How to Start Leather Belts Business in Nigeria (2022)

Leather Belts Business in Nigeria

A few years ago, when we moved to Lekki. I was jobless. Jobless because i had to stop the I was doing due to the long distance from my home to the workplace.

It was not something painful because it was also close to the time the business folded up.

But something really troubled me as at that time and that was how I was going to cope with idleness – sleeping and waking without having some work to go to or being engaged.

I began to reminisce over the popular saying that ‘an idle man is the devil’s workshop’ like it was a memory verse from the last Sunday school in the church.

Days went by, even months with all the connections I had, I couldn’t get a job I could manage for a start at my new location. But I’ve always known from the start that I was business-oriented.

So I started making research on businesses. How I could start one while I was at home, that was how I discovered the wealth in the leather belt industry in Nigeria.

Today, looking back at those days, I thank God for the joblessness that came my way then because it was through that joblessness I started this blog in 2016 though through a sub-domain.

Asides from the massive income I could make from selling leather belts in Nigeria and the creation of the blog AgidigbaMEN, my eyes were also opened to so many other business opportunities. Many of which I could have started if I had the funds – capital.

‘Sometimes having the capital to turn your business ideas into live businesses is very important, even more, important than the business idea‘.

If I had just 2 Million naira stocked somewhere for me at that time, maybe, just maybe I’ll have been a millionaire now. Which brings me to another point.

‘Having your capital already makes your startups faster’.

The amazing thing about this is that I’ve once thought of starting a MEN ACCESSORY BUSINESS but I was lazy about it then due to the little salary I was collecting then but joblessness opened my eyes.

So when I was ready I did not only go into the sales of leather belts but also went into the sales of cufflinks, bowties, ties, and so on.

So today I want to teach you how to start leather belt business in Nigeria with a little sum of money (20K or more), yield massive profits, and hopefully take it to the next level like having a big shop where you sell belts and other men’s accessories in Nigeria.

If you’ll really like to learn this, keep reading.

We all know no man goes out without a belt on his waist. Whether the trouser is fitted or not, dressing is incomplete without a belt.

I remember 2 occasions I went out without a belt on my waist. I basically felt empty for the majority of the day despite the fact that my trousers were perfectly fitted on my waist.

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Table of Contents

Capital Needed to Start Leather Belts Business

I remember back then after doing my market survey I started my belt business with just 20K and if I had continued the business it might have grown to 150,000 naira by now or more but unfortunately, I stopped and before I knew it I spent both my profit and capital in a short time.

Leather Belt Business Plan

If you want to start your leather belt business whether as a manufacturer producing your belt or you want to just be buying your belts to sell them you need a leather belt business plan to be on the safe side. If you are investing capital from #500,000 – #1,000,000 into the business you also need a business plan for the leather belt business.

It is only when you are starting with a far less capital on a very small scale you do not need the business plan.

A Brief History of Waist Belts

According to history, waist belts never existed in early times. Rather it was the suspender belt that existed first. The suspender belts came then due to men not been able to find the perfect trousers size.

Unlike the way it is now that you can easily buy your trouser size in the market, store, or have your tailor sew for you, then it was only the rich that could afford to have a tailor so it was only their clothes that were perfectly sown.

As at then, men used suspenders to hold their trousers up until the waist belt era came. The waist belt era basically changed everything – the perception of men as regards fashion.

Fast forward to today like I said it is impossible for a man to go out without a belt on his waist whether it’s official or not which makes the waist belt, not just a fashion accessory but a need for every man.

Why you will Make Money Selling Belts

One of the biggest problems in Nigeria is the ability to get an original product among lots of fakes. It took me a long time myself before I could finally differentiate between an original leather belt from a synthetic leather belt.

This is because the Nigerian market is flooded with synthetic leather belts. Asides this, the synthetic leather looks too much like Genuine leather belts. This is why most buyers are swindled of their money.

I remember one time my friend told me he bought a waist leather belt for 8,000 naira and said it was the best belt he has bought in his lifetime. I shocked him when I told him the belt he bought was actually synthetic.

The belt he bought was not supposed to more than 1,500 naira if he was able to spot the difference. My friend almost shed tears that day because he had lost about 6,500 naira to negligence.

That’s life!

So buyers – men like you will be willing to buy and beg you to sell your belts to them if there are sure you’re selling premium leather.

Another reason people are ready to buy original leather belts from you despite your selling double the price is they know it will last them for a long time. My first leather belt is 12 years old and counting.

Yes, that’s how long they can last.

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History of Leather Industry in Nigeria

Leather production in Nigeria – Original Leather belts in Nigeria would have been very cheap if we still had a leather industry in Nigeria but unfortunately this is not so.

All leather gotten from the northern part of the country had to be exported to China for processing before they are imported back to Nigeria for production of goods that’s why the bye-products of leather in Nigeria like shoes, belts, bags are very expensive.

How to Start Leather Belt Business in Nigeria

1. Get Capital Needed

Many business gurus usually say raising capital is not a problem but I strongly disagree.

Raising capital is always a problem if you’re just starting out (first business) especially if it’s a business that requires huge capital but thanks God; this business just needs at least 20,000 naira for a start.

When I was starting mine, it was my mum that assisted me with the capital I used. I was very broke, so broke I couldn’t raise 10,000 naira on my own.

And if you’re someone that is already working and want to use this belt business as a side hustle, it will be easy for you to source funds but if you’re not working and you’re broke, you’ll need to source your funds preferably from family – someone that believes in you.

After getting your capital. The next is to places where you can get your belts retail.

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2. Places to Buy your Belts in Bulk

There so many places in Nigeria to get your belts in bulk for resale depending on your location or area.

If you’re somewhere in the east, I’ll suggest you go to any wholesale market around you – same also for the west but all stock come from Aba market in Abia State.

The most important thing like I said earlier is to be able to recognize the original from the fake.

Here in Lagos, I buy my belts from the popular Eko market. This choice should be for you also if you live in Lagos and its environs.

There are majorly 2 types of belts in the belts industry. We have the formal belts used for formal occasions that demand you wearing suits and the abstract used for the informal outings that demand jeans and shirts or natives.

If you can’t sport the difference between these 2 types don’t worry, as time goes by you’ll be able to. But just an eye-opener here is formal belts are usually smooth while the informal or abstract belts have rough designs.

Be on the lookout.

Depending on the seller you should be able to buy at least 16 leather belts but I’ll advise buy more formal belts than the informal as people buy them more.

I buy my belts from Oliver in Eko market because; he also some bonus benefits. In fact, he has been my customer since 2016.

3. Get Cost Price of Each Belt Bought

This is very important if you don’t want to make a loss from your belts business.

Try to know the price each belt cost so you can know how much you’ll them. I, for example, sell a belt for 3000 or 4000 if I bought the belt 2,000. The profit I get depends on my selling power. I’ve even sold some belts of that same cost price for 5,000 naira each.

So know the cost and decide on how much you’ll sell them.

4. Repackage the Belts for Selling

Packaging is the real deal. Some professionals call it branding but I call it packaging because branding is expensive.

This article will not have been complete if I didn’t add this part.

People are attracted by the way production companies package their products so yours should not be different. I’m not saying you should buy cartoons for the repackaging of your belts.

NO! I didn’t do that. All I did is roll them in a circle shape and add my price tag to it.

Still looking for the pictures when I get them I’ll add them to the article.

5. Start Informing People About What you Sell

We all know it’s impossible to sell without letting (informing) people know about what you’re selling. Humans are not telepathic or psychics they can’t know what you sell without you opening your mouth to tell them.

So; introduce people to your new-found business. My best advice here is to start with family and friends. If what you sold to them are good, they’ll definitely introduce your good to their friends, and circle keeps going.

Bonus Tip

6. Sell on Jiji, Instagram, Konga & Jumia

One of the best ways to sell your product fast is to also inform people majorly your friends on social media but asides from social media you can also customers/buyers on Jiji for free.

You don’t need to pay any registration or hidden fee on there, unlike Jumia or Konga. But you’ll need to add that anyone purchasing will also be paying for delivery fee separately. With that, you can maximize your profit without losing anything in return.

That’s the end of this article.

Did I miss anything? Please let me know.

Or do you have where you buy your belts at cheaper prices? Let us know in the comments.


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      I reside in Ibadan.

      1. Hi Omotoke! You’re welcome! You can get quality belts also in Ibadan as long as you are able to identify them. Just visit any popular clothing market in Ibadan when you have the time and do your findings.

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