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How to Make Money on Medium: Quick Ways



Make Money on Medium

Do you want to know how to make money on Medium? Would you be interested in publishing on Medium and earning money? It’s much simpler than you might think to figure out how to become a freelance writer on Medium. Entry requirements are minimal.

This indicates that you have the potential to generate a steady additional income from your Medium articles. If you’re willing to work hard, all of these things will only succeed. Let’s look at ways to monetize your writing platform.

What is Medium?

Medium is a blogging platform available to everyone. It is a reliable publishing platform that has succeeded when many other author-generated websites have had difficulty. It’s one of the few blogging platforms where creating an account does not require you to be a successful author. Anyone can join and contribute their ideas, experiences, and insights.

How much Money can You make on Medium?

If you want to earn some additional money as a freelance writer, Medium is a terrific platform. But expecting it to become a full-time means of support and source of income is unreasonable. Let’s examine a case in point. Let’s say a paid member only applauds five stories each month.

Then, $1 is given to each author. Each author gets little more than a few cents if the same person claps repeatedly. Active writers make roughly $25 per month during the first few months when they are developing their profiles on Medium.

Writers make more money when they post frequently and concentrate on producing high-quality content. Top members can expect to make around $1,000 per month in numbers.

How to Make Money on Medium

Even though there aren’t many ways to make money on Medium, writers can nevertheless start contributing and raise their revenue. The best authors on this site employ a variety of strategies to raise their income.

Let’s examine them more closely.

1. Medium Partner Program

This is a top way to make money on Medium. The majority of authors use Medium’s Partner Program to monetize their work. You will hide your content behind a paywall if you join the Medium partner program. Then, every member of Medium who wants to read your article will have to pay for it.

It’s interesting to note that the Partner Program employs content curators to find the top tales. The front page, email newsletters, and user feeds of the site automatically rate stories that make the cut higher. As a result, content creators are able to reach more people and earn more money.

2. Author Bonuses

Another way you can make money on Medium is through author bonuses. Medium began paying $500 to 1,000 writers the year before last. The writers who garnered the most read, claps, and following were given these author perks. As a writer, you can improve your chances of receiving the bonus sum if you concentrate on making your work popular with your audience.

3. Friend Referrals

Referring to friends and family is another way you can make money on Medium. Affiliate marketing was another innovation that Medium implemented on its platform last year. Members receive a customized affiliate link or landing page for referrals. You receive a commission and make money when your friends subscribe to Medium.

Tips to Make Money on Medium

You must have a plan when it comes to Medium stories in order to reach more Medium users. You can increase your income ability in this method.

Here are some advice that may be useful:

1. Make your Articles Longer

An excellent technique to demonstrate the originality of your work is to go deeply into subjects that other members find valuable. Long essays are useful in this situation. Writing lengthy articles also allows you to include more keywords, which can help you raise the rating of your material.

2. Create High-Quality Content

Whatever topic you decide on, quality is what will make you stand out. Keep in mind that Medium is a very popular platform and that numerous accomplished writers contribute to every topic. You have little chance of competing with them if you don’t concentrate on quality.

3. Get Your Work Seen by Members of Medium

Like every other social content platform, cooperation and bringing people together who have similar interests are at the heart of Medium. You should therefore concentrate on establishing connections with readers of Medium. Engage with and follow other writers who publish information on related subjects. You will be able to highlight your material in this manner.

4. Take Notice of your Headlines

The significance of headlines is among the first factors you need to take into account if you’re pondering how to make money on Medium. You cannot hope to entice readers to your article if the headline is not intriguing.

5. Build Credibility Before Going Behind the Paywall

Even though your goal is to increase the revenue from your posts, you cannot immediately move behind the Medium paywall. Not before you have proven your credibility. So, as a novice author, think about publishing some excellent pieces that will motivate your viewers to return for more content.

Build a Powerful Profile: Users of Medium read both articles and the narratives that accompany each piece of content. An organized profile provides information about you and what sets you apart from other aspiring writers to your audience. You can explain why you like writing and offer connections to your own website or blogs.

You can make a Medium publication into your writing portfolio by including helpful material. Therefore, be sure to give creating your website profile enough time.

FAQs on Making Money on Medium

Here are answers to important queries that users regularly ask about making money on Medium.

A. Is it Possible to Make Money on Medium?

Definitely! One of the few blogging platforms on the internet that allows for simple registration, posting of excellent content, and payment is Medium.com. On Medium, writers have three straightforward ways to make money. Your writing is first read by a subscriber on Medium.

After reading your work, a non-Medium member joins within 30 days. Afterward, a non-Medium member joins utilizing

B. How Many Views Do You Need to Get Paid on Medium?

Medium compensates its members for the time they spend reading your articles, not for the number of views they receive. Medium’s Partner Program is well-known, and for good reason! According to data, authors may anticipate making between $4.32 and $8.19 for every 1,000 views on their Medium pieces in a given month.

C. How Much Does Medium Pay Per 1000 Views?

Only internal views generate money for medium. You can only make money when platform subscribers consume your material, according to this. According to research, authors may anticipate making between $4.32 and $8.19 for every 1,000 views on Medium.

D. How Can I Get More Medium Followers?

Making quality material and attempting to publish with publications are the two main ways to gain followers on Medium. Many people will view your material since when you publish with a publication you get highlighted on their homepage. Therefore, if you create quality content, they will follow you.

E. How Does the Medium Platform Work?

You must first register in order to publish your blog post on Medium. You have the option of either publishing your own solo posts or contributing to the publication of particular stories. Your connections will automatically begin following your Medium account if you sign up using Facebook or Twitter. You have the right to edit as a content publisher.

Building your profile and gaining followers will let you monetize your articles on the platform. Users of Medium can read and create as many articles as they’d like by paying a reader membership fee, which is part of the platform’s membership model.

A portion of a paying member’s membership fee enters your account when they read and applaud your article. Medium can be used for business as well. As a business owner with knowledge in a certain area, you may utilize the platform to promote both your skills and, of course, your company.


Furthermore, the range of possible topics is essentially limitless. From music and gastronomy to entrepreneurship and technology, Medium is useful for many types of content writers. Due to its emphasis on simplicity, Medium has become more popular. If you follow their rules and use the platform’s basic features, you can get the most out of your Medium writings.

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