offices in Nigeria, there is a huge increase in the demand for tiles. Asides from the fact that it is needed to floor the sitting room and bedroom, tiles are also needed to floor the kitchen and toilet walls and flour.

So even if floor tiles are optional wall tiles are not as they further make the house look beautiful. The best thing about the tiles business is also the fact that no part of the product can go to waste. For example, broken tiles can also be sold to low-income earners as they can use it to floor toilets and kitchens.

Capital Needed to Start Tiles Business

There are so many reasons why the cost of starting tiles business in Nigeria has increased today. But inflation due to foreign exchange, cost of importation, and cost of rent are the major causes. Also, the capital needed to start tiles business depends on whether you want to be selling tiles as a wholesaler or retailer. To start tiles business in Nigeria you will need a minimum capital of #2,000,000. 

How to Start Tiles Business in Nigeria 

What are the steps to start a profitable tiles business in Nigeria? 

1. Do your Market Survey

Tiles business is capital intensive no matter how we look at it. The capital in the business is too much to take the business with no seriousness or levity. This is where a market survey about this business comes into play. Market survey will fully inform you on how you can target customers that can buy your tiles product.

Market surveys also let you know if where you are starting your tiles business in Nigeria will be profitable or not. There are so many benefits of writing a market survey of a business. However, these benefits are not seen at the beginning of the business but rather at the end.

2. Create a Business Plan

Business plans are important for all businesses today especially if you want to start the business in a country like Nigeria. The advantages of a business plan are numerous. It is hard for you to have a business plan and still fail in the business. This is because the business plan of a business is the road to success.

You need to get a business plan for your tiles business if not for anything but for the capital you are investing into the business. You do not want to lose this money to mistakes that can be avoided through proper guidance.

A tiles business plan will give you a complete guide to making your tiles business loss-proof in Nigeria. You can write a simple business plan for your tiles business by following the steps I laid down here.

3. Get your Estimated Capital

The capital needed to start a tile business will be used to do different things to make the business move smoothly. The capital will be used to buy your first tiles, transport them, and rent a shop. As I mentioned above you will need a minimum of #2m to start a tiles business in Nigeria.

But if you have more, this is good as you will be able to buy more products and rent a bigger shop. 

4. Locate a Tiles Supplier 

The quality of the tiles you sell determines how far you will go in your tiles business. If you sell good products your customers will always come to buy from you but if you sell substandard products you will have only one-time customers.

This is why you need to make sure you locate a good tile supplier that will be stocking your shop regularly with good tiles. However, as time goes by in the business, you can import your tiles yourself. A trustworthy supplier will sell its tiles at the lowest prices. You can find them in the market and sometimes sell to you on credit if you become a consistent buyer. 

5. Rent a Stop or Store 

The location of your business and the space available to you determines how you will manage your business. Some tiles businesses have a store where they keep all their tiles in bulk and then rent a shop close to the main where they can display samples. 

And some tile businesses make sure they rent a big shop that can accommodate all their products. Depending on what you have available to you, you can rent a shop if it is big enough or rent a store and have a showroom close to the main road.

6. Register your Business Name

In Nigeria, to start a proper business, you need to register your business as an entity under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). To do this you need a business name, address, type of business, and other relevant information.

This registration takes about 2 weeks to a month. To start the process you need to visit their office. Read our article on how to register your business name in Nigeria.

7. Selling Tiles to Customers

To get your first set of customers that will buy your tiles there are a few things you need to do. You need to make sure you inform your family and friends about your tiles business. Even if they do not buy, they will surely convince people they know to buy from you.

Your first sets of customers are very important and should be treated as special. You need to attend to them very well – giving them the best prices they can actually get in the market.

8. Profits in Tiles Business

There are numerous ways you can make profits from a tile business in Nigeria. You can make money selling your products to real estate developers and tilers. All you need to do is write proposals to the real estate companies telling them about your business and what they stand to benefit from.


The tiles business is a profitable business under the real estate business in Nigeria. The business can make you a millionaire within a month of starting, especially when you get a huge contract from a real estate company.


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