Ayo Makun Hustle Story & Everything to Know (2023)

Ayo Makun
Ayo Makun

Everything you need to know about Ayo Makun popularly known as AY – the comedian in the Nigeria entertainment industry. Unlike Aliko Dangote, I know the icon I’m writing about today. I have watched his interviews, met him once at a party, read about him on the internet (his biography) to have a 360 view of his life.

So I can say I know him like the back of my hand. I must say AY’s (Ayo Makun) story of how he made it never changed. It has remained consistent. However, his story unlike Dangote’s has a sad tone and deeper lessons. I’ll share these lessons with you shortly as soon as I’m done with the introduction.

You see, the surprising thing is; many of us want to make it in life. We want to be rich and famous but we do not know to achieve this we have to go on a journey and pay a price. I’ve heard this many times but I must say this is the first time I’m seeing these words come to life in the life of AY (Ayo Makun).

Looking at AY the Comedian and reading up on him there were 3 factors that made him rich today. And these factors are:

a) Passion:  According to history, AY has been passionate about making people laugh and he followed up on this.

b) Demand: AY made sure he followed up on his talent by making sure there’s a demand for his service.

c) Population: Even foreigners say “bring anything to Nigeria and you’ll sell it easily” not because of anything out of the ordinary but because of the huge population Nigeria has – What I call “the big market”.

The population of Nigeria has always been a big blessing to those who sell one thing or the other. Ayo Makun was a benefit to this because he tapped into it. Now let’s move on to the lessons I’ve learned from Ayo Makun popularly known as A.Y

Ayo Makun Hustle Story & Everthing to Know

1. Focus on your Talent 

I remember the expression on Ayo MAkun’s face at a particular AY interview I attended. When the anchor asked him what his family and friends response when he said he wanted to be a comedian. The expression on Ayo Makun’s face that day was a smile of ‘thank God I made it or else’.

He said although he did comedy just for the fun of it during his days in secondary school. He finally made up his mind to become a comedian when he got to the university. He further said, looking back at his university days then his mates would laugh at him as an unserious student.

You see, most of us often use people’s replies as a determinant for success. We don’t work on anything if our friends and family don’t believe in us. This shouldn’t be so. If we are passionate about something or we are talented, we should go for it – belief in yourselves.

I remember the first time I started blogging or even before I started at all, I purposely didn’t tell anyone it was what I wanted to do. You know why? Because I never wanted anyone to discourage me from it. I never wanted to hear voices like “are you sure?” “Can you write?” “You’ll need to go for a writing course online.”

I was passionate about people most especially MEN but I didn’t like talking like a speaker – facing a crowd. So I opted for writing – starting a blog instead. And guess what? It’s now a reality. We are now growing.

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But it wasn’t like this before when I started. My first post would tell you more about this if you read it. It showed I never knew anything but passion. I couldn’t even write an eye-dropping blog post. I still laugh anytime I’m read through the article for quick editing.

But I knew something – that I could improve as time went by but to do this I had to read so many articles like “how to write an article”, “how to build a successful blog especially in a place like Nigeria, and write about what people/men what to read”.

And today I’m glad I made this decision 3 years ago.

Focus on your talent,

 skill, passion, and ignore what the world would say if you really want to make it.

2. Don’t just go to School, pass through you

I remember my course mates used to say this then in the Polytechnic but I never knew how important this was. Now, Ayo Makun has brought a clear understanding.

Back then in school, it was all about lectures and nothing else. I ignored any and all invitations to join any group. I even ignored the invite to the school’s fellowship and ignored a group that wanted me to sing with them.

I can even remember a particular group’s invite me to a conference on “how to be a motivational speaker” that I did not attend.

To me, I felt it was a distraction because the only reason I was in school was to study and pass my exams, I didn’t know engaging in all those activities are also one form of learning or the other.

Who knows if I had participated in those activities where I’ll have been now? Maybe I would have been a renowned motivational speaker – speaking all over the world. Just maybe!

But for Ayo Makun, this was quite the opposite. He did more extracurricular activities than attending lectures which was why he spent over 9 years in school instead of 5 years but look at him today, he is even in a better position than some of his course mates that passed out with distinction.

Here’s the point I’m trying to make. I’m not saying you should face school entirely (if you’re in this position) neither am I saying you should do more of extra-curricular.

No! All I’m saying is there should be a balance – for you never know the one that will make you rich after school.

3. Consistency is Key

This is another thing i learned from Ayo Makun. It one thing to be passionate about your talent and it’s another thing to be consistent with it.

Many of us do this today. I too do this I’m not going to deny it. We try this and when we see it’s taking too much time to grow or make money, we leave it and try something else We are not patient enough.

Well, from Ayo Makun’s story I’ve learned consistency is key even when your talent is not yet making money – or it’s not where you want it to be yet.

Flashback to the time Ayo Makun started exploring his talent – making people laugh, he said he never made money from and during his university days he had to even organize comedy shows for free just for students to come and enjoy themselves but see how rich he is today. His mansion alone is worth millions.

Consistency is key except you’re not sure of what you’re doing from the onset.

4. Start Early in Life

If you ask any old man that has made something out of life one of the regrets they have, they are probably going to tell you it’s the regret of not starting early. KFC started his restaurant at age 62. Imagine if he started at age 21.

Ayodeji Richard Makun started expanding his talent at a very young age and this gave an edge over others then even till today. It has made him gather unbeatable experience and a thick skin especially in terms of turning his talent into money.

Do you like playing football and perhaps one day would like to become a professional footballer? Start now and grow with your talent like I’m glowing with my blog.

5. Ayo Private Life

There were many controversies with Ayo Makun and that’s because he never learned on time not to discuss his marriage issues with the public. This particular problem almost broke his home into shreds at some point because news carried it that his wife Mabel Makun wanted to divorce him.

Thank God he was able to grow on time and realize this and they have been able to settle their misunderstanding. This is a lesson for anyone of us when we get married and we get to the top not to discuss our family problems with the public.

The public here which includes acquaintances and friends because if we’re to look closely; many people who call themselves our friends are not really our friends. They are people waiting for our downfall (waiting for something to happen to you and leak your secrets to the public.) Be mindful!


Another article on “lessons learned” coming soon. And if you’ve not read my first article on this you can click here. That is all in this article. As usual, let me know if I missed any part of this article. Also, let me know if there are topics you want me to write about on the blog or talk about on our YouTube Channel or maybe our podcast.



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