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How to Start Samosa Business in Nigeria



Samosa Business in Nigeria

Are you thinking of starting snacks business in Nigeria? Do you want to start a snacks business that will be making profits in the shortest time? You should consider starting a samosa Business in Nigeria. In this article, you will learn how to start samosa Business, the capital needed to start, the equipment needed in samosa business, the ingredients needed to make samosa, how to make profits in your samosa, and much more.

If you want to know everything about this business, read this article to the end. Samosa snacks are part of the snacks you can find in small chops and it is a business that came as a result of small chops business. Samosa is widely loved by Nigerians just like puff puff for its unique taste and the ingredients it is made of.

Is Samosa Business Profitable?

Samosa business is a profitable snack business because Nigerians love snacks. They cannot do without it because they eat it to hold hunger during or after the days work. They also eat samosa and other types of small chops during parties like birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, and more.

Samosa is also made at home for children because they love it. If you are going into the samosa business in Nigeria you can make profits from the snacks business by selling your samosa to customers at a popular street corner or sell your samosa to party organizers by supplying them.

Or supplying the full small chops to them. Samosa business can be profitable in any of these ways.

Capital Needed to Start Samosa Business

The capital needed to start a samosa business is not as much as the capital needed to start a small chops business and this is because in samosa business you do not need the same equipment you needed to start small chops to make samosa. In fact, if you already have some of these equipment already at home you can start your own samosa business with a capital as low as #50,000 using most of your capital to buy ingredients for your samosa business.

So how much do you really need as capital to start your samosa business in Nigeria. Well, it depends and it is relative. However, you can start the snacks business with capital within #20,000 – #100,000.

How to Start Samosa Business in Nigeria

Here are steps on how to start a samosa business in Nigeria easily. 

1. Learn How to Make Samosa                  

When it comes to starting a samosa business in Nigeria and making profits from it, the first step you need to take is first to learn how to make samosa. Learning how to make samosa is very important because it is the life of the business. Imagine you want to start a chin chin business in Nigeria and you do not know how to make a tasty chin chin.

Except you are outsourcing the production of the chin chin and you’re handling the selling part, your chin chin business is doomed for failure right from the start. So the first step here is that you should learn how to make tasty samosa first. There are different ways to learn how to make samosa in Nigeria.

You can learn by watching some YouTube videos and doing some trial and error in your kitchen. And you can learn by learning from a professional samosa maker in your area. It all depends on how much you have as capital and which of these two is flexible for you.

How long it takes to learn samosa? The time it takes to learn how to make samosa in Nigeria depends on so many factors. Factors like how fast you are able to grab your learning, how much you have as capital, and other factors determine how long it will take to learn how to make samosa.

But if you really want to know how long it will take you to learn how to make samosa it will certainly take you at most 3 months to become a professional snacks producer.

2. Get the Starting Capital

After learning how to make your samosa snacks the next step for you will be to get the capital needed to start your samosa business. Although it does not cost a big capital to start a snacks business like this you will still need at least a capital of #100,000.

This capital will be used to buy some cooking equipment for your samosa and the remaining capital will be used to buy ingredients for your first set of customers for the snacks business.

3. Buy your Equipment and Ingredients

There are many equipment you will need for your samosa business. There are also many ingredients you will need for your samosa ingredients. However, it depends if you want to buy all the equipment and ingredients required to start the samosa business or the major ones.

For the samosa equipment, you can buy fairly-used equipment if you cannot afford to buy new equipment, and for the samosa ingredients, you can buy just a few ingredients first, and as time goes by start buying your ingredients in bulk. Yes, because it is cheaper to buy your ingredients wholesale than to buy them at retail prices

4. Making your Samosa for Sale

You can make your samosa and sell your different ways. You can either pick a spot to make your samosa and sell or you can be making and supply your samosa snacks based on demand. This decision is totally up to you. Although samosa is best consumed hot it can still be eaten cold.

So you do not need to really bother yourself about how and when you sell it. As for how long samosa can stay before it must be eaten. Samosa after preparation can last up to 6 hours before its taste and smells go bad. This is where you need to pay attention to making sure the samosa is in the right state before you deliver them to customers.

5. Sell Samosa to Customers

Selling your samosa snacks should not be difficult especially if you have family and friends. This is because you can sell to your family and friends first (the people you know) before selling to the people you do not know (strangers). So start this way, sell to these people first before you start thinking about how you can infiltrate the market.

Advertise your samosa (small chops business) to people and as time goes by watching how things will go. As for how you can advertise your samosa business there are different you can do this to achieve maximum output but basically, you can start from online advertising to offline advertising or start from offline advertising to online advertising.

6. Advertising your Snacks Business

At this point, it depends on what you can afford. If you feel you can afford offline advertising (making hand flyers) you can simply make flyers that you can share with people in your area. If you can afford online advertising you can run Instagram ads,  Facebook ads, and Jiji. The online advert will increase your followership on social media asides from increasing your patronage.

So run your advert with good pictures of your samosa and watch out for how things will turn out.

7. Profits in Samosa Business

You can increase profits in your samosa business by simply increasing sales of your samosa business. You can also increase profits in your samosa business by buying your samosa ingredients wholesale instead of retail.


There is no one-size-fits-all method or technique when it comes to starting a samosa business in Nigeria. The most important thing is for you to be able to sell and to be able to make samosa. I am sure the tips I have mentioned above will go a long way because they are tested and proven to work. I wish you success in your business ahead.


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