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How to Make Money on Discord: Best Ways



Make Money on Discord

In this article, you will learn how to make money on Discord. Discord is a leading social networking site that is well-recognized for its gaming community. The primary demographic of Discord users is gamers, but other people can also utilize the platform.

That implies that it is definitely possible to earn money via Discord. Simply learn how to utilize Discord to its fullest ability. You might not think of Discord while considering new revenue streams. The Discord app actually has a vast global user base and is quite well-liked.

According to data from 2020, Discord generated $130 million in revenue in 2020 from its more than 300 million registered members. Those numbers are only going to rise! Let’s find out go to receive your own share of the cash.

How Does Discord Make Money?

Before learning how to monetize Discord, let’s first understand how the site is funded. Discord is a virtual community for gamers. In contrast to other social networks, whose funding strategy has always been advertising, they have made a commitment to being ad-free.

A monthly subscription for supplemental features, a commission from games sold by publishers on their server (at a 10% commission), merchandising (now suspended), and collaborations make up its current income plan. The majority of social media platforms heavily rely on advertising revenue to support their operations.

Discord has never allowed advertisements, as the business promised in 2016. Discord has a paid subscription service to go along with its free offerings. Additionally, it makes money through selling games and “boosting” servers. The income model for Discord is divided into the next three major and two minor portions.

Discord Profit Margin

August 2018 saw the global launch of the Discord game store. Game publishers are able to sell their products through the shop. On the Discord shop, game developers can independently publish their work. Developers receive 90% of the income share after the game is sold, with Discord receiving the remaining 10%.

Discord charges 10% of sales as a distribution fee, which aids in covering running expenses. The developer community and Discord benefit from this 90/10 income split. The average revenue per user (ARPU) for Discord is low. Each user costs $1.30 for Discord.

That is well behind Snap ($10.10), Facebook ($32.03), and Pinterest ($4.07). This shows that Discord has monetized ineffectively, but it also makes clear that there is space for development.

How to Make Money on Discord

Can you make money on Discord? The quick response is “yes”! If they have the motivation and time, anyone may earn money on Discord. Some people turn it into a full-time job, while others retain it as a fantastic side business.

However, it takes time to establish a sizable server and people skills to build a community where people will want to participate, believes in you, and be willing to spend money on you or the server. The ideal places to start if you want to monetize your Discord server are with these suggestions:

1. Make Discord Server with Premium Subscription

This is the first way to make money on Discord. You will need to provide premium members with additional features and benefits on this server. However, it should be simple to convert current followers to paying members. You can now generate income by requesting a monthly subscription charge.

2. Sponsorships and Advertisements

This is another way you can make money on Discord. Businesses, firms, brands, developers, and others are constantly looking for inexpensive ways to promote their goods and services. You can use this technique to earn money on Discord if you run a Discord server with a sizable user base.

3. Affiliate Marketing

A very easy approach to making money on Discord is through affiliate marketing. You provide a good or service to your community, and each time a member uses your affiliate link to make a transaction, you get paid.

4. Accept Donations

The simplest way to earn money from your Discord server is through donations. This is due to the fact that all you have to do is provide a link for members to pay you!

5. Create a bot

Discord is a better place thanks to bots since they give each server a ton of value and functionality. Did you realize that you could create your own bot and profit from it?

6. Link a Website to Sell Additional Content

You may make a website with more material. Detailed instructions, in-depth tutorials, or items for purchase are some examples.

7. Run Competitions on Discord Servers

You can conduct tournaments and make money if your Discord server is focused on gaming, music, movies, etc.

How to Create a Paid Discord Server

Using the social media platform Discord, you can set up a dedicated server for your company or community where members may chat, stream, game, and send messages to one another.

This is how to set up a paid Discord server:

1. Make a server for Discord.

2. Connect LaunchPass to your Discord account.

3. Activate your account and start your trial.

4. To receive payments, link your bank account.

5. Make a premium Discord server, publish it, and spread the word.

Discord is progressively starting to provide community administrators with new tools, such as enhanced moderation and insights. The time has come to jump on board and begin creating a select community that will support your company.

How to Make Money on Discord Bot

Discord bots are basically custom commands for carrying out particular tasks, which would be the first point you need to know about them. By entering text into the chat input field or selecting options from the user interface menus, users can respond to these directives.

As a moderator or administrator, there are actually a lot of cool things you can do with Discord bots.

There are three basic methods for using Discord bots to generate income:

1. Creating custom bots for users

2. Building online resources and programs that interact with bots

3. Enabling advertisements

Patreon benefits are one way that discord bots can make money. When a user purchases Patreon perks, they receive an additional benefit. If the perk is an economy bot, it may be more money, while if it is a moderation bot, it may be more moderation alternatives.

Join servers and urge the administrators to publicize your bots for free.

FAQs on Making Money on Discord

Here are some responses to common queries about earning money on Discord.

A. How Can a Girl Make Money on Discord?

Many girls wonder how they may enter the domain since Discord is a gaming community and the site is predominantly used by guys. Did you know that if you’re a girl, playing video games might earn you a lot of money? Your likelihood of succeeding on live streaming is much improved if you are a woman. If you have the talent and can be entertaining, try it out.

B. How Can I Make Money on Discord Dank Meme?

Dank Memer is the Discord bot for you if memes are your primary form of communication. How to get paid to make dank memes: Go the artist’s way; hunt for a fancy new media job; and blog for extra money.

C. Do Discord Server Owners Make Money From Boosts?

Discord owners are not compensated by default. There are, however, methods they can make money managing a Discord. There are third-party services available for users to use if they want to assist the owner (or Discord server) (e.g. Patreon, Ko-Fi, etc.)


A place to communicate, chat, hang out, and maintain contact with your friends and communities is Discord. Its gaming community is more well-known, and that is its biggest selling point. If you know what to do, Discord may also be a fantastic place to make money online.

You will first encounter certain difficulties, particularly as your Discord server expands. However, if you have the appropriate plans and enough time, you will have a sizable community.

On Discord, you can monetize your account through a variety of methods, including adverts, affiliate marketing, contests, premium memberships, and donations. All of these were, in my opinion, thoroughly explained in this post.


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