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How to Start Indomie Distribution Business in Nigeria



Indomie Distribution Business in Nigeria
Indomie Distribution Business in Nigeria
Indomie Distribution Business in Nigeria

Are you thinking of becoming an indomie distributor in Nigeria? Do you want to make money selling indomie in Nigeria? Read this article to the end. In this article, I will be sharing everything you need to know about the indomie distribution business in Nigeria.

The cost/requirement of starting, how profitable the distribution business is, the list of indomie distributors in Nigeria, and more. As we all know indomie is a brand of instant noodles that is widely loved in Nigeria by Nigerians.

Children, adults, and the elderly love indomie because of its unique taste and its ability to fill stomachs. Indomie noodles have been in existence in Nigeria for a long time and it will continue to be.

Is Indomie Business Profitable?

Indomie business in Nigeria is a profitable business because indomie is a staple food for Nigerians. Just like Nigerians like other foods like rice, beans, yam, and others, Nigerians love indomie. The fact that it comes in different flavors also makes instant noodles to be popular and widely loved. Indomie instant noodles come in different like chicken flavor, onion flavor, pepper soup flavor, jollof flavor, and more. 

Becoming an indomie wholesaler in Nigeria is lucrative because when you are a distributor you can sell your indomie in bulk to consumers, market women, supermarkets, provision stores, and more.

Capital Needed to Start Indomie Distribution Business

The cost of starting an indomie distribution business in Nigeria is very high. This is because this wholesale business is a capital-intensive business. To start an indomie wholesale business in Nigeria you will need a capital of #3,000,000.  However, you have to get your location – the area you want to be selling first. This is because the indomie company (Dufil Prima Foods PLC) will not allow more than one indomie distributor in one area. They can only allow it if you are willing to become a sub-distributor.

The capital needed to become an indomie sub-distributor is #500,000. As an indomie sub-distributor in Nigeria, you will be buying your indomie from indomie distributors around you instead of the company – Dufil Prima Foods PLC.

How to Start Indomie Distribution Business in Nigeria

Here are steps on how to start indomie distribution business in Nigeria.

1. Get your Business Capital

Getting your distribution capital is very important if you are really serious about starting an indomie wholesale business in Nigeria. As I said earlier, the actual capital you need to start indomie wholesale business is #3,000,000.

However, you will still need some money to rent a shop to store your indomie products, asides from this you need money to buy a delivery van too. It is not extremely important to get a delivery van at the beginning of the indomie distribution business especially if you cannot afford it.

You can rent vans at the beginning or inform your customers to come to pick up their indomie products themselves as you have no provisions for deliveries. Your ability to provide the capital needed shows how serious you are to become a distributor of indomie noodles in Nigeria. Read on how to get funding for your startup in Nigeria if you do not have capital available.

2. Fulfill the Distribution Requirements 

There are requirements you need to meet up with to become an indomie distributor in Nigeria. The major ones are what I mentioned earlier which are the ability to provide the perfect location and capital however, there are others. You need to meet up with these requirements before applying to become an indomie distributor in Nigeria.

3. Submit Your Distribution Form

After fulfilling all requirements needed to start your indomie distribution business in Nigeria, the next is to proceed to Dufil Prima Foods PLC to get the form, fill and submit it. If you are in Lagos you can simply go to Dufil Prima Foods at 44, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria to apply as a distributor. You can also contact them on their phone number +2347000888888.

4. Secure a Good Area

Any area you are choosing to sell your indomie in wholesale must not have another distributor. You need to make sure of this by searching the area thoroughly. If you are not sure of this you can go to Dufil Prima Foods Company to ask. If it is confirmed that there is an indomie distributor in that area you have chosen you can decide to become a sub-distributor or simply choose another location of your choice. 

For example, if you choose Oshodi in Lagos and there is an indomie distributor there, you can become a sub-distributor in oshodi buying your indomie packs from the distributor there to sell to consumers.

5. Rent a Store or Warehouse

Depending on what you can afford you can either rent a store or warehouse for your indomie distribution business in Nigeria. A warehouse is perfect because it is big enough to contain all indomie products delivered to you from the Indomie Company. After renting a store for your indomie distribution business in Nigeria you need to make sure the shop is rodent-proof.

This is to make sure rats do not damage your indomie packs before buyers come to buy them. You also need to put shipping crates on the floor to protect the packs from water or dampness.

6. Get a Delivery Van

The purchase of a delivery van for your indomie distribution business is necessary as it helps you deliver indomie cartons with ease to your customers. However, as I mentioned earlier, if you cannot afford it for now you can always wait till you have made enough profit to buy it. A good tokunbo van of any brand is good enough for your deliveries.

7. Profits in Indomie Business

The profit you can make in the indomie distribution business in Nigeria is massive. The first reason why this is so is the high demand for indomie noodles. Many Nigerians love indomie for its unique taste and how fast it is to make it. The second reason why the indomie distribution business in Nigeria is profitable is the fact that you are doing bulk sales.

For example, if you are supplied 1000 cartons of indomie by Dufil Prima, and you make a profit of #500 per carton, that means you will make #500,000 per every 1000 cartons of indomie you sell.


Indomie distribution business is a lucrative business in Nigeria but it is a capital-intensive business. If you have the amount of money needed to start it is a good way to invest in the business today. Promote the business on time so that you do not always wait for buyers to come.


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