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How to Become a Teenage Model in Nigeria (Pro Tips)



Become a Teenage Model in Nigeria

Modeling is one of the best careers any Nigerian young youth can venture into in Nigeria because it has the ability to gain your attention, make you famous, and make you rich. It does not require you to be rich nor does it require you to come from a wealthy family before you can be a professional model in Nigeria, especially a teenage model.

I know this for sure after reading the biographies of models like Derenle Edun, Kenneth Okolie, Joseph Benjamin. Most of these guys did not come from a rich background before becoming a model in Nigeria rather they came from a humble background. They all started with passion aside from them knowing they have what it takes.

They joined the industry when it basically had nothing to offer them. Some of them even had to do some job offers for free just to showcase the talents and looks they have got. And today it is a different story. They now drive luxury cars, live in executive apartments, and finally are been able to travel to any part of the world, and guess what?

All these can happen to you especially if you start early.

How much do Models Earn in Nigeria?

Depending on the modeling agency in Nigeria and the fashion designer whose runway you are going to be walking on models in Nigerian models are paid N20,000 – N150,000 per show. However, there are popular models that get paid much more. It is just like acting in Nigeria.

The evergreen actors or the already famous actors get paid more than the upcoming and not yet famous actors. N20,000 to N70,000 is not small if you consider that you are just starting your modeling career in Nigeria and you know how to control your expenses. You can also make more money per week by walking on more runways.

This will double or triple your income because you will be paid by 2 or 3 different fashion designers. Modeling is a good career in Nigeria because it is not restricted to making money from one source. You can also make money by doing adverts (video or photography) for production companies, organizations, and brands.

Top Richest Models in Nigeria

Here are some richest professional models in Nigeria. They are:

1. Bryan Okwara

2. Gbenro Ajibade

3. Ik Ogbonna

4. Alex Ekubo

5. Olumide Owuru

6. Samuel Ajibola

7. Mozez Priaz

8. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

9. Ngo Okafor

10. OC Ukeje

You can read some of these model’s biographies to know more about how most of them started their modeling careers. Let’s move on to how you can actually become a teen model in Nigeria.

How to Become a Teenage Model in Nigeria

Here are steps to become a successful model in Nigeria.

1. Believe in Yourself

A modeling career in Nigeria is impossible if you don’t first believe in yourself as a teen and that you have the looks and grits because many people and agencies are likely going to turn you down for one thing or the other. Some might say your height is not enough and when you have the height they have something else to say about your hair, nose, height, or even your body shape.

So you have to believe in yourself that no one in Nigeria is as beautiful or handsome as you. You are unique in your own way. Put on your confidence anywhere you go because it is the most expensive clothes you can put on. It draws people close to you despite them not knowing where you are from.

Deal with your in insecurities. No one is born perfect. Even those you consider perfect or look perfect still have some imperfect things about them whether in their looks or in their character. Take this from a man who attracts women with his looks and has also dated many beautiful women.

We do not have it all. Instead of looking at your shortcomings what you do not have physically look at what God has blessed you with and use that as your selling point. To some, it’s their height, while to some it is their complexion, to some it’s their body parts like the eyes, hair, face, arms, breasts, and legs.

Find out what sells you out more and use it and as time goes by you can see how you can work on other parts naturally to upgrade your beauty or handsomeness. This is important because your teenage years are the most important years of your life you will feel the most insecure about your looks.

2. Start your Modeling Carrier Early

It does not matter what age you are. Immediately you discover you have the looks and you want to become a teenage model in Nigeria start working towards it. Start doing all the needful and start gathering everything you need to know about modeling in Nigeria like you are reading this article now.

Do not say you say you will start next year or the next two years or when you finish school. Start now! Age is one of the factors considered as far as modeling is concerned in Nigeria so while not just start now that you have it is on your side and grab all the opportunities surrounding you.

As for making money from being a teenage model in Nigeria do not be bothered about that for now. What you should be bothered about is building a good profile first. Once you are able to build a good profile, modeling agencies will start to chase you and by then you can be able to raise your price.

Also, do not let how much big models in Nigeria earn get into your brain. As time goes by you will be paid more.

3. Work on Yourself

Just because you have looks does not mean it is enough for you. There is always something you have to work on to make it better. If it is that you are overweight and you do not like the way you carry yourself, register and start visiting a gym close to you. If it is that your skin is not glowing enough start eating healthy and drinking lots of water.

Please do not join the bleaching or toning gang no matter what that is going extreme. The cost of your body cream does not matter. What matters is what you put inside your body – the food you eat and what you drink. This is one thing I have learned when it comes to having radiant skin for the past 15 years and keeping it that way.

The 2 major things any Nigerian model will tell you when you seek advice on how to look better are to exercise eat well and drink lots of water. There’s no other secret to looking fit for modeling in Nigeria. Also, aside from your looks, you’ll need to work on your character – the ill ones. Trust me, it might sound off-track but it is not.

There are some characters that not even your beauty or handsomeness will not be able to save you from especially when you exhibit these characters to people directly or indirectly in the modeling business in Nigeria. I am not trying to mock you with this as we all are not perfect. Just work on the ones you feel will be endangering your modeling career.

4. Seek Modeling Professional Advice

At this stage, you need to start meeting people not necessarily models but people that have an idea of how the modeling industry in Nigeria is been run before this, you need to have a sit with your parents to let them know you want to go into modeling.

Your parents need to know this even though you are 18 or 21 years old. That is how our Nigerian parents are and aside from this, when anything comes up about you they can defend you and also protect you. They can also get a lawyer and manager to guide you in the modeling journey.

Your mentors should not be left out of this as well even though they do not know about modeling. You still need their advice so meet them and tell them this is what you want to do. Many of the models in Nigeria do this just in case you do not know. They have mentors that guide them and counsel them even after many have them have gotten to adulthood.

Seek advice and continue to seek it. You can never grow out of advice.

5. Start Connecting with Other Models

The best way to connect with other Nigerian models whether the popular ones or the not-so-popular ones are to through social media and the best place for this is Instagram. Depending on how good you are with relating with people you should be able to form a relationship with these models within the space of 1 – 3 months.

All you have to do is to open an Instagram account and start following these Nigerian models as well as some foreign ones. Begin to like their pics and drop good comments on their posts. Start gradually and pressure yourself. Those who want to be your friends will certainly be your friends despite the fact that they know you are just starting your modeling career in Nigeria.

Aside from following them on Instagram, always monitor them to see what they are up to and to know the beauty tips they do to look beautiful or handsome. I am not saying you should start checking for their creams and hair products because these products might be too expensive for you and aside from these, the products might not work on your body. All I am saying here is that you just check out the things they do in general.

You will be amazed at what they might teach you that you do not know. Also, upload your pics on Instagram and tag them. Do this and never get tired of doing it until you are able to attract their attention. Considering the fact that you do not just have an Instagram account just for the sake of having an Instagram account.

You should consider posting your pics at least 3 different times every day. To make things easier for you all you have to do is to snap all the pictures you will be uploading in a week in one day and then start uploading them anytime you feel like every day.

6. Apply to Modeling Agencies

To be able to apply to model agencies in Nigeria you will need cash and support from your parents and your mentors except if you already have made enough money to do this. You will need this money to buy registration forms from these modeling agencies and to also do some running.

7. Becoming Successful as a Teenage Model

1. Never ignore the counsel of your lawyers before signing any contract with any modeling agency or fashion outlet. All terms stated in the contract might look simple in the text but it is not always the way they look.

2. Build a career first in modeling before you start charging high fees for runways and adverts for products in Nigeria.

3. Invest the money you make from modeling into other sources that can make more money for you. This could be starting a business or real estate. You will thank God you did when your investment starts to yield profits in triple.

4. Look beyond Nigeria and start working towards outside Nigeria don’t limit your modeling carrier to the boundaries of Nigeria alone.

5. Venture into other passions or talents you have as time goes by. Let’s face the facts one day you will get tired of the runways and the cameras and will wish you had something else you do so before all that comes into manifest start investing in other passions you like. With all these, you are good to go.

Benefits of Becoming a Teenage Model

The benefits of becoming a teenage model are:

1. You gain fame even before you become an adult.

2. You build a carrier on time. Unlike every other youth in Nigeria who will just be starting out their lives after university, you will already have something to work with after school.

3. You become rich way ahead of your fellow mates and this will make you financially free before age 30 (if you’re wise with your money). You can also use the money made from your modeling to help your parents.

4. You get favors. You get favors at banks, parties, churches, and so on because people know you.

5. You get people to always want to hang around you.

And many more. These benefits are enormous. But I am guessing you already know them if not all the benefits, after all, that is why you clicked this article.


Don’t let anybody tell you what you can do and what you cannot do. Believe in yourself that you can and as time goes by people will join you. Also, continue to look for ways to strive and God almighty will support you. I wish you the best in your modelling career.


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