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How to Start Chicken and Chips Business in Nigeria



Chicken and Chips Business in Nigeria
Chicken and Chips Business in Nigeria
Chicken and Chips Business in Nigeria

Chicken and chips business is a type of snack business in Nigeria that is gradually gaining ground. It is a foreign food that originated in France but today has a different story. It is a snack that many Nigerians eat when they visit eateries as a form of enjoyment and relaxation. Chicken and chips or fries or french fries is a snack in Nigeria that does not have a particular time to be eaten and this is because Nigerians eat it any time and every time.

This is why the business is profitable business for any Nigerian entrepreneur that is planning to go into it at this time. Asides from the fact that it is highly in demand due to the fact that many Nigerians like chicken and chips, another reason it is very profitable is that many there are only a few chicken and chips shops in Nigeria.

Yet unlike every other snack business in Nigeria, the chicken and chips business has fewer competitors. This means that with a proper location, you can be the sole supplier of this snack in the whole area where you are. Chicken and chips food is also easy to make which means that you have less stress in preparing it for your customers and the ingredients used in making the snacks are easy to buy from your local market.

In the remaining part of this article, I will be guiding you on how you can start a chicken and chips business in Nigeria. All you need to know, how to start, how to sell, and how to increase profit in the business. So stick with this article till the end.

Capital Needed to Start Chicken and Chips Business

To start a chicken and chips business in Nigeria you will need a capital of at least N800,000. This capital will be used to rent a shop, buy frying equipment, and also buy the ingredients that will be used in running the business. But you need to note that the prices of these depend on the location you are in Nigeria. It depends on inflation and other factors in Nigeria.

How to Make Chicken and Chips Snacks

The first step to learning how to make chicken and chips especially if there’s no one around you to teach you is to learn through YouTube. There are many videos on YouTube that will give you the steps by step guides on how you can prepare the snacks from start to finish. After learning from these online videos you can now proceed to learn how to make the chicken and chips offline which is by looking for someone that is experienced – a chef or a cook that can teach you.

He or she will teach you how to get the perfect taste and will also teach you how to package the snacks. With these 2 methods of learning how to make chicken and chips snacks, it will be sure that you have gathered enough experience to venture into the business fully.

Ingredients Needed in Making Chicken and Chips

Below are the ingredients used in making chicken and chips snacks for your chicken and chips business in Nigeria.

1. Irish potato

2. Chicken

3. Pepper

4. Tomato

5. Onions

6. Vegetable oil

7. Vegetables

8. Seasoning cubes

9. salt

other seasonings

How to Start a Chicken and Chips Business in Nigeria

Here are steps on how to start a chicken and chips business in Nigeria.

1. Estimate the Needed Capital

When it comes to starting a chicken and chips business in Nigeria, the first step is to estimate all that you think you will need in starting the business and making it successful. Your estimate will make you know how you will start the business and how you will manage it till it grows and is totally independent of you. The estimate will let you know if you can afford to hire a chef for the business or if you will have to be the chef yourself.

The estimate also lets you know if you can afford to rent a shop or buy a food truck or maybe you will just get a space to sell your chicken and chips. Your estimate will form your business and give you a picture of how it will look like even before you start. For example; if your estimate of starting a business like this is N500,000 it means your capital will be N500,000.

This means everything you will need in starting the business should not exceed N500,000. But just in case you do not know how to go about this and you just want to know how much it will cost you to start a chicken and chips business in Nigeria. I will tell you. Read our article on how to get funding for your business in Nigeria.

2. Learn to make Chicken and Chips

Although chicken and chips snacks or food is one of the easiest snacks to make in Nigeria, it is still important for you to learn how to make it, especially if you cannot afford to hire a chef or cook that will be making it for your customers. When it comes to this snack you need to learn how to give it the taste that will make it sell to the Nigerian market.

And you also need to learn to package (branding) how to make your chicken and chips stand out from every other one in the Nigerian market. As for the slicing of the Irish potatoes to get the desired shapes, there are machines and graters that can easily do this for you. The machine is excellent because it is effortless but if you cannot afford it, you can easily buy the grater.

3. Buy the Equipment Needed to Start

The equipment needed to start a chicken and chips business in Nigeria is not much. There are equipment that are mandatory and there are equipment that you can do without. But to save cost you can simply buy the mandatory equipment you need for now.

These equipment are:

1. Deep fryer

2. Gas stove or cooker

3. Grater

4. Peeler

5. Knife

6. Pots

7. Trays

8. Microwave

And more.

Asides these equipment there are electronics you will be needing in the business to keep the business as entertaining as possible and to keep cool while cooking.

Some of these electronics are:

1. Fans (ceiling or wall)

2. Bulbs

3. Display bulbs

4. Sound system

4. Rent a Space or Shop

Renting a space whether in a mall or on vacant land is usually cheaper these days than renting a shop, especially in cities. Sometimes these shops are even more expensive than the residential apartments we live in. I have witnessed this with some of my friends that wanted to rent shops in starting their businesses.

So here I really advise you to rent space instead of renting a shop but if you feel a shop is what you want you can go ahead to rent a shop instead. When it comes to renting a space for your chicken and chips business you need to put in mind one thing. Which is making sure you are renting a space where thousands of customers will be able to locate you easily and buy from you.

If your business is located in the right place you will always make profits from your chicken and chips business in Nigeria without spending much on advertisement. After getting this space, go ahead to clean it and furnish it. When I say furnish here I mean you should install all the equipment and electronics.

5. Advertise your Snacks Business

Advertisement in a business like this cannot be ignored especially if you are still new at the location and you are the only chicken and chips business around. You need to advertise your business to create awareness that you are around and people should pay you a visit and buy chicken and chips from you.

Here are steps on how to advertise your chicken and chips business in Nigeria.

A. Print Flyers

You can print flyers and share them with your people in the location of the business. Do this every day for at least one month. The amazing thing about flyers is that people move them around without knowing. Some will take it to their house, some to their workplaces, some to another restaurant, and so on. So even if they do not read it someone else will.

B. Online Advertisement

You can also do online advertisements which is way cheaper because it reaches more people. You can run targeted ads for your chicken and chips business to people in your area using Instagram and Facebook. Online adverts have come to stay. The earlier we embrace it the better for every one of us that is into a business.

6. Profits in the Chicken and Chips Business

To increase profit in your chicken and chips business in Nigeria you have to look at other ways of marketing your business asides from branding. I will be listing 3 ways we can do this below:

A. Sell Online and Do Deliveries

After advertising online people will start ordering for your food. This is where selling online and doing deliveries will now come into place. All you have to do in this case is to receive orders and do deliveries to customers.

B. Diversify your Business

Another way you can increase the profit in a business like this is to diversify the business. What can you do alongside the business? What can you sell aside from chicken and chips? Well, in a business like this, there are different options for you to pick from. You can sell drinks alongside the chicken and chips or you can also sell other snacks like meat pie and doughnuts alongside the business. This totally depends on you.

C. Open for Longer Hours

This is another way you can increase profit in your chicken and chips business. When you open your business early you make your customers start buying early and when you close lately this will enable the late buyers to still be able to buy from you.

7. Start Selling Chicken and Chips

When it comes to chicken and chips is it preferred to be eaten hot or warm so to satisfy your customers with this you need to only fry your chicken and fry the chips only when there is an order. Doing this will not only go a long way in satisfying your customers’ needs but will also save you from loss in the business because there will be no waste.


Chicken and chips business is a business that can be started by anyone in Nigeria. Whether young or old, man or woman as long as you follow these tips. It is time to brace up and start diversifying your income.


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