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Are Nigerian Men Lazy? (Controversial Question)



This is the question that runs through many people’s minds especially Nigerian women and some white folks. The answer to this question is still unclear because of the unanimous answer gotten so far regarding the question. Some women have agreed that truly Nigerian men are lazy due to the kind of Nigerian man they marry.

While some people agree that Nigerian men are lazy due to the high rates of money rituals and yahoo-yahoo activities in the country today. Well, before you jump to a conclusion about this being true or not, there are points you need to read and digest first.

To make this easy to understand I’m going to be dividing this into 2 parts.

  1. Why Nigerian men are lazy
  2. Why Nigerian men are not lazy

And allow you to draw your conclusion.

Here’s the first part of why Nigerian men are lazy and its points.

Why Nigerian Men Are Lazy (Reasons)

1. The Nigerian Economy

You might find this awkward especially if you’re not a Nigerian and you’re reading this now but it’s true. The Nigerian economy is one of the reasons why Nigerian men are lazy. The poor state of the country has made almost anything about business fail.

The successful people we know in Nigeria today have tried virtually different businesses before settling for the most rewarding, the ones that still sell despite the bad economy and this shouldn’t be so. A healthy economy should be able to grow whatever business you want to start if you’ve done your research and you know your beans – what you’re doing.

Also, the bad road, low power supply, and little or no access to reasonable loans are part of this. My barber once told me that he spends an average of 5 liters of fuel every day just to keep his business running. For those of us that are good with numbers, we know how much that is in a week and in a month and this excludes power bills.

The other day I heard Kylie Jenner was now the youngest richest girl in the world just at age 21 and I chuckled. I chuckled not because this is totally impossible, I chuckled because it’s impossible in Nigeria at least to the average man on the streets and the reason for this is at that same age here in Nigeria Nigerian youths are still trying to gain admission to any tertiary institution – if they are privileged to go to school.

2. Spoilt Nigerian Child Syndrome

Nigerian men are also lazy because of the way they (are) were raised – what I call ‘the spoilt Nigerian child syndrome. The entitlement mentality their Nigerian parents have passed to them has made them think the rest of the world and even Nigeria owes them and will give them anything as long as they ask and when they ask they don’t get their drive to work hard and hustle dies.

3. The Nigerian Education System

This is another reason why Nigerian guys are lazy – and I don’t blame them. It’s disappointing to plan your life out, how you want it to be and the education system in Nigeria f*cks everything for you. I for 1 finished my secondary at the age of 16, planned to gain admission into the university at the age of 18, finish at 22 then serve (NYSC Palava) for one year and when I’m done I’ll get a job – at the age of 23 and then get married at the age of 25 but unfortunately things didn’t work out that way.

I am 29 years old now, I’m not done with school and not married yet but I work. This is how far the educational system of Nigeria can f*ck your life. Like I said earlier this is another reason why Nigerian boys are lazy.

4. The Canada Effect

Looking for greener pastures abroad is another big reason. In just this year alone there are 3 families I know that have moved to Canada for greener pastures. In fact, the last family out of these 3 had to sell their land at Lekki just to be able to achieve this. And the amazing thing about this is that these 3 families are doing well financially now despite the fact they just moved.

Imagine someone getting a good job with a fat salary abroad and you in Nigeria are still trying to put your life in order. Nigerian men have become lazy based on this fact. The fact that They are working hard here in Nigeria to make sure everything works but still not achieving anything or achieving little while the Canada effect is changing lives. You will agree with me that this is enough reason to be lazy.

Why Nigerian Men Are Not Lazy (Reasons)

1. The Tick Skin – Survive No Matter What

Yes, Nigerian men are not lazy because of the never-give-up attitude they have in their DNA. Despite what they have seen and experienced so far, they still continue pushing. Even with the fact that they tried different businesses it’s still not working. They keep pushing. And this thick skin is one of the reasons they later become successful no matter what in the end.

Nigerian men are doing well here in Nigeria and all over the world anywhere they are – The never-give-mentality makes them exceptional.

2. Late Education

The late education in Nigeria has also made Nigerian men lazy. They start everything and anything late based on this factor. So because it’s coming late, Nigerian men make sure they put in more effort to for it succeed.

An example is a Nigerian man starting his dream blog at the age of 45 and a man in the United States who started his blog at the age of 20. We all know the differences are very clear at least based on what I have mentioned so far. The men in the United States have a higher success rate.

As I’m writing this article, I am writing it in darkness – that’s the Nigerian factor for you but I am not giving up.

3. The Nigerian Environment

Although this is bad as I mentioned earlier, it has made many men not lazy in some way and I’ll explain this shortly. This scarcity of social amenities in Nigeria has made men think deeply in terms of providing special solutions to problems they see around them. An example of this is the man that made the gas iron.

He must have been thinking to the lingering issue of no power to iron clothes whereas, a man in the United States or anywhere else in an advanced world can’t think about this because he has a constant power supply. So you see, in as much as the economy plays a bad role it also plays a good role thereof.

Let us not forget also the booming population in Nigeria as an advantage especially if a Nigerian man is considering selling his product or services to more people in the middle class and lower class.

4. Support from Friends and Family

The popular saying in Nigeria that ‘no man is an island’ is another advantage of why Nigerian men are not lazy. The fact that the average family in Nigeria is well populated and well surrounded by supporters clubs is another reason Nigerian men have shunned laziness and idleness.

I also fall into this category because anytime I feel like giving up on myself and I don’t feel like it’s worth the chase anymore, my friends and family come around to encourage me, especially my mum.  It’s like their hearts are wired with me and they know my deepest desire because I don’t know another reason this could happen so well.

So the fact that Nigerian guys have always had people around them to encourage them always makes them think far from laziness. Thumbs up to the public life we all have as a Nigerians.


That’s all the point I’ve been able to gather so far on Nigerian men and laziness. And I know by now you’ll be able to choose which side you’re on because these points are not in any way partial. Perhaps you should even raise this question with your friends to also know their thoughts on this.

And if I also have learned anything from this article I’ll say ‘the environment man finds himself determines whether he’ll be successful or not’ even when mostly it’s about the mind.

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