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Top 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Car in Nigeria



Make Money with your Car in Nigeria

Are you a car owner living in Nigeria? You just bought a car and you are looking for ways you can make money with the car? Or you have a car in your garage and you are clueless about how it can be a source of income for you? Read this article to the end.

In today’s article, we will be guiding you on ways you can actually make money with your car in Nigeria. Whether the car is small, big (a Toyota Sienna), 2 doors, or 4 doors, you will be able to use it to make money as long as the car engine is good and the body is still neat.

10 Ways to Make Money with Your Car in Nigeria

Here are unique ways you can start making money today with your car.

1. E-hailing Services

This is the first way to make money with your car in Nigeria because of the income it yields in the short run. You can use your car to join Uber, Taxify, or any other e-hailing service company and start making money immediately. Although the process can be stressful if you have all the required documents.

If your car is qualified the registration process becomes easy. To make money with your car from the e-hailing business you have to be able to drive or at least have someone that will drive your car for you.  From experience, I recommend you drive your car by yourself.

This is in order to avoid unnecessary stories from hired drivers on why they are not able to meet up their daily delivery amount. If you cannot drive or you do not have the time and you are seriously considering an e-hailing business it is recommended you then put your car on hire purchase.

This means placing your car on a particular amount and the driver will pay you daily. It is until he gets to the stipulated amount that he becomes the owner of the car. As a Uber driver or Taxify driver, you can make #200,000 – #300,000 monthly. So if you bought a car via a car loan you can pay up quickly rendering this service.

2. Car Charter

Using your car as a car charter or drop is another way you can make money with your car in Nigeria. Many Nigerians especially the old and aged ones do not like e-hailing services because their prices are fixed and cannot be bargained. The set of Nigerians like to charter a car instead of where they are going.

This could be an owambe or a conference. They will charter your car to and fro and pay you well for your services. The major advantage of using your car for chatter is that the profit made is for you and you alone.

You do not need to share your proceeds with any third party unlike e-hailing services since the agreement is strictly between you and your customer. How much you earn from this type of service largely depends on the kind of customers you have and how often they patronize you.

3. Car Rental

Do you have a special car that has special features? You can place this car on rental to start making money in Nigeria with it. Car owners in Nigeria that usually make money with the car renting business are those that have Ferraris, Bugattis, or any other sports car.

But if you have a regular car or Sienna you can still make money by putting your car on rental. To start a car rental today, inform your friends and family first that you have started a car renting business in case they need someone that wants to rent a car, they should patronize you.

4. Moving Service

This is the fourth way you can make money with your car in Nigeria. The other day, a friend of mine that had a Sienna made some quick cash just by helping my neighbor move to his new apartment. Although he went on 3 trips he did not mind. You too can use your car to help people move out or move in and make money in the process.

How much you can make from this business is dependent on the distance you are covering, how many times you are going, and the kind of load you will be carrying on those trips.

5. Airport Shuttling

If you live close to an airport in Nigeria this might be the right option for you. The airport shuttle business is when you move travelers from the airport to any location they want to go to in Nigeria. For example, a passenger coming in from the USA that lands at Murtala Muhammed Airport will need an airport shuttle to move him to Victoria Island. You can charge this passenger #10,000 – #20,000 for that ride.

It is easy to start making money with your car through this method however; the process to join the association might take you 2 weeks or more. The best part about the airport shuttling business is that it makes you connect and know influential people.

6. Vehicle Advertisement

This is very common among car owners in Nigeria. They use their cars to advertise products and services for companies. This advertisement usually comes in the form of stickers and is pasted inside or outside the vehicle. Vehicle advertisement is common among transporters.

They often use this to earn extra income for themselves asides from moving people. How much you make from vehicle advertisements depends on so many factors like the size of the ad, how long the ad will be on the car and the kind of car the ad will be pasted on.

7. Interstate Transport

Interstate transport is another way you can make money with a car in Nigeria. If you do not know the meaning of interstate transport business, it is simply the business of moving people with vehicles from one part of the country to another part.

How much you charge for transporting people from state to state depends on the distance you are covering and the luggage you are carrying. With consistency in this business, you can make #200,000 – #400,000 monthly. It is important to note that cars used for interstate transport business must be strong and durable.

8. Delivery Services

The delivery services business is when you help businesses to deliver goods or products to their customers. To start making money with delivery services you need to register your car with e-commerce businesses in Nigeria like Konga and Jumia. If your documents are complete you can start work in 2 days.

Read our guide on how to start a bike logistics business in Nigeria for more tips on this.

9. Courier service 

This has to do with the transportation of parcels from courier companies to people. These parcels could be letters and items. You can use your car to deliver these parcels and make money in return. Courier service is one of the best ways to make money with your car in Nigeria.

10. School Car

Using your car to take children to school or back from school is another way you can make money as a car owner in Nigeria. All you need to do to start is to send proposals to schools around you. Telling them you are available if their school bus messes up.

You can also discuss with some parents too that you can help them take their children to school for a particular amount. Another way you can make money with your car if you do not like all the options I mentioned above is to start a driving school.


Your car can be an asset if you really want it to and it can be a liability. Who says as a big boy or girl you do not need to make extra money with your car? In these desperate times, you can use these means to make money daily and smile home to your family. 


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